Week 9 NFL Game predictions – He said/She said

He is still leading She and she is thinking to just pick what he does because he found a crystal ball that overrules stats. But, that logic went out the window when it got to the Miami game, which is one game of two picks they disagree on. Let the games begin in Week 9 NFL Game predictions – He said/She said

1:00 Games

Steelers (4-2-1) vs Ravens (4-4) CBS

Jay: One of my favorite games of the year. I’ll take Baltimore at home by a field goal

Jules: Pittsburgh is picking up steam while Baltimore is losing theirs. Roethlisberger is a streaky QB who can look brilliant and then throw 4 picks in a game. What a match-up to see. No clue who wins. Saying home team not that it’s mattered much this season except for NE*.

Bears (4-3) vs Bills (2-6) FOX

Jay: Depends on who the qb is for Buffalo, but I’ll take Chicago here if it’s against Peterman.

Jules: The Bills gave NE* a hell of a game, if they had a QB who’d been with the team more than a week, clearly would’ve won. The problem is, Nathan Peterman is back starting, so I say Bears even if Tribinishy is all over the place.

Buccaneers (3-4) vs Panthers (5-3) FOX

Jay: Ohh ohh its fitzmagic…..uh-uh…The Panthers by 6

Jules: Panthers. People forget that Fitzpatrick had lost his magic because teams had film on him. That happens, again. Plus, Newton should carve up that atrocious defense.

Chiefs (7-1) vs Browns (2-5-1) CBS

Jay: Chiefs. Next

Jules: Chiefs, no need to explain why.

Jets (3-5) vs Dolphins (4-4) CBS

Jay: Tossup game, but I’ll take Miami at home here

Jules: Here’s my first emotional pick. I can’t stand Asweiler, so going for the Jets to pick him apart.

Lions (3-4) vs Vikings (4-3-1) FOX

Jay: Hard to see Minnesota losing a “gotta have it” division game at home. I don’t see it happening

Jules: Can the Lions be who they almost are or will Minnesota stop the Jekyll and Hyde? Tough to pick MN losing two weeks in a row at home with the super stars of Diggs and Thielen.

Falcons (3-4) vs Redskins (5-2) FOX

Jay: This is an interesting game because it’s the high flying offense of Atlanta meeting a stingy Washington defense. Home field counts here. Redskins in another last possession type game.

Jules: Washington is the most shocking 5-2 team by far. You watch them play and think how are they winning? And you watch Atlanta and think, how are they losing? Think the skins defense wins.

Texans (5-3) vs Broncos (3-5) CBS

Jay: I don’t see the Broncos scoring. I see Houston scoring. #analysis.

Jules: I really want Denver to win because the Jags need the help. However, Keenum is ranked 29th in TD-INT, you can’t do that against a good defense, plus Demaryius Thomas was done dirty and will pump Houston with all the info.

4:05 Game

Chargers (5-2) vs Seahawks (4-3) CBS

Jay: Fun game coming here. Seahawks will run the football to death here and I think that’s enough to get the job done in a squeaker.

Jules: LA is coming off a bye which means Rivers will have all his weapons, but Seattle is playing far better than earlier in the year. This should be a good game, I’m torn who to pick. Better O or better D. LA has only allowed 3 rushing TD’s, so I pick them.

4:25 Games

Rams (8-0) vs Saints (6-1) FOX

Jay: Fun game. I think the Rams are just a touch better. I’ll take the Rams with very little confidence

Jules: Another good game. Going with LA because NO defense isn’t good vs the pass. They should do well stopping Gurley, but Cooper Kupp is back and that makes up for it.

8:20 Game

Packers (3-3-1) vs Patriots* (6-2) NBC

Jay: Patriots. I think they’re the better football team all around.

Jules: I don’t think this game will be as good as everyone is hyping. NE* looked like garbage against the Bills. Good for them GB doesn’t have a defense otherwise they’d get blown out. Only picking NE* because the home refs will most likely make a call that helps them pull out a squeaker.

Monday 8:15 ESPN

Titans (3-4) vs Cowboys (3-4)

Jay: Another garbage Monday night game. I’ll take the cowboys by 3

Jules: Yuck and double yuck. Trying to think of why to pick Dallas to win to help out the Jags. Their defense is why against a bottom ranked offense.


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