Week 8 Jacksonville Jaguars Power Rankings – the Buzz isn’t great

As expected, the Buzz around the Jaguars is more like a tree of cicadas. If you’re from the South, you know it’s not a good sound. They’re loud and drown out other noises, in a bad way. Week 8 Jacksonville Jaguars Power Rankings aren’t great.

Bleacher Report

This week: 16

High: 15

Low: 18

Last Week: 11

Week 7 Result: Lost vs. Houston 20-7

Remember when the Jacksonville Jaguars were good?

Neither do we.

The same Jaguars that were inside the top five in these rankings not too long ago are now in full-on implosion mode after losing at home to the Texans on Sunday.

This marks three straight weeks that the Jaguars have been blown out. Three straight weeks that the Jacksonville offense has been atrocious. And three straight weeks that the supposedly stout Jaguars defense has looked anything but.

Over the last three games, Jacksonville has been outscored 90-28—including a staggering 57-0 in the first half. Blake Bortles was benched Sunday after fumbling twice. And per ESPN.com’s Michael DiRocco, several jaguars players were yelling at one another in the locker room after the game.

Davenport thinks critical mass has been reached.

“This team’s gone from Super Bowl contender to looking like they won’t even make the playoffs. The quarterback play is hot garbage, players are losing their cool with one another and the run game barely cracked three yards a carry Sunday. Next week’s game in London is a must-win for the Jags and Eagles—the loser’s Super Bowl aspirations are all but toast.”

*not sure why very few ever mention the laundry list of injuries the offense has been dealt, while lamenting other teams ailments as excuses.*

Sporting News

21. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-4 (last week: 18)

They have one impressive win against the Patriots, but then it’s just the Giants and Jets and four bad losses. The Jaguars are being sucked of their energy, and they need to regain it fast.

Pro Football Talk

22. Jaguars (3-4; No. 17): This is the closest the Jaguars may come to playing a playoff game in London.

*week after week, Florio writes such garbage*


Need more from:QB Blake Bortles. Doug Marrone announced that Bortles will be the starter for Sunday’s game against the Eagles, and in order to hold on to his job, Bortles will need to hold on to the football. The Jaguars have committed the second-most turnovers in the league, with 17. Bortles has accounted for 11 of those, which is tied for the most in the NFL. — Shah



Previous rank:No. 15

This isn’t funny anymore. If I ran the Jags, I would call up Terrell Owens and ask him how much he wants for that hyperbaric chamber he employed to get ready for Super BowlXXXIX. Then I would grab a Ford F-150 or Toyota Tundra from one of the offensive linemen (that’s usually what those dudes drive, save for the oddball Jetta-owning center) and haul that sucker over to Leonard Fournette‘s house. This offense is D.O.A without its stud tailback. Blake Bortlesfrittered away all the chill vibes from his strong showing in the playoffs, fumbling twice Sunday before getting benched. Keelan Colelent his quarterback a helping hand(s) — by not using his.


*Elliot Harrison is fast becoming the best analyst worth reading out there*

CBS Sports



They are a mess right now. Can they turn it around? It won’t be easy against the Eagles in London as Blake Bortles stays on as the quarterback. 6 3-4-0

Business Insider

16. Jacksonville Jaguars


Last week:13th

Week 7 result:Lost to the Texans, 20-7

Week 8 opponent:vs. Philadelphia Eagles (in London)

One thing to know:The Jaguars’ offense is in free fall, putting up just 10 points over the past two weeks combined. The team is so desperate for a spark that quarterback Blake Bortles was benched late in the game on Sunday in favor of Cody Kessler.

The Jaguars are between 16th and 23rd. Some have us behind the Titans, some don’t. Bottom line is, about everyone is blaming Bortles which is the nature of the beast – get all the glory, get all the finger pointing. The blame is somewhere in between.

Bortles can’t carry a team. It’s as simple as that. For his price, he was good enough with the right pieces around him. The power rankings will continue to stay mid to lower pack unless the offense gets rolling – defense allowing 90 points in three weeks, be damned.

There were more rankings, but why keep harping on the same thing?


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