Week 7 NFL Game Predictions – He Said/She Said

Titans (3-3) vs Chargers (4-2) CBS 9:30 AM LONDON

Jay: The Chargers are the better team, but I don’t know by how much. Tennessee is a weird team. I’ll take the Chargers and probably live to regret it.

Jules: LA. I know it’s been a rough week for them, but they’re a better team.

1:00 GAMES

Patriots (4-2) vs Bears (3-2) CBS

Jay: No Gronk here, but I think the Pats do the job because they’ll prove to just be a little too much on offense.

Jules: I’m rolling with the Bears defense.

Bills (2-4) vs Colts (1-5) CBS

Jay: Not worth spending a lot of time on this one. Which qb do you trust? I trust Luck. That’s the pick

Jules: Hold my nose. An extremely healthy Bills team with a decent defense, but have Derek Anderson or a banged up Colts who only has Andrew Luck? Indy because of Luck.

Texans (3-3) vs Jaguars (3-3) CBS

Jay: Tough game to pick. I’ve been fading the Jaguars lately and it’s been working well for me. I wonder if Jaylen Ramsey will have much to say in his post game press conference this week. I’ll take Houston in a 3 point game.

Jules: The Jags are one beat-up mess, how can I pick my team to win? I’m a fan girl and will root that the defense (even one with a few injured guys) makes Watson lose the game.

Lions (2-3) vs Dolphins (4-2) FOX

Jay: Lions, but I’m going to regret it in the morning

Jules: Lions. I just can’t pick any team Asweiler is playing on. Plus, Matt Patricia has played against BO a couple of times, he knows his many weaknesses and Matt Stafford is a better QB than he’s given credit for..oh, and Kerryon Johnson.

Vikings (3-2-1) vs Jets (3-3) FOX

Jules: I don’t know what it is about Kirk Cousins, but he always leaves me cold. I shouldn’t pick the Jets, I know I shouldn’t, I don’t think they’re the better team, but the Vikings just feel, off.

Jay: Another disagreement. The Vikings aren’t playing great football yet, but they’re a lot more talented than the Jets. Just too many weapons on offense and they go get a hard road win.

Panthers (3-2) vs Eagles (3-3) FOX

Jay: Can’t wait to watch this game. Both teams have a little Jekyll and Hyde to them. I’ll take the Eagles at home

Jules: Going with Philly because it’s a home game. That’s my lone reason. All these teams that have 4 or 3 wins are so tough to guess.

Browns (2-3-1) vs Buccaneers (2-3) FOX

Jay: Coin flip game…I don’t trust Jameis ever and I trust that defense less. But I’m sure Cleveland will somehow not accept the gifts that Tampa gives them.

Jules: Eesh. The Bucs defense is bad, commode hugging bad and now Gerald McCoy is hurt, and they have a “new” DC. Flip a coin – Good QB vs Browns good defense or shaky QB vs Bucs bad defense? I’m going to say the home team off a bye.

4:05 GAME

Saints (4-1) vs Ravens (4-2) FOX

Jay: This game really should be the game everybody sees at 4:25. Drew Brees in his whole career has not beaten the Ravens. Look for that streak to continue.

Jules: Now this is a good game. Top offense vs top defense. Joe Flacco is the big Will the good Joe come out to play, or the, what were you thinking, Joe? Brees is playing like the best QB in the league, but their defense has been stinky. I want NO to win, but going with home team in a squeaker.

4:25 GAMES

Cowboys (3-3) vs Redskins (3-2) CBS

Jay: I’ll take Dallas in a low scoring game here

Jules: I don’t like either of these teams or their coaches and think both are posers who’ve won based on weird days. If Washington doesn’t play sloppy as they have been, they can win. I’m not on the Dak train.

Rams (6-0) vs 49ers (1-5) CBS

Jules: When you think trap game, this is it. Despite the outstanding coaching of Shanahan, the Rams are clearly the better team. Too often when one team is so much better, they play down. That’s my lone concern. Not SF’s quarterback, defense or offense – just the Rams beating themselves. Still picking them, though.

Jay: Very well could be a trap game, and I’ll fall freely into that trap. I’m not picking against the Rams here. Just can’t pull that trigger.


Bengals (4-2) vs Chiefs (5-1) NBC

Jay: I’m stoked to watch this game. Can’t wait. I’ll take the team that resides in Arrowhead.

Jules: Who would’ve thought going into this season, a Cincy/KC game would be good?! These two defenses are so bad, this could be a game with 80 points scored. Going with Chiefs, but only because of the crowd, 44-43 or something crazy like that.

Monday ESPN 8:15

Giants (1-5) vs Falcons (2-4)

Jay: This is not exactly a visual gift the NFL has given us. I’ll take Atlanta and I think it won’t be all that close.

Jules: Bleh. Falcons at home, this time their offense gets rewarded with a win.

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