Week 7 Buzz around the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Before reading Week 7 Buzz about the Jacksonville Jaguars, grab a box of tissues, a beer or a teddy bear, whatever you need to brace yourself for some bad reviews. Am I the only one sick of hearing – the Patriots are back? They played the Colts who are missing half its team and a KC defense ranked at the bottom. Lets see Brady against a defense that’s healthy and at the top –oh wait, we did and they lost.

The only “good news” is most sites have the Titans, Texans and Colts ranked lower than us.

I decided to start with this insightful ranking from

Barstool Sports 

12What is going on with the Jaguars? They have gotten their teeth kicked in in back-to-back weeks, the offense is a mess and their strength, the defense, got worked by the Cowboys this past Sunday.

*such a deep take*


11. Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 3-3
Week 6 ranking: 5

Playoff chances: 35.3 percent. Blake Bortles has faltered since shredding the Patriots for 376 yards and four touchdowns in Week 2. Since then, Bortles ranks 30th in QBR and has thrown six interceptions, tied for the most in the league over that span. — Xie

*35.3% chance – is sucky in case math isn’t your strong suit*

CBS Sports 



This team has looked awful the past two weeks. Even so, they are tied for the division lead with a big division game this week against the Texans.


*how much time do they put into these thoughts? A nanosecond?*

Sporting News

18. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-3 (last week: 7)

What was that? Jalen Ramsey literally had no words after another rout on the road in which the defense sprung leaks. This team is off when it puts Blake Bortles needs to throw more often than it wants.

*someone was paid to write that last sentence – I am not including a link because it doesn’t deserve any clicks. With all the ads on your site, go hire a proofreader*

Washington Post

17. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) | Last Week’s Rank: 7

That 3-1 start and the notion of having an overpowering defense dissipated with consecutive road losses to the Chiefs and Cowboys in which the Jaguars surrendered 70 points. The offense continues to struggle without injured RB Leonard Fournette. If the Jaguars are going to be the excellent team they were expected to be, they need Fournette to be healthy and productive and the defense to return to its dominating form.

*this person at least looked up a stat, so kudos to the newspaper writer over the actual guys who “write” for a site dedicated to football and can’t come up with more than an eye blink of thought*


Rank 15, drops down 9 spots.

Previous rank: No. 6

How do you characterize the Jags’ showing in Big D? Dreadful? Demoralizing? Or typical?Is this what this squad is sans Leonard Fournette? Jacksonville is not built to come from behind — a notion repeated on the broadcast and in highlight shows over and over again — because the Jaguars have an issue at quarterback. When Blake Bortles plays well, it’s usually in concert with the running game and a solid defensive effort. Take Fournette out of the offensive equation, and suddenly the Jaguars can’t move the ball — which in turn means Calais Campbell and the boys on defense are playing too many plays, defending short fields and ultimately going down with the ship.

*Elliot Harrison writes an analysis worth reading and it can’t be argued with…except he does leave out the injuries – ‹‹read Jules take on that*

USA Today

21. Jaguars (8): Jalen, how could Dallas shred y’all? “I don’t know.” How do Jags not own AFC South? “I don’t know.” Y’all about to splinter? “I don’t know.”

*oh good, more deep thinking going on here – not including a link for same reason as above – you suck*

Pro Football Talk

17. Jaguars (3-3; No. 7): In their desire to get another crack at the Pats in the playoffs, the Jaguars apparently forgot that they first have to qualify.

*glad Mike Florio didn’t hurt himself coming up with that profound thought*

Ending this on the best ranking and a better thought out analysis.

Bleacher Report

11. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3)

22 OF 32

High: 9

Low: 14

Last Week: 5

Week 6 Result: Lost 40-7 at Dallas

That crashing sound you hear is the Jacksonville Jaguars plummeting down these rankings.

A couple of weeks ago, the Jaguars were considered by some the best team in the AFC—a team that thumped the New England Patriots a few weeks back.

However, over the last couple of weeks, the Jags have gone from thumper to thumpee. Last week, it was a 30-14 waxing on the road at Kansas City.

Sunday, it was much, much worse.

That the Jaguars were blasted 40-7 by any team is cause for concern. That it happened at the hands of a flawed Cowboys team that entered the week near the bottom of the NFL in many offensive categories?

We knew that the Jaguars offense could be prone to inconsistency. We did not know that Jacksonville’s defense was suddenly going to fall apart.

Not that long ago, it looked like the Jags were going to cruise to the AFC South title.

It doesn’t anymore. Cruise became crash in a hurry, as Gagnon will attest to:

“The Jags have problems. Big problems. That defense has struggled the last couple of weeks. And while that unit has too much talent to stay down, I’m not sure any defense can be consistently dominant enough to compensate for the fact Blake Bortles is one of the worst starting quarterbacks in professional football.”

*And yet, they have the teams of Mariota, Luck and Watson ranked lower*

There you have it, the Jags are somewhere between 11th and 21st.


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