Week 4 NFL Game Predictions – He Said/She Said

Last week, we got three games complete wrong, but overall, got 12-15. We don’t pick Thursday games because it’s too far out to predict Sunday/Monday games. Week 4 NFL Game Predictions may be another miss. On the season, Jay is up three wins as Jules tends to pick a long shot each week.

What a crazy season this has been. The NFL wants parity and boy do they have it this year…so far. Which makes picking winners a tough feat, one we’ve been striking out on, averaging a tick under .500.

1:00 Games

Bengals (2-1) vs Falcons (1-2)  CBS

Jay: Beware of teams coming off of long overtime games, especially losses. Close game, but I think Cincinnati pulls off a minor upset here.

Jules: a year ago, who would think this would be a good game? The combo of Ryan still struggling without Kyle Shanahan and no Devonta Freeman has continued to stress their offense. I have no clue who wins this as good Andy has been playing well. Home team. No Freeman, again, think I’ll swap to Bengals.

Buccaneers (2-1) vs Bears (2-1) FOX

Jay: Bears defense will be the best that Tampa has seen. Bears win at home.

Jules: I’m thinking Bears regardless of who plays. We started to see cracks with Fitz last week and Winston is rusty. I could see him either playing conservative or slinging stuff everywhere to match Ryan and some of them are intercepted.

Lions (1-2) vs Cowboys (1-2) FOX

Jay: Cowboys are truly a weird team that is a .500 team that will win some games it should lose and lose some games it should win. I’ll take the Cowboys at home.

Jules: I think the Cowboys are a mess and am going to believe that Matt Patricia and his defense keeps Dak in his conservative ways.

Bills (1-2) vs Packers (1-1-1) CBS

Jay: Green Bay needs this. Buffalo is still Buffalo. Green Bay is better. Wins the game going away.

Jules: Packers. Sure, Josh Allen pulled off a win; however, he’s playing in Green Bay…watching Aaron Rodgers win.

Texans (0-3) vs Colts (1-2) CBS

Jay: This is a regress to the means game. Texans will win this one.

Jules: What a bleh game. The Colts are really beat-up and tough to see the Texans going 0-4, so giving them a thumbs up, to tighten up the AFCS.

Jets (1-2) vs Jaguars (2-1) FOX

Jay: I’m not sure what to make of the Jags after last week against Tennessee. Was that same old Jags who play up then play down? Was that an abberation. I think the Jags will win this one.

Jules: DUUUVAL. There is something about the Titans and Jax that makes them powerless. That won’t be the case this week with Fournette playing and getting back two of their three O-Line that was missing last week. If Bortles has time, he can be good.

Dolphins (3-0) vs Patriots (1-2) FOX

Jay: Right now the better team resides in Miami, but I think we have a regression to the mean here and the Pats win a squeaker.

Jules: if this was in Miami, I’d say the fins without blinking. This year, it’s a coin flip. The Pats* lack of speed across the board gives them losing by a FG. It feels to weird to pick them losing three weeks in a row….caveat—if the refs act like they always do in Foxborough, then NE*, if it’s a fair game–Miami. (Myles Jack wasn’t down)

Eagles (2-1) vs Titans (2-1) FOX

Jay: Philadelphia in a tough, defensive battle.

Jules: Eagles. Titans have fallen into wins and that ends on Sunday. They hold no voodoo doll in Philly or have a healthy QB.

4:05 Games

Seahawks (1-2) vs Cardinals (0-3) FOX

Jay: Seattle gets to .500 to keep their Wild card hopes alive.

Jules: Can a rookie QB pull off a win against a sorry looking Seattle? No clue, but the magic ball says, no.

Browns (1-1-1) vs Raiders (0-3) FOX

Jay: The Browns are the better team (I just shuddered as I typed that). Hue Jackson gets revenge

Jules: yuck. Very little game film for the Raiders to dissect Mayfield, but playing in the Black Hole isn’t a simple excursion for a team on the cusp. I can’t stand Oakland, but this may the win they need to crawl out of the dumpster where they live.

4:25 Games

SF (1-2) vs Chargers (1-2) CBS

Jay: Chargers. Enough said

Jules: Unless Uncle Phil gets hurt, Chargers in a romp. Not even their beat up defense can be that bad to lose against Beathard. Can they? I believe CJ went 0-6 as a starter last season which is why they traded for Jimmy.

Ravens (2-1) vs Steelers (1-1-1) NBC

Jay: This is one of my favorite games to watch every year. I don’t know. Give me the Steelers 27-23z

Jules: This should be a great game, a real slugfest. Whichever QB throws less interceptions wins…the question is do we see good Ben or flukey Flacco? Going out on a limb that the Ravens defense can make Ben take chances he shouldn’t.

Monday 8:15

Broncos (2-1) vs Chiefs (3-0) ESPN

Jay: All aboard the Mahomes train

Jules: Denver hasn’t beaten the Chiefs since September 2015 and their two wins this season were by a combined 4 points. Tough to pick Denver since they most likely will need to score 5 TD’s for a chance.

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