Week 3 AFCS Injury reports – Thursday, 9/20/2018

Week 3 AFCS Injury reportsThursday. We will keep you up to date on the injury woes of not only the Jacksonville Jaguars, but who they play and also their AFC South rivals. This is good info to keep up one since the Jags play their rivals twice and they face several of the same teams.

Giants (0-2) vs Texans (0-2) 1:00 FOX

They look pretty healthy and considering how their O-Line and QB are playing, that’s a good thing.

giants weeks 3 injury report thurday

The Texans continue to look beat up; however, the list is deceiving since they have players still listed that are full participents.

texans week 3 injury report thursday

Colts (1-1) vs Eagles (1-1) 1:00 FOX

Indy is in trouble with some key players missing.

colts week 3 injury report thursday

All eyes will be on Wentz and if the SB winners can step up. Their defense vs a depleted Colts team should give insight.

eagles week 3 injury report thursday

Titans (1-1) vs Jaguars (2-0) 1:00 CBS

Last season, this would’ve been a match-up to see, but this injury report and Blaine Gabbert, it doesn’t seem as exciting. Correa is a new addition.

titans week 3 injury report thursday

Losing Leonard Fournette didn’t seem to matter vs NE with Blake Bortles channeling his inner Drew Brees. Leo is back in limited practice, but they may be best to keep sitting him. Jones is a new addition.

jaguars week 3 injury report thursday

Week 3 AFCS Injury reports

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