Week 2 Game Predictions: He Said/She Said

Last week Jay got nine out of fifteen and Jules got eight (went with Raiders just to be different and it bit me). We don’t pick Thursday games because there’s not enough turn around time with injury reports.
Have to say, the NFL choosing the Cowboys 0-1  and Giants 0-1 to play each other for Sunday night football is BS when there are a couple far better match-ups like the Panthers and Falcons, Vikings and Packers, Jaguars and Patriots*. The Dallas/DC rivalry is as exciting and fresh as listening to Chris Collingsworth.

Week 2 game predictions

1:00 GAMES

Panthers 1-0 @ Falcons 0-1 FOX

Jay: I think this has the makings of being a very good game. The NFC South is a crapshoot this year. Give me Atlanta by 5 in a whacky game.
Jules: No clue. I do know that without Kyle Shannahan, Matt Ryan and his offense has been inconsistent. Because Devonta Freeman is out, going with the Panthers.

Chargers 0-1 @ Bills 0-1 CBS

Jay: A kid who begged for a ‘redshirt’ year in his last presser during the preseason is now taking on a team that SHOULD be a playoff contender…give me the Chargers.
Jules: Chargers. Uncle Phil has got to have his receivers catch the ball this week, right? He could’ve had 600 yards and thats not an exaggeration.

Vikings 1-0 @ Packers 1-0 FOX

Jay: if AR plays, I think the offense will be structured in a similar structure as what you saw in the 2nd half against the Bears: quick, quick and quick releases. The Vikings are very good, and this is going to be a fun one to watch. I’ll take the Packers by 3.
Jules: Can Rodgers play again drugged out of his mind? Don’t know, but do know without him, they’re SOL. That Vikings defense is good and will give him fits when healthy, can’t imagine them against a wounded duck. While Kirk Cousins is all right, it’s Dalvin Cook GB has to stop. I’m picking the Vikings defense.

Browns 0-0-1 @ Saints 0-1 FOX

Jay: Saints. Ya think the Saints are gonna be a little salty after last Sunday?
Jules: Saints. Just can’t imagine where the Browns win because Brees rarely turns the ball over, plus Cleveland couldn’t stop Connor, so stymying Kamara seems like a tough task.

Dolphins 1-0 @ Jets 1-0 CBS

Jay: I have no confidence in this pick, but I’ll take the Dolphins here. I think the Jets are very much a work in progress and might end up being the better team at the end of the year, but right now, I’ll take the Dolphins in a close one.
Jules: Dolphins. Rookie QB’s tend to start their first games as heres or zeros, there’s not usually much in between. Based on that, can see Darnold’s star crashing into the aqua sea. But, the Fins lost their Guard who’s pretty good. Tannenhill and company better be prepared.

Chiefs 1-0 @ Steelers 0-0-1 CBS

Jay: you think Pittsburgh is going to be a little pissed off after last week? Look for another steady dose of James Connor and the Pittsburgh defense to show Pat Mahomes looks that he hasn’t seen yet. The terrible towels will play a factor here. Pittsburgh grabs this one by 6.
Jules: Another tough one to call. Chiefs defense isn’t that great, which Big Ben will need to bounce back against. Now that’s there’s some game film out, see Mahones not doing as well as the simple plays will start to get picked apart.

Eagles 1-0 @ Buccaneers 1-0 FOX

Jay: oh-oh Fitzmagic. Oh-oh Fitzmagic. While I think there is some merit to rolling with Ryan this season instead of Jameis (I don’t trust the kid enough to give him a 5 year/$125 million deal in the least), the Eagles go down to Tampa and get to 2-0.
Jules: Eagles. While Nick Foles looked like a hot mess and Ritzpatrick was cake, I don’t see this a good match-up for Fitz. Guys like him rarely put two break-out games like that together.

Texans 0-1 @ Titans 0-1 CBS

Jay: I think these teams aren’t that far apart. I’ll take Watson over Mariota here
Jules: Both these teams are banged up already. Watson is like the other young QB’s: raw and using simple game plans. They work until defenses know what’s coming. I think Houston wins only because of Mariota and Gabbert.

Colts 0-1 @ Redskins 1-0 CBS

Jay: Redskins. I don’t see me picking the Colts to win very often this year
Jules: Redskins. Andrew Luck had a great game with five and under passing yards…beyond that, not so great. I think the Hogs will give him fits and take away those short hops, meanwhile Alex Smith will make them work.
4:05 GAME

Cards 0-1 @ Rams 1-0 FOX

Jay: The Rams will take care of business here, and the countdown to the Josh Rosen era will officially start.
Jules:   If the Rams don’t win this, they’re in bigger trouble than the hapless Cards.

Lions 0-1 @ 49ers 0-1 FOX

Jay: I’ll take the 49ers here. The final score of the Vikings/niners game last week wasn’t indicative of how the game went. 
Jules: Yuck. Here’s the thing: it takes a while for QB’s to pick up a Shanny playbook (ask Matt Ryan), so Jimmy G may have stumbled because he’s not quite ready for the full one. Or that’s his real self. As far as Stafford and Patricia, they can’t screw up again that badly can they? This feels like a snoozer that SF wins.

4:25 GAMES

Raiders 0-1 @ Broncos 1-0 CBS

Jay: Oakland does not look very good on offense, period. It’s that simple. Protect the football if you’re Denver and you walk away 2-0.
Jules: Oakland doesn’t have a pass rush and the Bronco’s O-Line looked really good giving Keenum plenty of time. IF he doesn’t continue with the head-scratching picks, they should win easily with their defense.

Patriots* 1-0 @ Jaguars 1-0 CBS

Jay: I realize that the Pats usually throw up a clunker in the first 4 weeks, and this might be the game where they lay an egg, but if you’re asking me to trust that Blake Bortles is going to need to go out and win this game, I say no. Pats in a tight one.
Jules: SACKSONVILLE. I will be at the game screaming my fool head off and sending good ju-ju down on the field that their receivers CATCH THE DANG BALL! Thats the difference in this game. Without Fournette, or even if he plays gimpy, the win must come from Borltes. He’s not a great QB and he can’t afford another week of the dropsies. Forecast says no rain, 78° humidity so that should help wilt the northern team.

8:20 GAME

Giants 0-1 @ Cowboys 0-1 NBC

Jay: hard to say that a week 2 game is do-or-die, but I think we’re at that point here. I’ll take the Giants by a touchdown.
Jules: eh. I’m taking the better QB.


8:15 ESPN

Seahawks 0-1 @ Bears 0-1 ESPN

Jay: The Bears need to learn how to put teams to sleep for good. Seattle has a qb who already knows how to do that. With that being said, I’ll take the Bears to make a few big plays on the defensive side of the ball. Bears by 6
Jules: I’m going with the Bears, too. The Hawks have no wings and Chicago looks like they’re close to putting their pieces together.

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