WeeK 2 AFCS Injury Reports: Jaguars, Patriots*, Titans, Texans, Colts and Redskins

Week 2 AFCS Injury reports

We will keep you up to date on the injury woes of not only the Jacksonville Jaguars, but who they play and also their AFC South rivals. This is good info to keep up one since the Jags play their rivals twice and they face several of the same teams.

jags thur injury report week 2

Rex Burkhead and rookie Sony Michel being on the Week 2 AFCS Injury reports may even things out a bit with Leonard Fournette being DNP. We can hope the Jags’ receivers can hold on to the ball to give them a leg up.

pats thur injury report week 2

Continuing Week 2 AFCS Injury reports

How does a team rack up 11 injuries in week one? Here’s the thing, players don’t feel better as the season goes on. Whatever issues they are dealing with now, usually hang around all season, either getting worse or staying the same with lots of care. “Healthy” is a relative term.

The Texans and Titans were thought to be two teams to give the Jags a run for their money. If their injury reports stay the same, that becomes doubtful…like the stars no doubt a few of their players will be listed as on Sunday.

As long as the Colts keep Andrew Luck off this list, they have a chance. What’s not good is having two OL already among the wounded.

FYI, sometimes you’ll see players like QB Colt McCoy be on this list but not show them missing practice. The rules say if a player gets injured during a game, he needs to be on the list until a doc clears them.

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