Week 15 NFL Game predictions, He Said/She Said

Last week, had the predictions done, but things came up and didn’t get them posted. Even though we don’t do Thursday games because we feel they’re too far out, I did tweet the result would be Chargers 31-30. If I’m losing on Sunday, I’m going to count it. 🙂 Here’s our Week 15 NFL Game predictions, He Said/She Said


Texans (9-4) vs Jets (4-9) NFL Network 4:30

Jay: I’ll take the better team here on the short week, Houston was woken up last week against Indy.

Jules: If Jax could smack the Jets, seriously doubt the Texans can’t. Houston is clicking and Darnold is a rookie with lots up down and some ups.

Browns (5-7-1) vs Broncos (6-7) 8:20 CBS

Jay: Boy this is a tough one…I’ll take the home team, but I don’t have a lot of confidence in this pick. Cleveland is very tough.

Jules: It’ll be the Chubb show as viewers will get to see the cousins face off. Chubb’s’s legs or Lindsay’s legs? These two teams are almost identical when it comes to scoring and allowing points. Home field the advantage? No, Denver is struggling with stopping the run and Nick Chubb gives Mayfield a chance vs a secondary without Chris Harris.


Titans (7-6) vs Giants (5-8) CBS

Jay: Which Titan team do we see? Which NYG team do we see? I trust the Titan defense. I don’t trust the Giant defense, therefore I will take Tennessee.

Jules: Can’t believe I’m picking NYG even without OBJ. The reason is, the Titans are inconsistent, are poor at scoring points and after the Jax blow-out, they may drop back. Plus, Shumur has Eli looking pretty good.

Dolphins (7-6) vs Vikings (6-6-1) CBS

Jay: Pressure bursts pipes. The Vikings need this one (as do the Dolphins) and the Dolphins are coming off an emotional high that is extremely difficult to come down from. YOU LIKE THAT?!?!

Jules: I’ve said all season, I’m not a Cousins fan and don’t trust him. Tough to see Cousins stinking at home though; however, Miami does have a winning record. I could see Cousins trying too hard to show he’s better and make dumb decisions to get more.

Redskins (6-7) vs Jaguars (4-9) CBS

Jay: Redskins are like Fife and Drum at this point. I’ll go against my previous rule of picking against Jacksonville here and take them, but I’m not happy nor comfortable with it.

Jules: I know I always pick them, but this is the last home game, they’re coming off a bye, the Redskins have Johnson as QB, a guy Wash knows well and I’ll be there. Not to mention, there’s a few players that must show they’re worth being kept and/or getting paid elsewhere. Oh, and Washington is as beat up as us. As an aside, Kevin Harlan is doing this game (yay!).

Cowboys (8-5) vs Colts (7-6) CBS

Jay: Both teams gotta have it. Low scoring, field goal affair. 16-13 either way. I’ll take the home team.

Jules: Colts, better QB by far and Indy has gotten pretty good lately vs the pass. Don’t see Prescott, especially with questions over Zeke, doing well or the Cowboys secondary keeping up.

Raiders (3-10) vs Bengals (5-8) CBS

Jay: Crappy game…I’ll take the Raiders who have the better QB

Jules: Crap game (JINX!) and who cares? I’m saying Oakland because they seem to be clicking a little better and the Bengals are a mess.

Packers (5-7-1) vs Bears (9-4) FOX

Jay: This is a “gotta have it” game for Green Bay…must have. I also love the Bears here, but don’t love it.

Jules: Yes, GB looked better without McCarthy, but I love this Bears team. They’re fun, creative and surprising. If Tribisky can keep mistakes to a minimum, should be a win.

Lions (5-8) vs Bills (4-9) FOX

Jay: This is garbage. Bills

Jules: Yawn. Bills. Don’t see Detroit having the will to chase Allen around all day. Side note, what is Detroit going to do with Stafford? He’s like Cousins, you just can’t bet on him.

Buccaneers (5-8) vs Ravens (7-6) FOX

Jay: Jameis will throw 3 picks and we’ll all still be wondering whether they should pay him $20 Million next year (Answer: they shouldn’t).

Jules: Big game for Baltimore…and Jameis Winston. The Ravens defense is really good, can Winston outsmart their safeties which make mistakes? I think I trust them more than TB who may be losing a head coach.

Cardinals (3-10) vs Falcons (4-9) FOX

Jay: Falcons are better but Arizona is playing with some pride. Falcons at home.

Jules: Both bird teams are grounded and wingless. Going with home team.


Seahawks (8-5) vs 49ers (3-10)

Jay: Seattle runs the ball 43 times and this game is over in 2 and a half hours.

Jules: Seattle keeps their wild card status alive.


Patriots* (9-4) vs Steelers (7-5-1)

Jay: Patriots. What have the Steelers done this year to show they deserve to be picked in a tight spot?

Jules: NE* is tied for the worst road record of all winning teams. 3-4 and the Pats have lost back-to-back away games this season. In addition, the Bears are the only away team with a winning record they beat. Which is why I’m going with Pitt, but not with much faith.


Eagles (6-7) vs Rams (11-2)

Jay: I’ll take the Rams here but there will be a massive contingency of Eagles fans in that crowd.

Jules: Luckiy for the Rams, there is enough film on Foles for them to have an idea of what’s coming. If they don’t win, I don’t see a trophy in Goff’s hands.


Saints (11-2) vs Panthers (6-7)

Jay: Saints. Just too good right now.

Jules: Newton is hurt, give me Brees and the Saints.

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