Week 12 NFL Game Predictions – He Said, She Said

This week, we only chose 12 games because the editor forgot about the three Thanksgiving match-ups. The following teams have byes: Chiefs and Rams. Last week, he got five, she got eight and they missed on two (only 10 were predicted as 6 teams were on bye). Read our Week 12 NFL Game Predictions:

1:00 GAMES

49ers (2-8) vs Buccaneers (3-7) FOX

Jay: Couldn’t care less. Bucs at home in a bad football game.

Jules: Tampa has a QB turnover issue, but SF hasn’t shown they can be a complete team. I’ll take TB only because I don’t think the niners have the defense to stop the Bucs.

Giants (3-7) vs Eagles (4-6) FOX

Jay: Just because Philadelphia is the reigning super bowl champion, they don’t look anything like that team from last year. But they look better than the Giants. Philly

Jules: Just because Eli finally had a game that he looked like an NFL QB doesn’t mean I think he can string back to back games like that (plus there was some questionable reffing). Philly is certainly missing their coaches; however, at home, think the crowd helps them win.

Patriots* (7-3) vs Jets (3-7) CBS

Jay: Patriots in a tough football game. There has been a lot of “is this the end of the Patriot run?” in the media over the last two weeks. My guess is that it’s not going to come to an end against the Jets.

Jules: NE* is two teams – one at home with the refs helping them and another on the road. Not to mention, Brady has looked poor this season; however, he’s coming off a rest and the Jets don’t have the firepower to rush him every play or the offense to match them.

Browns (3-6-1) vs Bengals (5-5) CBS

Jay: Browns will play hard, but Cincinnati in a nail biter.

Jules: Bengals are so sporadic, but Cleveland on the road isn’t good, so taking Cincy in a squeaker. If they lose, fire Marv Lewis, this is getting ridiculous.

Seahawks (5-5) vs Panthers (6-4) FOX

Jay: Carolina, but I have no confidence in this pick. These two teams are like looking each other in the mirror, so I’ll take the home team in an equal game that will have BIG playoff implications

Jules: Carolina. They’re a slightly better team, the loss last week has got to have them fired up and the game is at home.

Jaguars (3-7) vs Bills (3-7) CBS

Jay: We gotta stop with the fire the staff narrative all across the NFL. Teams that keep firing coaches are typically at the bottom of the heap and that’s not by accident or coincidence. I’ll take the Bills because I think Jacksonville has some player issues in that locker room and I think that some things need to be addressed at the player level, especially looking in a mirror (speaking to you, defense).

Jules: Bills fans want this win so badly; however, Jax defense (which looks a lot better with DJ Hayden at 100%) vs Josh Allen doesn’t seem like a good match-up for him or the Bills. If they lose, fire Marrone and his staff at the end of the season. 😉 Not really, who should go though is Blake Bortles, sad to say.

Raiders (2-8) vs Ravens (5-5) CBS

Jay: Ravens because the Raiders suck

Jules: Not sure which QB is starting at this writing, but it doesn’t matter. If Baltimore can’t win at home against Oakland, fire Harbough. I’m channeling a certain orange person pre-2016. That defense has way too much talent to lose.

4:05 GAME

Cardinals (2-8) vs Chargers (7-3) FOX

Jay: Chargers cause the Cardinals suck.

Jules: Seems like every time I pick a duh team to win, they lose. Even still, the Chargers can’t blow this can they? Just don’t kick.

4:25 GAMES

Steelers (7-2-1) vs Broncos (4-6) CBS

Jay: Steelers cause the Broncos are not very good and they won’t let the Broncos hang around like LA did last week.

Jules: Ben looked bad vs Jax and if not for about the worst reffing I’ve ever seen, he’d not have come back to win. Based on that, Denver would be the clear choice; however, Ben rarely has two crappy games back-to back.

Dolphins (5-5) vs Colts (5-5) CBS

Jay: This is a very important playoff game here. I’ll take the Colts in a nail biter.

Jules: Why this is a 4:25 game beats the hell out of me. The good news for Dolphin fans is no more Osweiler, the bad news is they’re getting a rusty Tannehill back. I don’t see Miami’s defense stopping Luck (dammit).

8:20 GAME

Packers (4-5-1) vs Vikings (5-4-1) NBC

Jay: This is a de-facto playoff game and I’ll take Minnesota as I see them as a better team right now, but an “Aaron Game” would not shock me either.

Jules: At the beginning of the season, this would’ve seemed like a must-watch game, but now it’s, whatever. In fact, none of the games this week get me excited. Rodgers, outside of a few jaw-drop throws, has looked, eh and Minnesota got ripped off (no surprise) with their bank robbery from Cousins. If GB loses, add McCarthy to the fire list or at least bring in a better OC to call plays.


Titans (5-5) vs Texans (7-3)

Jay: This is big for playoff positioning. You’ve got an owner who died on Friday, and you never know what that can do to a locker room. My guess is that BOB will be just fine here. His teams play tough no matter the circumstances and I have no reason to pick against them again today.

Jules: I don’t care. Jags season isn’t mathematically over, but I’m going to guess that by the time this game rolls around, it will be. Based on that only, I pick Bob McNair’s team. My grandmother died today, so I’m going with the weepy win.

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