Week 10 NFL Game Predictions – He Said/She Said

Last week, we got 70% correct, as a grade, it’s poor, as a QB completion rate, that’s great. We’ll split the difference and say it was good. There are four teams this week on bye and we don’t predict Thursday games because it’s too out in front for the Sunday ones, that leaves 11 to choose. Here are our Week 10 NFL Game Predictions.

1:00 GAMES

Lions (3-5) vs Bears (5-3) FOX

Jay: Home team because Detroit can’t run the football and the Bears pass defense is too good.

Jules: Tough to pick which one, they each look good and then suck. Going Bears because their DL should make Detroit’s OL continue to suck at protecting Stafford.

Saints (7-1) vs Bengals (5-3) FOX

Jay: New Orleans for many reasons, first being that Cincy is like the walking wounded. Cinco will put up points, but NO gets the job done in the 4th quarter.

Jules: Cincy isn’t a better team, but sometimes I wonder about let down games. Logic says NO in a beat down.

Falcons (4-4) vs Browns (2-6-1)

Jay: Falcons. Next

Jules: Falcons, no way Cleveland can put up the numbers Atlanta has.

Jaguars (3-5) vs Colts (3-5) CBS

Jay: One team on the rise, one team falling down. Let’s see if there is a correction. If the Jaguars need a chip on their shoulder by being flexed, there are massive issues in the locker room. Home team in the division and quite frankly, the team that is playing better football. Colts by 3

Jules: I think the Jags may finally pull out a win 1) Fournette is back and along with Carlos Hyde a 1-2 punch at RB could help score and 2) being flexed has given the guys a chip and Fowler is gone (word was he was a disruption in the locker room)…with that said, this team feels like it gave up (to draft a QB) because it didn’t bring in a desperately needed TE.

Cardinals (2-6) vs Chiefs (8-1) CBS

Jay: Kansas City. Next

Jules: KC

Bills (2-7) vs Jets (3-6)

Jay: J-E-T-S because Washington is an injured mess.

Jules: Good grief, the NFL should just cancel this game and give them each a tie. Buffalo is starting some guy off the street and Darnold is getting pummeled, so he can’t even learn. Going Jets only because a week to learn a system isn’t a recipe for success.

Redskins (5-3) vs Buccaneers (3-5)

Jay: Bucs due to another QB, if you used four, you have none.

Jules: Washington no longer has an OL, a run game that won’t be helpful, Jay Gruden is a big step down from Andy Reid, so it’s tough to pick them even though the Bucs defense is bad and Fitz always makes a big mistake at the worst time. But no OL is the big loser.

Patriots* (7-2) vs Titans (4-4) CBS

Jay: Students meets teacher, and still has lessons to learn. Patriots, but Tennessee is going to give them a fight to get there.

Jules: NE*, one time I actually hope they win.

4:05 GAME

Chargers (6-2) vs Raiders (1-7) FOX

Jay: LA…next

Jules: LA, if the Jags flame out, I want Phil Rivers to get a ring.

4:25 GAMES

Dolphins (5-4) vs Packers (3-4-1)

Jay: Green Bay at home in a gotta have it game.

Jules: Even though GB has looked like crap, as I’ve said before, have zero faith in Asweiler being why Miami wins.

Seahawks (4-4) vs Rams (8-1) CBS

Jay: Questions abound about the wildfires in LA and with the shooting this week in Thousand Oaks, count me as a Ram fan this week. LA, we stand with you

Jules: this seems like a slam dunk like several of the games above, but the NFL has been crazy with bizarre losses. Despite that, going with LA who will be playing with extra heart this week.

Cowboys (3-5) vs Eagles (4-4)

Jay: I have more faith in Philly getting geared up to make a run at a decimated Washington team in the East. Philly

Jules: gee, another late game for the Cowboys. Hope they get the snot beat out of them again, so maybe, just maybe, the NFL will stop giving them so many prime spots. Besides that though, Wentz is a far better QB and that’s who I’m going with.

Monday 8:15 ESPN

Giants (1-7) vs 49ers (2-7)

Jay: I REALLY couldn’t care less about this game. I’m very certain there is a college basketball game that will find it’s way on to my main tv while this one chills on the side. I’ll take New York to find a way. I can’t believe I just wrote that.

Jules: This is a night game? Yuck. Going with SF because Mullens looks better than Eli.

Teams on Bye week

Ravens, Vikings, Texans, Broncos

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