AFCS Week 17 Friday Injury Report/Game Status

AFCS Week 17 Friday injury report for the Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tennessee Titans

This is it, the final injury report for the 2019 season. I won’t be doing an injury report for whichever team in our division makes the Play-offs. I hope that team (Colts) is one and done. Read below for the AFCS Week 17 Friday Injury Report/Game Status for the Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tennessee Titans.


Jaguars (5-10) vs Texans (10-5) CBS

Remember Tanner Lee? I didn’t. He’ll be Blake Bortles’ back-up and I’d guess he will see playing time. It would be dumb not to since they should evaluate what he’s got before they head into next season.

How do you get injured on a final walkthrough of the season? Carlos Hyde, DJ Hayden and Jalen Ramsey must be rolling their eyes. Are we supposed to believe they’re injured? Or an excuse to only play them a little to make sure they don’t get hurt going into 2019?

On the Texans side, what a crock.

Jaguars week 17 friday injury reporttexans week 17 friday injury report

They should cream us, but would be dope to be the spoiler. Screw draft order, if your entire team revolves around being up five spots, you’re not very good in drafting and coaching.

8:20 NBC

Colts (9-6) vs Titans (9-6)

I’d like the Colts to thump the Texans. When Peyton Manning was there, it was tough to hate Indy because it was him and not some no-name guy that creamed us every year. Houston and Tennessee is another story, they both need to lose and go home crying.

Yes the Colts look like half a team, but Tennessee has half of Marcus Mariota. That should even things somewhat. It’s Andrew Luck being down weapons and their almost entire secondary on this list that is the, oh crap. At least none of the DL is on here because it’s tough to see the Titans throwing a lot.

colts week 17 friday injury reporttitans week 17 friday injury report

That’s all folks, see you in August, happy new year and may it bring the Jags circa 2017.

AFCS Week 17 Thursday Injury Report

AFCS Week 17 Thursday Injury Report

Everyone, but the Jaguars, are still in the play off hunt and so their injury reports matter – for the Jags, seems like 1/2 their team is on IR. This AFCS Week 17 Thursday Injury Report is short and sweet.


Jaguars (5-10) vs Texans (10-5) CBS

It doesn’t matter Fournette is on here, again. I wouldn’t play him even if healthy. The dude needs to be shut down, rolled in bubble wrap and put away until a regular season game we need him. I’m glad to see DJ Chark is healthy.

jaguars week 17 injury repoert

Texans looking a little road weary. but it hasn’t seem to hurt them much because their Injured Reserves list is short.

texans week 17 thursday injury report

8:20 NBC

Colts (9-6) vs Titans (9-6)

Colts list has grown again after shrinking little. Their team may struggle looking like this especially with their offensive weapons and the secondary.

colts week 17 thursday injury report

Flipping the Titans off, way too healthy; however, I’m thinking having a qb say he couldn’t feel half is a body is’t a good thing.

titans week 17 thursday injury report


That’s it for the Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tennessee Titans – AFCS Week 17 Thursday Injury Report.

Week 16 NFL game predictions – He Said/She Said.

Week 16 NFL game predictions - He Said/She Said.

Even though it’s been a crazy season, He and She are actually doing pretty well compared to the men behind desks who get paid to make predictions. We’re hovering between 70 and 75%.

These last two games shouldn’t have any surprises, but who knows? This is typically when high flying offenses start getting grounded because the best defenses have adapted and the run game wins in bad weather.


Redskins (7-7) vs Titans (8-6) 4:30 NFL Network

Jay: Home team, short week, better defense, better quarterback…Titans by 7.

Jules: Titans, and I don’t care who wins, neither team is in any condition to get to Atlanta, but the game is in TN and they have a better defense and run game.

Ravens (8-6) vs Chargers (11-3) 8:20 NFL Network

Jay: This is going to be a very fun game and I have a sneaking suspicion that Baltimore walks into LA and wins by 3. I’m looking forward to being proven wrong though.

Jules: The word is Baltimore will give LA’s defense fits because of Lamar Jackson and their defense. The thing is, LA’s run game and defense is very close, but they have a better passing game. In warm LA, I’m going with Rivers.


Texans (10-4) vs Eagles (7-7) CBS

Jay: Wentz-Magic….I just trust Houston’s defense more here. Houston by 4

Jules: I’m reluctantly picking Houston, but with little film on Foles, I think Philly has a good chance to win. If Wentz plays, the Teams win.

Packers (5-8-1) vs Jets (4-10) FOX

Jay: Blah. Jets

Jules: Who cares? I’m going with home team.

Bills (5-9) vs Patriots (9-5) CBS

Jay: New England in a game that will be tougher than most people think it should be.

Jules: NE* because the game is there.

Vikings (7-6-1) vs Lions (5-9) FOX

Jay: Lean on Dalvin and Latavius…lean away from Stafford.

Jules: Dalvin Cook, not Cousins. Dude can’t carry a team.

Buccaneers (5-9) vs Cowboys (8-6) FOX

Jules: I trust Jameis over Dak, but the game is in Dallas, so I’m picking Zeke to be responsible for a win.

Jay: I have zero trust in Jameis Winston, and the game is in Dallas, so I will go with Dallas here.

Bengals (6-8) vs Browns (6-7-1) CBS

Jay: Browns in the battle for mediocrity (which is a huge upgrade for Cleveland).

Jules: Williams over Lewis. Cincy needs to make bold changes at HC and QB.

Falcons (5-9) vs Panthers (6-8) FOX

Jay: My guess is go with the better QB here. I’ll take Atlanta even with or without Julio.

Jules: Last season, this would’ve been a good game. Newton is playing poorly due to injury, even so, I’m going with them because their run game will give the Falcons fits.

Jaguars (4-10) vs Dolphins (7-7) CBS

Jay: Miami…they need this and Jacksonville stinks out loud.

Jules: Miami, two sons will be at the game, but I think they may leave heartbroken, Jax offense is pitiful.

Giants (5-9) vs Colts (8-6) CBS

Jay: Colts need this. Giants don’t. Home team.

Jules: While NY has looked better with Shumur, Eli is so hit or miss, tough to see him outscoring Luck.

4:05 GAMES

Bears (10-4) vs 49ers (4-10) FOX

Jules: the one fear is this could be a trap game. First year starter vs this defense and they made Denver look silly, but Chicago has seeding on the line, so going to say Nagy doesn’t let them take any W for granted.

Jay: Very much a trap game, but the 2 seed is still technically in play here, so Chicago gives it their all and wins by 3 in San Francisco.

Rams (11-3) vs Cardinals (3-11) FOX

Jay: LA. Blah

Jules: Just what LA needs, a team they should beat to get their confidence back. If they lose, and the Bears win, I say Chicago is SB bound.


Steelers (8-5-1) vs Saints (12-2)

Jay: Saints at home is very safe

Jules: Saints, that home crowd will be rocking and NO is 2/3’s better.


Chiefs (11-3) vs Seahawks (8-6)

Jay: I love this game. Just because my brother in law is a Chargers fan, I’m taking Seattle just out of family loyalty.

Jules: Oh, this could be a real slugfest. Three top games this week – Chargers, Bears and this one. If Russell Wilson is on his game, I think they could pull off the win in that loud stadium. Losing Kareem Hunt hurt KC and Gus Bradley is a Pete Carroll disciple.


Broncos (6-8) vs Raiders (3-11)

Jay: Home team because of sentimental, nonsense reasons. Oh, and Denver is checked out.

Jules: Why these two teams have a Monday night game is beyond me. Gruden’s job is safe, Vance is out the door, so could see an easy win go out the same door with him. The players have bad-mouthed him, so can see them playing without any heart.


How to fix the NFL Referee problem: 10 simple and common sense solutions.

NFL referee problem

Don’t know about you dear readers, but it seems to me we’ve seen some truly bad reffing this season. Full-time refs were supposed to be the answer, but that hasn’t happened. It’s because it was done half-assed. There is a NFL Referee problem and I’ve got a list on how to fix this.

*I write “he” for ease, but assume there will be females here or there in a crew. Also, I use the word referee to encompass all the officials*

  • Draft referees from the NCAA like the NFL does.
  • House them in a non-Pro football city that’s in the central time zone like Birmingham, Alabama. Since Birmingham has three, maybe four college teams (and a couple top notch high school teams) within fairly close proximity, they can use their players and facilities for practice.
  • They will act like players – practice or watch film during the week. This way all referees are on the same page. In addition, during practices, players will fake penalties and supervisors will watch and rank how the refs do
  • They draft enough refs to have two crews at every NFL game. This way if a ref or line judge, etc. stinks during a game, his replacement is there. Just like players. There will also be a crew of third teamers left in the home city to fill a “B” team crew due to any benchings (see below). for future games.
  • Like the NFL, have awards for best refs at each position. They will get bonuses and get to officiate the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl. Refs who officiated throughout the season, but receive no votes, get the heave-ho.
  • If a ref has two failed challenges in a game, he is benched during the game and suspended from reffing the team(s) he messed up on for the rest of the season and/or the next one. His calls will also be under review to see if he needs to be benched for other games.
  • If a ref has more than one game with two overturned calls, he’s fired.
  • Each year, refs will go under a review board made up of members of the NFL officiating committee, an owner rep, a HC rep and a player rep.
  • Top ones get a raise and are kept. Bottom ones are sent back to the NCAA.
  • Each year a referee is kept, he gets more perks, like his choice of what games to call, a 401 type savings plan and better living quarters.

The plan is find the cream of the crop, and make it pay to do their best.

As far the current referees, the review board I suggested weighs in on them. The top ones (the non-NFL staff decides on how many) are given seniority for 2019 and can be the instructors (with an additional bonus) at the training city.

They are also given choices on whose crew they want to be on or pick the crew they want of the current refs, but no more than two per crew. After officials are drafted, they will be parceled out to be as balanced as possible.

The NFL is a multi-billion dollar business and can afford to do this. Especially since bad NFL referees can and do cost franchises millions when games are lost.

It’s time they become serious about this and get tough. The NFL this season feels like the officiating crews, not the teams, are deciding who wins, which in turn makes the NFL seem corrupt. It’s tough not believe this has come about for two reasons: legal gambling and ratings.

Actually, I believe gambling is why viewership is up – bettors want to see how their players are doing. With the NFL now in bed with gambling organizations, they absolutely want certain endings, to think otherwise is naive.

Give fans competent and impartial refereeing and you’ll grow the fan base by having butts in seats. How many stadiums are selling out? That should be the measuring stick, not who’s watching their money perform on their TV’s.

Soapbox over.

Week 8 NFL Game Predictions – He Said/She Said

He said, she said week 8 NFL game predictions

He is beating she, so Jules has decided to put the risky picks aside and just go for the flat out obvious in the Week 8 NFL Game Predictions – He Said/She Said Jay didn’t get a chance to weigh in, but in her game preview for the Texans, she predicted they would win. Yes, grasping at straws.

This season we’ve seen that home field advantage hasn’t meant a whole lot for most teams, so that’s something to keep in mind. First up to see if she’ll stick to facts and not wants, is


Eagles (3-4) vs Jaguars (3-4)

Jay: Fun game. Until I see the Jaguars actually respond to some adversity, I will continue to pick against them. Philly by a FG

Jules: Until AJ Bouye went down, I was picking the Jags because Phillie’s defense is the type Bortles does well against, but Jax is down to Jalen Ramsey and some guys off the street at CB. Tough to see Wentz with his plethora of weapons not take advantage of DB’s and linebackers so beat-up.

1:00 GAMES

Ravens (4-3) vs Panthers (4-2) CBS

Jay: Another fun game. Home team typically takes these kind of games. Lets go right there Carolina 24-21

Jules: Good game. Neither team feels like one you can bet on. Both defenses are top 7 – Ravens defense better vs the pass, Carolina vs the run and the reverse. When it comes to their offenses, yards-wise in passing, Baltimore is killing it, but both have the same passing TD’s. Carolina is tearing up the rushing yards far more than the Ravens, but they’ve scored four less. I’m leaning Ravens by a FG.

Jets (3-4) vs Bears (3-3) CBS

Jay: This should be the Bears and I’ll take them, but the Jets under Todd are stingy as all get out and that defense is darn tough. Bears win by 4

Jules: New York is like the worst 3-4 team out there, but their defense seems to make the right plays at the right time to squat out wins. Trubisky and Darnold are like watching a dual of Two-Faces. The thing about these two defenses are they give up a lot of passing TD’s. In fact, they’ve given up more than they’ve thrown. Picking Bears because Mitch throws less interceptions.

Buccaneers (3-3) vs Bengals (4-3) FOX

Jay: I trust Jameis less than I trust Andy. Bengals by a touchdown

Jules: Neither of these teams has a run game worth a spit, so this could be a high scoring passing game. When it comes to passing defenses, both suck like their run game. Even though McCoy is out, going TB in a squeaker just because Cincy hasn’t down much in rushing. Not real confident.

Seahawks (3-3) vs Lions (3-3) FOX

Jay: This is a tough one to pick. The Lions are on the way, but I’ll take the Seattle run game to win a low scoring game.

Jules: Detroit. I’m riding on Kerryon Johnson, again. Seattle is among the worst in the league against the run in yards per carry. Matt Stafford is a good quarterback who finally has a run game to help him out. Stats-wise these teams are close, but it feels like the Lions are starting to gel.

Broncos (3-4) vs Chiefs (6-1) CBS

Jay: Chiefs. That’s all

Jules: Denver hasn’t beaten KC since Manning was there, and even then it was a last minute save way back in September of 2015. Strong Safety Darian Stewart was on the injury report, his back-up isn’t good, so Mahones should have a good day and Keenum will turn the ball over, twice.

Redskins (4-2) vs Giants (1-6) FOX

Jay: Redskins. Giants are an unmitigated disaster. Enough said.

Jules: Washington looks so bad every week and yet, they’re won four. I think the skins will terrorize Eli. Right now, there are two quarterbacks over 36 that still has the arm to make every throw – Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers. I’d bench Manning except they were dumb and chose a RB over a QB and have no good choice behind him.

Browns (2-4-1) vs Steelers (3-2-1) CBS

Jay: Pittsburgh in a close one that gets away at the end. Baker is good, but Ben is better. Pittsburgh will be awake this time.

Jules: Pittsburgh in a tight one. They have all they game film they need to shut down a rookie quarterback who’s now showing it isn’t easy once teams figure you out. The one thing though is the Steelers suck vs the pass, but can stop the run. This game will lay on Mayfield’s tiny shoulders.

4:05 GAME

Colts (2-5) vs Raiders (1-5) CBS

Jay: Wow…lets all not watch this game. I’ll take the Colts

Jules: Gee, what an exciting game this will be -says no one. The Colts win because Luck will throw all over that defense and Carr won’t get as much. Indy’s defense has slowly improved as their team’s health has. Oh, and reports say TE Jack Doyle will play. That’s a game changer.

4:25 GAMES

49ers (1-6) vs Cardinals (1-6) FOX

Jay: Yuck. Thank God for Sunday Ticket if you live in the bay area or Arizona. 49ers by 5.

Jules: Not to be outdone by the ho-hum 4:05 game, a few poor slobs get this one in their area. Picking the Cards because I like their uniforms better and they’re not bad against the pass. Beathard and a hurt Rosen, such joy to see.

Packers (3-2-1) vs Rams (7-0) FOX

Jay: Yuck. Fun game to watch here. Green Bay’s defense isn’t ready for this battle, but Aaron keeps it closer than the spread indicates.

Jules: as a kick in the pants to the fans of SF and Arizona, the rest of the country gets to see Rodgers and Goff. Oh, boy! However, tough to see much from the Packers who are good against the pass, but not great vs the rush and they haven’t faced Todd Hercules Gurley. GB loses another.

8:20 GAME

Saints (5-1) vs Vikings (4-2-1) NBC

Jay: I’m very, very excited for this game. And I don’t have a clue as to how it goes. I’ll take the Vikings by a FG in a game that will go a long way towards playoff seeding.

Jules: oh, boy another good game! I may be OD’d on football by the end of the day. The Vikings won because of Diggs, his magic legs and one dumb mistake from a young CB. However, Cousins is a far better QB than Keenum, otherwise it would be a slam dunk picking NO if Casey was still there. These teams balance each other so well. Going out waaaay on a limb (can’t help myself), NO wins because Kirk chokes in the closing minutes.

Monday ESPN 8:15

Patriots (5-2) vs Bills (2-5)

Jay: TB12

Jules: think I’ll clean my house during the game like NE* will to the Bills. What a crapfest this will be, a real cold shower to Sunday’s games