Tight End: quick way to right Jacksonville’s listing ship?

Jacksonville Tight end

Jacksonville fans are looking for answers to stop another week of sub-par performance. Maybe another tight end is the answer? Two teams who recently made last minute winning drives, used extra protections.

In the case of New England*, they employ extra running backs and in Green Bay it’s using three tight ends. Those two teams have a common issue – a need to help their quarterbacks.

Tom Brady no longer can toss the ball longer than ten yards and be consistently accurate and Aaron Rodgers needs an extra body to protect his.

Why say tight end instead of running back? Because an experienced tight end gives the biggest bang for the buck.

Blake Bortles needs help and getting Leonard Fournette back won’t solve everything because the offensive line is so banged up. Not to mention, I think if they play him too soon, he’ll end up on injured reserve. While a good running back can aid in his OL doing better, they still need to be healthy.

Enter the tight end. He can block, catch and did I say, block? We also saw a tight end act as a running back Monday night in Green Bay and run with the ball. The beauty of tight ends is how versatile they can be in the right plans.

The chicken or the egg?

Does a tight end help an offense/quarterback or does the quarterback make the tight end? When Phillip Rivers was learning, did he make Antonio Gates or did Gates help him succeed? That can be debated for a while, but what we do know is Jacksonville hasn’t ever had a stud tight end.

Mark Brunell has been the closest quarterback that could be called successful and even his completion percentage rarely went over 60%. Maybe tight end should be a higher priority?

Tight End Stats

There is one TD from TE’s in Jacksonville. One. The three tight ends combined, have 240 yards, 17 first downs. Two of them, Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Niles Paul account for the TD and 11 of the downs – both now on Injured Reserve. Did they add anyone to the 53 man roster, except bringing up David Grinnage from the practice squad? No. That leaves only James O’Shaughnessy and Grinnage.

Patrick Mahones has Travis Kelce and his 468 yards. Vance McDonald and Jesse James in Pittsburgh have 548 yards and 24 first downs. Of the top five offenses, only the Rams and Chargers have used their tight ends little and that’s because their receivers and catching running backs are tearing it up.

However, they are out there blocking, giving their QB’s time, plus they do add an extra wrinkle. It’s tough for defenses to defend good TE’s. If a team double teams them, it leaves an open wide receiver.

Gronk has 405 yards, and 17 first downs. As Carson Wentz eases back in, he’s targeted Zach Ertz 67 times, racking up 24 first downs. Tampa Bay has OJ Howard and Cameron Brate in the top 20 and they have 5 TD’s. The Colts have a losing record, but without Eric Ebron, they’d be 0-5 and not given any team a run for their money. He has 16 first downs, six TD’s and 326 yards.

This lack of tight end depth in Jacksonville should be addressed. The Oline is hurt, Fournette isn’t going to make everything all better. He has as much power as a bandaid on an arterial bleed. Adding some beef that can block, catch and maybe even run will help.

Many have mentioned trading Donte Fowler, Jr., for a few different positions, maybe TE could also be an option? There are a few teams with serious issues on defense who might be open to that thought. Give up some offense for more defense, which in turn would make them need less offense.

The NFL is about acheiving the right balance, teams that do, are still playing through January. At this moment, the Jaguars are listing and a tight end may help right the ship.


Jacksonville Jaguar roster moves could help Blake Bortles. One man may override a list of “howevers”.

Jacksonville Jaguar roster move

Jacksonville, FL. On Tuesday, to combat injuries, the Jacksonville Jaguar roster moves raised some eyebrows, starting with the signing of Jamal Charles. Yes, the running back is 31 and yes, he hasn’t had playing time since last year; however

He brings tools Jacksonville needs. Rookie running backs and even first year ones offer speed and young bodies that can take more wear and tear, howeverThey lack experience in an area that the Jaguars lack.


I put that in block letters because if the Jags want any kind of consistent production from Blake Borltes, they need to provide him with protection. As I’ve written before, Bortles doesn’t release the ball quickly.

Not to mention, too often when hurried, he throws dead ducks. Not just slow, wobbly ones, but dead ones fluttering and rolling sideways to their death. I’ve yet to hear a receiver say he throws an easy ball to catch. If they have, maybe I missed it. Want the receivers to do better catching? Give Bortles more time to get his mechanics right.

He has a hook motion that can be the difference between, hits, rushed throws, bat-downs and interceptions. He’s gotten to the point in his career where he knows where to go with the ball and can get it about anywhere it needs to go; however

If a quarterback needs .25 seconds longer to get rid of a ball, he needs that much longer for his Oline to stand up. Right now, the Jaguars have good offensive line skill players, however

They’re not healthy. That may be due in part to having to block that extra fraction of a second. After a while, stopping linebackers and 300 pound defensive lineman takes a toll.

Now that Jacksonville’s leading tight end, Austin Sefarin-Jenkins, is on IR (designated to return), that’s one less experienced blocker to help them out. To fill an empty spot, the Jags moved up 6’5″ 265 David Grinnage from the Practice Squad; however

Grinnage hasn’t taken a snap in a regular season game. In addition, they signed former Cleveland Browns’ TE Pharoah McKever (FIU) to the practice squad by putting Sefarin-Jenkins on IR.

Continuing with their moves, they waived running back, Branden Wilds, and signed 6’1″ former Denver Bronco, David Williams. The only reason he wasn’t on their 53 roster was because they had Devontae Booker, Royce Freeman and Phillip Lindsey. Remove any one of those and he’d be unavailable.

He looked pretty good in the pre-season with the second and third teams. Many out in Denver liked his style, but the power of Lindsey is what jumped him ahead. The good news for Jags’ fans is Williams worked with Curtis Modkins, so he learned from one of the better backs coaches. However

He also lacks what Jacksonville desperately needs – experience to:

  • read a defense
  • pick up a blitz
  • know who to block

With no RB1 starting, no TE1 starting, a banged up Line, Bortles isn’t getting the time he needs to feel comfortable. That leads to rushed throws, not setting his feet, ducks and the “bad Blake”.

Jamal Charles can do all of the above, plus catch out of the backfield and give Borltes a calming presence, an extra pair of eyes. He may not be Le’Veon Bell, but he could give everything the Jaguars needs to bring out the “good Blake”. Not to mention, he can mentor the young guys.

Combine all of the above and while Charles may or may not add a lot in yards per carry, what he does bring is sorely needed in a long list of, howevers“.