Offensive Hole Numbering System – Football 101

What is an offensive hole numbering system? Why are they used? It starts with technique and knowing an assignment. Then it’s included in play calls.

A RB and O-Line need to be on the same page, so that the line knows who to block and the running back, tail back, or half back, knows what “hole” to shoot through.

  • 0/1 are off the centers hips
  • 2/3 are off the outside hip of the guard
  • 4/5 are off the outside hip of the tackles
  • 6/7 are off the outside hip of the tight ends
  • 8/9 are off the outside hip of a Linebacker.

Plays run through the 0/1 holes are usually dives and traps
Plays run through the 2/3 are dives/isolations
Plays run through the 4/5 are called off tackle plays, and can be isolations/powers/leads
Plays run through the 6/7 are usually powers/leads
Plays run at the 8/9 hole are usually sweeps

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