NFL Week 5 Game predictions – He Said/She Said

There were 13 games last week, but we don’t predict Thursday games because it’s too much of a lead time for the Sunday games, however we do mention it to ourselves. NO shocker we both chose NE. As far as predictions for the 12 games last week, we each got 10 correct.

Here’s our NFL Week 5 Game predictions:

1:00 GAMES

Titan (3-1) vs Bills (1-3) CBS

Jay: Titans in a physical game.

Jules: sad to say the Titans. Tough to see a rookie QB do well against a pretty good defense.

Giants (1-3) vs Panthers (2-1) FOX

Jay: Carolina off a bye and I think it’s a 2 score game. The Giants just aren’t very good right now.

Jules: Carolina coming off a bye will be healthy and fired up at home.

Dolphins (3-1) vs Bengals (3-1) CBS

Jay: Miami regressed back to reality. I like Cincinnati here because of their offensive options. Close game. Cinco wins by 3.

Jules: I don’t trust Miami’s defense, they were embarrassingly bad against a Patriots team that’s truthfully not that great. However, few teams win in Foxboro.

Ravens (3-1) vs Browns (1-2-1) CBS

Jay: The Browns are tough and they’ll come out swinging, but I think the Ravens are too good and they win a tough, hard fought game

Jules: Ravens. Greg Williams has put together a good defense, problem is Don Martindale has done the same. While Flacco leaves me cold, he’s done pretty well this season. Mayfield has looked good against poor defenses, not sure he can pull this off.

Packers (2-1-1) vs Lions (1-3) FOX

Jay: The Lions are a work in progress. They’re not ready yet to beat Aaron Rodgers (who is getting healthier by the week).

Jules: Packers. I think the Lions have a lot of tools, but aren’t quite done baking, yet. This should be a tight game if Kerryon Johnson can keep on motoring. Would love a Lions win, but I don’t know.

Jaguars (3-1) vs Chiefs (4-0) CBS

Jay: This will be and extremely fun and competitive game and I’m really looking forward to it. I still think Mahomes takes care of the game at home, by a field goal.

Jules: Jacksonville’s pass defense is quite a bit better than Denver’s who kept Mahones to Zero passing TD’s . Bortles is better than Keenum, and KC’s defense is bad – Jags win by hassling Pat, shutting down his receivers and for once can keep penalties under 70 yards.

Broncos (2-2) vs Jets (1-3) CBS

Jay; Broncos. Their defense will give Darnold a tough time, and while the Jets are tough on defense, I see the Broncos winning a game that’s played in the teens.

Jules: Broncos. While the Jets defense isn’t bad, they sure looked that way in Jacksonville. Rookie Darnold will struggle again, but this time should be able to put up more points.

Falcons (1-3) vs Steelers (1-2-1) FOX

Jay: This game is sneaky good and quite possibly a must win for both sides. Pittsburgh in a tight one at home.

Jules: At some point Matt Ryan and his arm should be enough to outscore an opponent. Big Ben has some really bad games. I’m predicting this will be one.

4:05 GAME

Raiders (1-3) vs Chargers (2-2) CBS

Jay: Chargers, even though this will be a home game for the Raiders. Will be a fun one to watch

Jules: Chargers. Raiders won through some questionable calls and it’s tough to see that defense have an answer for Uncle Phil…as long as their kicker doesn’t loose another game.

4:25 GAMES

Vikings (1-2-1) vs Eagles (2-2) FOX

Jay: I like Philly at home but I do see the Vikings as a having their backs against the wall here. I have no confidence, but I’ll take Philly.

Jules: Who would’ve thought a couple weeks ago this game would be ho hum? Neither team’s defense has looked good. Picking Philly because it’s a home game.

Cardinals (0-4) vs 49ers (1-3) FOX

Jay: Bad game. San Francisco at home will give Rosen a tough time.

Jules: Putrid vs bad. Who cares who wins? This division is the Rams’. SF because it’s a home game.

Rams (4-0) vs Seahawks (2-2) FOX

Jay: Rams…where is the 12th man?

Jules: Is this a trick question? Rams.

8:20 GAME

Cowboys (2-2) vs Texans (1-3) NBC

Jay: Anticlimactic night game with those 2 special ones at 1:00. I’ll take Houston in a low scoring affair.

Jules: What a crappy night game. Coin flip says Texans due to the better QB.

Monday 8:15 ESPN GAME

Redskins (2-1) vs Saints (3-1)

Jay: Saints. Saints at home and I don’t usually go against that.

Jules: Hmm. Can Washington catch a pass and not play sloppy? Alex Smith has the talent and smarts to beat NO, but can the rest of the team keep up? It’s all up to Gruden who has a rested team who can win.

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