NFL Week 17 game predictions, He Said/She Said.

This week, She is changing it up because she doesn’t care about the results this week. She’s choosing who she wants to wins in this NFL Week 17 game predictions, He Said/She Said.

1:00 GAMES

Falcons (6-9) vs Buccaneers (5-10) FOX

Jay: Falcons. Next. As an aside, ownership should force Jameis Winston out of the lineup this week so they can actually make a decision regarding his future when he can still pass a physical.

Jules: Neither team is in the PO’s, so this is a game to evaluate players (and coaches) for next season. This applies to any team with an (*). If Jameis Winston wants a job in TB, he needs to ball out. If he wants loads of cash on another team, he needs to ball out. That’s all I’ll be watching. Oh, and Koetter no matter what happens needs to go. Bucs win at home.

Cowboys× (9-6) vs Giants (5-10) FOX

Jay: this game has hangover written all over it. Giants win because Dallas has quick hooks for Zeke, Dak and Amari.

Jules: NYG are fools if they don’t play their rookie QB the entire game. If they play Manning, then I say, beat the snot out of Dallas and spoil their season. Squash them like bugs. Giants.

Panthers (6-9) vs Saints∞ (13-2) FOX

Jay: Saints because they won’t sit as many starters as people think they will. Won’t wanna be rusty in 2 weeks.

Jules: TEDDY BRIDGEWATER TIME. Go Saints, second teamers and all, Panthers shouldn’t play Cam Newton and they also should shut down their starters.

Jets (4-11) vs Patriots*∞ (10-5) CBS

Jay: patriots need this. Patriots will get it

Jules: How convenient the Patriots* have week 17 at home (as usual). They win, but I hope they lose and have to play on the road, this will assure no NE* in the SB.

Jaguars (5-10) vs Texans× (10-5) CBS

Jay: Texans. They need this if they’d like to at least play 1 game at home in the playoffs, and also have a shot at a bye.

Jules: I know I should say Texans. Jax will be going with a PS guy as their starting RB (Dave Williams), and chances are Tanner Lee plays (he’s the guy they inexplicably drafted in the 5th round this season). If he plays they’re losing by a bunch; however, there are several defensive guys who must kill it and they could make Watson pay. Go Jags.

Lions (5-10) vs Packers (6-8-1) FOX

Jay: Bad game. Packers

Jules: I hope to hell they don’t play Rodgers. If they make that smart decision, Lions could win because Matt Patricia should want to win. I’m rooting for Detroit to pull off a miracle.

Dolphins (7-8) vs Bills (5-10) CBS

Jay: bad game. Bills

Jules: Bills if Asweiler plays. Bills even if Tannehill plays which would be dumb because they need him healthy to sell at auction for a bag of leftover halloween candy, a fruitcake and a pair of Elmo fuzzy slippers.

4:25 GAMES

Cardinals (3-12) vs Seahawks× (9-6) FOX

Jay: Seahawks but in a game closer than the experts think

Jules: These 4:25 games are a joke. Most are with one crap team who wants to lose. Seahawks, duh.

49ers (4-11) vs Rams∞ (12-3) FOX

Jay: Rams need it. They’ll get it

Jules: Tell you what, it wouldn’t shock if SF won even if it’s better they lost. Kyle Shanahan (heart emoji) has got that offense playing pretty well and he’s most likely gotten Nick Mullens a starting a gig on some team next season. But the Rams are desperate to win. LAR.

Chargers (11-4)∞ vs Broncos (6-9) CBS

Jay: I wanna say Broncos, but I don’t have the guts to pick them.

Jules: Denver’s game was their running back, Phillip Lindsay, who’s out. If LA can’t beat a team that is imploding from the top floor on down, they have no business going to the super bowl. Also, there is no heart left in the Broncos to have the will to play spoiler, those players have checked out. Chargers.

Eagles (8-7)× vs Redskins (7-8) FOX

Jay: I dislike both teams equally. Eagles win

Jules: Who doesn’t want to see Philly pull off a win?

Bengals (6-9) vs Steelers× (8-6-1) CBS

Jay: Steelers need this. They’ll get it

Jules: I think Steelers win at home because Cincy is that bad.

Bears (11-4)∞ vs Vikings× (8-6-1) FOX

Jay: Both teams need this win, badly. Minnesota for obvious reasons, but also because if the Bears were to lose, they’ll see Minnesota next week in the wild card round. You don’t wanna play a team 3 times.

Jules: Finally, a match-up worth looking forward to. If my man Dalvin Cook can roll like the thunder, MN has a small chance to win, but if it’s on Cousins’ shoulders, game over. I want Chicago to win because I have really liked watching the da Bears this season.

Raiders (4-11) vs Chiefs∞ (11-4) CBS

Jay: Chiefs crowd will push the team to home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Jules: I have seen Andy Reid choke week 17 so many times, I’m not so sure I have faith that he can beat Jon Gruden. Oakland has many first round picks, they may say, screw it and go balls to the walls. I’m probably alone in this, and most likely wishful thinking, but I think the Raiders could eke one out, sending LAC to the 1 spot.

Browns (7-71) vs Ravens× (9-6) CBS

Jay: Ravens obviously need this, but does anyone wanna play Cleveland now? Baltimore in a slugfest that ends up somewhere around 16-13

Jules: Who’s not excited to see this game? Lamar Jackson (the red headed step child of the media) and the darling of their eyes, Baker Mayfield? I’m pulling for Pompano Beach Lamar and his defense. P-O-M-P-A-N-O.


Colts× (9-6) vs Titans× (9-6)

Jay: Can’t wait to watch this. And I have no feel for this game, so I’ll go with the home team in a battle.

Jules: I love Mark Vrabel, but detest the Titans more than the Texans. Houston is pretty hurt, but Marcus Mariota spent four days this week with no feeling in half his body. I’m banking on the Texans to stop Tennessee’s run game just enough to get a W.

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