NFL Week 11 Game Predictions: He Said/She Said

We’ve decided we should just throw pizza dough at the wall with a team’s name and go with them. The results will make as much sense as what we witness each week. Not sure the last time we saw such a crazy and unpredictable season.

For what it’s worth, between each other, we chose the Seahawks, but we don’t do Thursday games because there’s enough lead time for the Sunday games.

1:00 GAMES

Steelers (6-2-1) vs Jaguars (3-6) CBS

Jay: This is getting easy honestly…I have no faith in anything Jacksonville and I’m beginning to think last year was the aberration and this is what this team is. Pittsburgh by 5.

Jules: There’s 0 reason to pick Jax – they’re on their sixth LT, the C went down and the defense looks as if it forgot how to play. Even so, this is all the marbles and this team has owned the steelers. I’m going to be there, so my good Ju-Ju will over rule their Smith-Schuster.

Texans (6-3) vs Redskins (6-3) CBS

Jay: Home team in a battle. 23-20 Skins (picked with no confidence)

Jules: Two 6-0 teams and yet, I can’t say this will be a good game. As a Jag fan, I hope Washington wins, but their team is so beat up, it’s tough to see a W. But, Texans will be missing a couple key pieces and that may save Smith, except it won’t.

Buccaneers (3-6) vs Giants (2-7) FOX

Jay: Tampa Bay has certainly seen enough to know that Jameis isn’t the answer (please spare me the “he needs time”…he’s a poor decision maker on and off the field and at that position, your ability has to be peak to be a successful quarterback that makes poor decisions, and he is not). Jameis belongs in bubble wrap for the rest of the season as his $20 million dollar 2019 option is only guaranteed for injury, meaning that Tampa can cut him at any point between now and March without any further financial obligation to him (provided he can pass a physical). Now to the game…Tampa has more talent. Tampa by 3 in a boring ugly game that I’m sorry most of New York and Florida will have to endure.

Jules: Everyone loves a Cindefella story, but it’s a fairy tale for a reason. I like Fitz, but the book is out on him, so picking the Giants by a point.

Titans (5-4) vs Colts (4-5) CBS

Jay: This is a de-facto playoff game right now…I’ll take Indy at home by 3.

Jules: Obviously, I want Indy to win. Tennessee defense is pretty good, Luck is better than Mariota, so what a coin flip. Luck hasn’t lost to the Titans, so going with them in a squeaker.

Panthers (6-3) vs Lions (3-6) FOX

Jay: The Panthers need to win games that they’re supposed to win as their division is too tough to give away games you should win. Newton does his part.

Jules: Newton is having a pretty good season in this system and Detroit is still finding its way.

Bengals (5-4) vs Ravens (4-5) CBS

Jay: I don’t know who the QB is going to be for Baltimore, but I do know that the Cincinnati defense is garbage, so I’ll take Baltimore here with zero confidence

Jules: We could see RGIII this game and that may not be be a bad thing, but it’s Baltimore’s defense that is the real story. I think they’ll pull out some old school smash mouth and win.

Cowboys (4-5) vs Falcons (4-5)

Jay: This is for your playoff hopes both of you…Falcons get it at home

Jules: yuck, who cares who wins? Dak is spastic and Atlanta doesn’t know how to play defense. I flipped to see a winner and the coin went under the sofa. Flip #2 had Cowboys (heads because Jerrah Jones is one). Hope the coin is wrong.


Broncos (3-6) vs Chargers (7-2)

Jay: Chargers. Next

Jules: Phillip Rivers struggles against Denver and more Bronco fans show up than Chargers it seems like; however, LAC is a better team because they have a better coach and QB.

Raiders (1-8) vs Cardinals (2-7)

Jay: Don’t care (just like 30 of the Raiders players). Arizona

Jules: This game is a: who drafts first, battle. Don’t care who wins and glad this crap won’t be on my TV. I love Larry, so picking them.


Vikings (5-3-1) vs Bears (6-3)

Jay; This is the game you give up a first round pick for. I’m a biased Bears fan, but I do see some X’s and O’s issues coming for the Bears offense. I trust Diggs and Thielen just a little more. Vikings by 3.

Jules: Cousins is more consistent than Tribinsky, but Chicago seems to have better chemistry for lack of a better description. Vikings lack heart. They could win, anyway, but there’s something about Chicago this season that I like.


Chiefs (9-1) vs Rams (9-1)

Jay: I’m stoked for this game. Give me as much Pat Mahomes and Jared Goff as I can get please. Rams by 3 in a game that ends 37-34 or something like that.

Jules: Being billed as the battle of the SB. Both teams are missing pieces on defense, so could be a passing back and forth affair. Picking Rams because KC’s defense is ranked 31st, although with Kupp, agree it could be a 3 point game.

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