I am a pissed off Jaguar fan, aren’t you? Will they survive?

I have no idea what possessed so many from the Jacksonville Jaguars to go out drinking, so much that they racked up a £50,000 bill. This Jaguars fan doesn’t care why.

This is what I know – if members of the team who weren’t playing wanted to go have fun like DJ Hayden, fine. Having Barry Church and Jeremy Parnell there, too is flatly inexcusable. Not to mention, they thought it was ok to skip out on the bill and then get in a fight when confronted about it.

Fighting, along with the tab amount indicates drunk and belligerent. I have to ask, where were the coaches?

Did they know? Was there a curfew set? Reports say they were “detained” at 4AM and spent the next nine hours at the jail. NINE HOURS. Nine hours cuts into sleep and practice time, meetings, physical therapy, whatever was planned.

This is early reporting, so I’m sure some of these things are wrong, but this is a bad look no matter how you slice it.

If indeed they were out to 4 or even 1 AM so close to a game, the question is, why? Most teams have curfews and bed checks when traveling. Was one done? If it was, did the coaches just not know where to go looking?

I find that tough to imagine since no one goes anywhere without a phone. Where were the team captains? Center Brandon Linder is a “C”. Was he there with Parnell? Not like this Line is setting the world on fire with their blocking and can afford to be guzzling champagne like they won a super bowl.

As fans, we’re invested in this team and seeing such reckless behavior is maddening. It’s a distraction because coaches and team personnel had to spend time on this matter instead of focusing on the game. It’s not as if the Jaguars can afford to waste precious time dealing with idiocy like this.

Before SB 48, John Fox let his players go out in New York City and they posted themselves having a good ole time. Remember what happened next? An absolute beat-down. Not to mention, several of the players were sick, which partying I’m sure didn’t help. Know who didn’t go out? The Seahawks.

Know who wasn’t arrested in London? The Eagles.

I’m sure some think this is no big deal, but it is a big deal, a Big Freakin Deal.

Shad Khan has many business dealings in London, this looks bad on him. Worse than if the players got in trouble in Jacksonville. That game is on an international stage, so you can bet the NFL is none too happy, either. This reflects poorly on the entire franchise from Tom Coughlin on down.

For the players who didn’t go out, who were studying their playbooks and give a damn, this is just another division in the locker room. Jalen Ramsey indicated there’s a few who were an issue. Wonder if it’s the group who went out?

Not thinking ahead is laziness and a lack of caring. It’s one thing to go for an early dinner, it’s quite another to still be there at 4AM.

While the four that were arrested were all in the secondary (need I remind that 90 points have been given up in the last three games), reports indicate others were there, too. They just weren’t arrested/detained.

I hope none of this matters, that they go out and ball. I hope I’m pissed for nothing, that this is just a tiny blip on the way to Atlanta. I hope this wakes the coaches and locker room up and they rally together to fight back against the perception out there. A perception that looks like some players don’t give a damn about being prepared.

I hope this ends up being a scene from the Replacements and they all start singing, I Will Survive, then go out and kick some ass. (PLEASE)

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