Game Predictions Week 6 – He Said/She Said

Last week, was not good for us, especially Jules. She only got 9 correct and Jay got 11 out of the 14 we picked. Here go with our Game Predictions Week 6 – He Said/She Said

1:00 Games

Buccaneers (2-2) vs Falcons (1-4) Fox

Jay: I don’t trust either defense. I have less distrust in Matt Ryan than in Jameis. Atlanta by a touchdown.

Jules: The Falcons are the most disappointing team this season. On paper, this should be an Atlanta win, it’s at home, Jameis Winston’s first game starting and Tampa’s defense is really bad; however, the Falcons’ defense is equally putrid. While both defenses are bad, I’m thinking (and this hurts to write), Ryan can put more points up than Winston.

Steelers (2-2-1) vs Bengals (4-1) CBS

Jay: this is a coin flip game that I’m really excited to see. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ll take Cincinnati.

Jules: Then we have the Bengals are the most surprising good team. It feels so odd to chose Cincy over the Steelers, but I’m doing that.

Chargers (3-2) vs Browns (2-2-1) CBS

Jay: I think the Browns are stingy enough on defense, but I’ll take LA and live to regret it.

Jules: Philip Rivers is among the best quarterbacks getting no love, doubt that will change this week against a good defense. Los Angeles’s defense is missing Bosa and it’s why, along with kicking issues (again), for the 2 losses – but see a squeaker win (I blame the back-up kicker if they lose).

Bills (2-3) vs Texans (2-3) CBS

Jay: Houston is the better team on paper. Paper covers rocks. Take Houston.

Jules: as much as it pains me to say, think Houston wins, again. Neither team is very good, but the Bills are worse and this will be on the road for them. Plus, Watson is feeling more comfortable and that makes a big difference.

Bears (3-1) vs Dolphins (3-2) FOX

Jay: Bears. Next

Jules: Dolphins being 3-0 seemed like an illusion and it was. Bears aren’t complete, but they’re better than Miami…and tons better with Asweiler under center.

Cardinals (1-4) vs Vikings (2-2-1) FOX

Jay: Vikings. Next question please.

Jules: If the Vikes can’t pull this off, then tough to see their season ending well.

Colts (1-4) vs Jets (2-3) CBS

Jay: I’ll take the Colts because I think it will take 25 points to win this game and I don’t think the Jets can score 25 points.

Jules: Picking the Jets because a) the Colts have half their team injured and b) it’s in NJ.

Seahawks (2-3) vs Raiders (1-4) FOX (weird this game is at 1)

Jay: Seattle. In another agonizing defeat for the Raiders.

Jules: Seattle. Oakland has two things going for them – desperation and KISS wannabes.

Panthers (3-1) vs Redskins ( 2-2) FOX

Jay: Carolina in a game that’s closer than it should be.

Jules: Washington has a coaching problem and that’s not going to fix itself against a decent and rested Carolina team.

4:05 Game

Rams (5-0) vs Broncos (2-3) FOX

Jay: Snow is flying around in Denver. Will it slow down the Greatest Show On Surf?? I doubt it.

Jules: LA. When a team president has to go out and say he has confidence in his HC, a franchise is in trouble and Denver is drowning.

4:25 Games

Jaguars (3-2) vs Cowboys (2-3) CBS

Jay: Dallas. Bortles is 8-26 in road games. Low scoring, defensive affair. Have no faith in either team.

Jules: This game comes down to one thing – does Bortles have time? Jamal Charles and Ereck Flowers were added to this decimated offense that desperately needs more bodies. I don’t see Dallas’s offense being an issue even with a gimpy Jalen Ramsey. Jags win if the Oline can do its job.

Ravens (3-2) vs Titans (3-2) CBS

Jay: who are you Tennessee? Give us an identity please. We know who the Ravens are. I’ll take them by 3.

Jules: I guess some suit decided this game was worth national attention. I’m going to pick whomever plays the Titans every week, even if I’m not sure. But, I do believe Baltimore is better than Tennessee.

8:20 ESPN

Chiefs (5-0) vs Patriots (3-2)

Jay: Look for a lot of 21 personnel from the Pats. Michel is going to get 20 touches tonight. The Chiefs defense isn’t as bad as people think it is, but I think Tom makes a few big plays. I think that there’s a little book on Patrick Mahomes now. It’s a small one, and even if there is one, he has so many weapons around him, that he can hide some deficiencies. Look for NE to make him do it the long way on defense. I’ll take NE 34-31.

Jules: Games played in Foxboro are: 50% NE*, 15% refs, so any team going in there has a 35% chance of winning even if they’re 5-0. Both Denver and Jax had their games won, but their QB’s gave the games away. Tough to see even a diminished Brady* be as bad as them. The lone question is if NE*’s slow DB’s can keep up. I should say NE*, but I’m picking KC because I like losing these predictions.

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