The Jaguars need a leader…or three.

I love Ray Lewis. Yes, I know he may have killed two people, but I’m talking about Ray as the football player and analyst. I watch, Inside the NFL, just to hear what he says because he always, ALWAYS imparts wisdom. This article is based on things he said, that got me thinking.

The man knows defenses even though he’s biased towards the Ravens, but he knows what it takes to be dominant. Over the last few weeks he’s said a few things and I’m cobbling them together, along with something I heard here.

Will lead off with what I heard. The first deals with the offense and that is Doug Marrone is old-school ground and pound and doesn’t know how to deal with an offense based on having to pass. Considering he got conservative against NE* in the play-offs, that seems true.

Is he overruling Nate Hackett? It could be that the reason we’ve seen some bi-polar games week to week and even inside a game may be due to this tug-of war. Which means Marrone needs to let his OC do his job or Hackett needs to lead by telling him to piss off and let him do his job.

The ground and pound does a hole in it because why not use Tommy Bohanon more to help Yeldon? Especially in the red zone. He’s been MIA in the game plans. Also, (broken record here) but who has a run game without any Tight Ends? These guys can block and with the OL we saw, they need all they help they could get.

Is Dave Caldwell or Marrone not seeing this or are they blinded to only wanting to use in-house guys? But they pulled guys off the street for the practice squad and then elevated them. Moving on because no is asking them these questions.

Defense. Overheard that the secondary isn’t communicating and there’s no trust among them, so each player isn’t doing just his job. I believe this. Boy, do I ever. The fact that the secondary had no qualms going out drinking until four AM and Ramsey didn’t go with them, says a lot.

Ramsey also pointed to the locker room when asked about issues. I read a coach’s quote recently (sorry can’t remember the coach) who said that one guy can disrupt an entire locker room, drag it down. It would be too easy to say it was Donte Fowler; however, he wasn’t at the bar in London. Maybe they didn’t invite him because he is an issue, but I don’t believe any of the DL was there.

Which circles back around to: who’s the leader? Barry Church and Bouye brought along rookies on their foolish outing. An outing that says, who cares we have a must win game that could move us up? Who cares if we dump large quantities of alcohol into our bodies a day before a game and right after flying for hours? Both dehydrate and can lead to injuries. What did we see in London?

Members of the drinking crew needing trainers. This is after a, come to Jesus meeting, held by Calais Campbell. Obviously, it didn’t work showing he’s not the leader. Or maybe he is, but not to the linebackers and secondary. Nor a few members of the offense.

SO, here we are, 3-5 and it doesn’t appear anyone is leading this ship. Not Bortles or Campbell or the coaches.

Speaking of which, if they didn’t go get a TE, are they thinking the season is over? If so, why not bench all the drinking crew for a game? He benched Fournette for missing a team photo. If they think the season isn’t over, then what message did he give to the team to instill fear and discipline?

Moving on to the secondary, the one piece of the team we thought was rocking it. If there’s no communication, if the four aren’t trusting one another to do their jobs, how is anything going to get better if there’s no leader?

The members of Denver’s once vaunted No Fly Zone often remarked how they knew how each others’ thoughts, they had such great communication and that was key. Sometimes teams find the right four guys and right coach- Aqib Talib, TJ Ward, Chris Harris, Darian Stewart and DB coach Joe Woods had it in 2015. They lost two of their members, the coach and the magic.

Is the problem with the wrong four guys in Jax or the wrong coach? Jalen Ramsey is the nearest to Talib, so it’s up to him to forget his age, kick some ass and take names because the team is dependent upon it.

Ray Lewis also said that during a game, you need that vocal leader to grab a guy and give him hell for not doing his job. Two is even better, he and Ed Reed instilled fear. That bled over to the entire defense.

On offense, you need a QB who also does that. Watch all the micc’d up films, the QB’s are going off on their guys, even mild-mannered Drew Brees is seen losing it and Peyton Manning was so fearsome, some of his teammates were petrified to talk to him. Guess what? His teams won, and won and won.

It’s (past) time for Jacksonville’s front office to look around and find the answers. I’ve seen what lax leadership at the top can do to an entire team. It needs to draft a QB who isn’t a laid-back beach guy (that makes me sad to write). They need to draft guys who eat, sleep and dream football. Young men who burn for football.

I asked Kareem Hunt before he was drafted if there was anything he didn’t like about being a running back, such as getting hit all the time. He replied that he loved everything because it all went to football and he loved football. You can’t take one anyway, you have to accept it all. His eyes burned with that answer, his passion was evident and not a canned reply. That’s what you need.

Guys with chips on their shoulders. Remember, Hunt was the overlooked back because he went to a smaller school.

Who the Jaguars are missing is Paul Posluszny

As I write this, the Jags blew their assignments after Eric Ebron scored and can be seen “discussing” what happened. So, the issue hasn’t been fixed, there is a communication problem and until that is fixed, this season is toast and maybe next one, too.

Just saw another blown coverage, this time because of a linebacker. As an aside, the Colts are using three tight ends which has steam coming from my ears.

A team shows its true character when they lose, how they react to losing. Do they rally together as a team, don the three musketeers motto or fall apart? Teams with good leaders, put their heads down, pull up their socks, blocks out the outside world and works harder (and stays out of bars).

I truly hope this team can bond during this game, pull off a win and show grit and leadership.


Week 10 NFL Game Predictions – He Said/She Said

Week 10 NFL Game Predictions

Last week, we got 70% correct, as a grade, it’s poor, as a QB completion rate, that’s great. We’ll split the difference and say it was good. There are four teams this week on bye and we don’t predict Thursday games because it’s too out in front for the Sunday ones, that leaves 11 to choose. Here are our Week 10 NFL Game Predictions.

1:00 GAMES

Lions (3-5) vs Bears (5-3) FOX

Jay: Home team because Detroit can’t run the football and the Bears pass defense is too good.

Jules: Tough to pick which one, they each look good and then suck. Going Bears because their DL should make Detroit’s OL continue to suck at protecting Stafford.

Saints (7-1) vs Bengals (5-3) FOX

Jay: New Orleans for many reasons, first being that Cincy is like the walking wounded. Cinco will put up points, but NO gets the job done in the 4th quarter.

Jules: Cincy isn’t a better team, but sometimes I wonder about let down games. Logic says NO in a beat down.

Falcons (4-4) vs Browns (2-6-1)

Jay: Falcons. Next

Jules: Falcons, no way Cleveland can put up the numbers Atlanta has.

Jaguars (3-5) vs Colts (3-5) CBS

Jay: One team on the rise, one team falling down. Let’s see if there is a correction. If the Jaguars need a chip on their shoulder by being flexed, there are massive issues in the locker room. Home team in the division and quite frankly, the team that is playing better football. Colts by 3

Jules: I think the Jags may finally pull out a win 1) Fournette is back and along with Carlos Hyde a 1-2 punch at RB could help score and 2) being flexed has given the guys a chip and Fowler is gone (word was he was a disruption in the locker room)…with that said, this team feels like it gave up (to draft a QB) because it didn’t bring in a desperately needed TE.

Cardinals (2-6) vs Chiefs (8-1) CBS

Jay: Kansas City. Next

Jules: KC

Bills (2-7) vs Jets (3-6)

Jay: J-E-T-S because Washington is an injured mess.

Jules: Good grief, the NFL should just cancel this game and give them each a tie. Buffalo is starting some guy off the street and Darnold is getting pummeled, so he can’t even learn. Going Jets only because a week to learn a system isn’t a recipe for success.

Redskins (5-3) vs Buccaneers (3-5)

Jay: Bucs due to another QB, if you used four, you have none.

Jules: Washington no longer has an OL, a run game that won’t be helpful, Jay Gruden is a big step down from Andy Reid, so it’s tough to pick them even though the Bucs defense is bad and Fitz always makes a big mistake at the worst time. But no OL is the big loser.

Patriots* (7-2) vs Titans (4-4) CBS

Jay: Students meets teacher, and still has lessons to learn. Patriots, but Tennessee is going to give them a fight to get there.

Jules: NE*, one time I actually hope they win.

4:05 GAME

Chargers (6-2) vs Raiders (1-7) FOX

Jay: LA…next

Jules: LA, if the Jags flame out, I want Phil Rivers to get a ring.

4:25 GAMES

Dolphins (5-4) vs Packers (3-4-1)

Jay: Green Bay at home in a gotta have it game.

Jules: Even though GB has looked like crap, as I’ve said before, have zero faith in Asweiler being why Miami wins.

Seahawks (4-4) vs Rams (8-1) CBS

Jay: Questions abound about the wildfires in LA and with the shooting this week in Thousand Oaks, count me as a Ram fan this week. LA, we stand with you

Jules: this seems like a slam dunk like several of the games above, but the NFL has been crazy with bizarre losses. Despite that, going with LA who will be playing with extra heart this week.

Cowboys (3-5) vs Eagles (4-4)

Jay: I have more faith in Philly getting geared up to make a run at a decimated Washington team in the East. Philly

Jules: gee, another late game for the Cowboys. Hope they get the snot beat out of them again, so maybe, just maybe, the NFL will stop giving them so many prime spots. Besides that though, Wentz is a far better QB and that’s who I’m going with.

Monday 8:15 ESPN

Giants (1-7) vs 49ers (2-7)

Jay: I REALLY couldn’t care less about this game. I’m very certain there is a college basketball game that will find it’s way on to my main tv while this one chills on the side. I’ll take New York to find a way. I can’t believe I just wrote that.

Jules: This is a night game? Yuck. Going with SF because Mullens looks better than Eli.

Teams on Bye week

Ravens, Vikings, Texans, Broncos

AFCS Week 8 Game Previews – stats, referee crews, passing charts, injury reports

AFCS Week 8 Game Previews

Both the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Indianapolis Colts have bye weeks, so this preview is only the Texans and Titans. Unfortunately for the Jags, based on stats and watching the two teams, it looks like the Texans will win in this AFCS Week 8 Game Preview.

Texans (5-3) vs Broncos (3-5) CBS

Referee Crew

Texans week 9 ref crew

The Texans are still beat-up, but somehow still find ways to win. Clowney has been on a tear lately, so his injury hurts. Pun intended.

The Broncos have a couple of key injuries that Watson should be able to use and tear the Broncos up.

The Broncos operate efficiently off their run game and while Lindsey has been their bell cow, Freeman hasn’t been a schlub, but add him with a banged up Janovich and more just got dumped on Case Keenum.

That’s a bad thing if you know stats and his is ranked 29th for TD-INT ratio. The last thing Denver needs is more throwing from their $25M man. In addition, they’re down a starting and back-up CB and their starting SS.

For the Texans, their secondary is also banged up, but Keenum shouldn’t strike fear, he’s thrown an INT in every game he’s played, ranking him dead last in that dubious category.

Denver is third in rushing, Houston 5th; however, the Broncos have 9 rushing TD’s compared to the Texans’ 4. That’s the ball game right there. Keep them out of the red zone where they score and game over.

Houston is 15-7 in TD-INT, so Denver’s secondary is going to have a long day. Strangely, the Texans’ defense is the exact same. They’ve allowed 15 passing TD’s and intercepted 7.

Bottom line, this is a bad match-up for the Broncos because Houston has only allowed two rushing TD’s, the very motor Denver must have to win. In fact, their OC this week said he wants to run the ball even more.

In addition, Demaryius Thomas was recently dumped and one can imagine he’s not too happy and won’t mind pumping the Texans with everything he knows which is everything.

Sure, the Broncos know all about DT, but who are they going to put on him? He may be a little slower in his step, but he’s good route runner, he’s big and if they cover him, that’s an open guy elsewhere.

Denver is ranked 28th against the run and 16th against the pass. With their secondary gasping for breath, doubtful that number increases. This is bad news for Jaguar fans who need a Texans loss.

No comment on these passing charts because they tell the story of who’s safer with the ball and maybe a harbinger of the day to come.

Titans (3-4) vs Cowboys (3-4) Monday 8:15 ESPN

Referee Crew

The Titans look pretty healthy sad to say.

Cowboys are a little banged up, also sad to say.

This is another game the Jags need some help with a loss by the Titans. Fortunately, this one seems more doable than the Texans game. While Dallas will be short-handed, their secondary, which is second against the pass is healthy.

They’ve only allowed 8 passing TD’s. Not to be left behind, TN has only allowed 9, so the passing defenses on these two teams are evenly matched.

When it comes to stopping the run, both teams are also close – TN has allowed 3, Dallas, 4. Both teams are also behind the curve when it comes to giveaways. Each are in the negative.

Which means this game will truly come down to who turns the ball over, least.

When it comes to total offense, both teams are way down in the dregs of the awful. Both teams are 30 and 31st in passing – they like to pass to the other team. Prescott is 50-50.

Tennessee is worse, but they had Gabbert for a couple of games and a hurt Mariota.

The only difference that separates these teams is Zeke Elliot and even he isn’t burning up the charts. I like to use TD stats over yards because who cares if you can throw and run between the 30’s if when you get in the red zone, you get a FG or zip?

Some teams have a lot of empty yards, so it’s the points that’s worth looking at. The cowboys have five rushing TD’s and Tennessee has three. Kind of pitiful.

In case you were wondering, both teams have missed two field goals and made all their XP’s, so the kicking game may not be a factor.

Neither QB is tearing it up, but with the game in Dallas and Dak doing better with the ball than Mariota, the edge goes to the Cowboys.



Jaguars/Eagles and Colts/Raider game preview – stats, reffing crew, passing charts and more

Because the Texans played Thursday night and the Titans have a bye week, this AFCS south Jaguars/Eagles and Colts/Raider game preview is short. In case you’re just dying to read the Texans one, click HERE for the analysis.

Eagles (3-4) vs Jaguars (3-4) 9:30 AM NFL Network LONDON

Referee Crew

jaguars:eagles ref crew

The London games are a big deal to the NFL because they’re a cash cow, so this crew should be fairly good, a change of pace for the mostly bad ones who’ve officiated at all the Jaguars home games.

The Eagles are in pretty dang good shape because they still have actual starters (healthy ones) in their line-up. Below is a good list half way through the season.

The Jaguars, on the other hand is literally missing 1/2 their starters on IR. To make matter worse, AJ Bouye is out. And they put LB Donald Payne on IR. They added CB Dee Delaney from the practice squad to the 53.

The pundits outside of Jacksonville keep freaking out about the team as is they’re losing with a healthy team. As if Bortles has had his WR1, RB1, TE1 and LT1 to work with. I’m sick of other teams getting a whoa is me for their beat-up teams and Jax, gets a, WHAT HAPPENED IN JACKSONVILLE?!

Injuries are what happened and the players are really bummed because they know neither side of the ball is playing with anywhere near a championship roster. To make matters worse, there’s nothing that can be done, so it’s a helpless feeling.

Their IR list would make any team in the NFL a contender and they know it.

The Jaguars have an excuse for their cliff dive, but the Eagles do not. I’m not sure what’s going on there other than a Super Bowl hangover is real. They’re a team that seems as if it isn’t focused.

The good and bad news is that can be fixed – the bad news is it could happen in London. Philly can afford to miss the playoffs this season because their ring buys them time, for the Jags, their fans got a taste of winning after so long without and they’re not happy.

A win would be huge, keeping them in contention for the AFCS and maybe they go make one big trade by the deadline for A *#ING TIGHT END. If they lose, we could see a fire sale to set up for the draft next season.

3-5 and two games back from the Texans (and in a tie for last if the Colts win) is bleak. 4-4 and getting a bye keeps hope alive with maybe a 10-6 record.

Moving on from the what ifs, to what the is. When it comes to passing TD’s, Philly has 11 and Jax, 10. The difference is, Bortles has 9 interceptions and the Eagles only have two. That’s the game right there.

The rush per yards for Jax is better, believe it or not considering that TJ Yeldon has had to be the leading back, but Philly has 6 TD’s to Jags’ 2. Jacksonville is first at allowing passing TD’s (only 6); however, that was with AJ Bouye and a healthier secondary that’s going to be fielded on Sunday. Not to mention a sober and rested Barry Church.

Meanwhile, Philly has allowed 10, so if the offense can get anything going with new addition, Carlos Hyde, the play-action pass could be where it’s seen. Philly typically plays a safety high and Bortles is able to find the holes left because of it. If the WR’s can catch the ball, they have a chance to put up points.

Philly has kept a low 4 rushing TDs and Jax is at 6. While I’d say the Eagles should take advantage of the Jags poor rushing defense, missing so many in the secondary may make them go to the air and rack up points.

With linebackers now an issue, Jax defense is vulnerable across the board. Actually, with Barry Church and Ronnie Harrison being complete douches and putting fun over the team, I think we lose. Breathing fire as I just read what they did while writing this.

Here’s the bottom line: we could see a role reversal IF the offense cuts out the turnovers, and Jeremy Parnell pulls his drunk head out of his ass because the Eagles defense isn’t tops at anything. They’re a good team for the Jags to face and if Bouye wasn’t hurt, Church and Harrison idiots, I’d feel comfortable in them winning this “home” game.

This week 7 passing chart is sad, but will say, the incompletions were due to many drops over bad throws.

borltes passing charts week 8

Wentz is clearly a better passer, one who would’ve been slowed with the defense from the first four weeks, but this one? Tough to see.

wentz passing charts week 8

Carlos Hyde has the weight of all Jaguars hopes and dreams on his shoulders because without him, this run-first team is DOA. And clearly, the defense doesn’t care based on a night of drinking and arrests in London.

Colts (2-5) vs Raiders (1-5) 4:05 CBS

Referee Crew

colts:raiders ref crew

This isn’t up to date as Cody has been felled with illness (I swear I didn’t give it him), but I believe all the DNP’s are out and Jack Doyle is a go.

For a bunch of senior citizens, the Raiders are looking in pretty good shape. Maybe that’s the key. However, if they had a pass rusher they could win this game, but Andrew Luck without pressure is like ringing the TD dinner bell.

Oakland lost Beast mode and that’s a huge blow since they were already at the bottom for rushing TDs. They have company down there with Indy, but Carr has only thrown 7 TD’s to Luck’s 20.

Yes, 20 and that’s the game. Tough to write more than that. Oakland is 19th in allowing passing TDs and second to last for best QB rating. For those who own Andrew Luck in FF, they must be dancing, it’s tough to see the men in black and silver slowing hi down.

For defense, Indy is tied for eighth in passing TD’s allowed which isn’t good news for Derek Carr.

When it comes to stopping the rush, neither team is burning down the house; however, neither is burning down the house with their backs.

carr passing stats week 8

In between getting sacked last week, Carr threw as far as my grandma can. Luck has receivers who drop a lot of his passes, so these charts don’t show that.

luck passing stats week 8

There’s just not a lot to say about these two teams. Both aren’t very good, but one has a top notch quarterback. The other is dependent on scheme and it’s clear that Carr is struggling with yet another coaching change.

On paper and for the eye test, the Colts have the edge which I wish wasn’t the case because if they win and the Jags lose, which based on recent behavior they should, a Colts win puts Jags in a tie for last.

Everything I wrote about injury excuses goes out the window when at least three starters go out drinking and staying up late before a game. That attitude says they don’t give a damn. That’s a losing mentality and a cancer in a locker room. If Doug Marrone doesn’t cut it out, this season is OVER.

AFCS Week 8 Preview – Houston Texans vs Miami Dolphins

AFCS Week 8 Preview - Houston Texans vs Miami Dolphins

We do scouting reports on our enemies to keep track of injuries, games, stats so we have an idea of what we may face when playing our divisional foes and common opponents. Lets dive in to the AFCS Week 8 Preview – Houston Texans vs Miami Dolphins, as this is late.

Below are passing charts, stats, referee crew and injury reports.

Dolphins (4-3) vs Texans (4-3) THURSDAY 8:20 FOX

Here’s the Referee crew

dolphins vs texans referee crew

At first glance, Miami looks to be in bad shape, but most of their players were FP. Missing tight ends could hurt though because they’re the perfect safety net and an additional wall against a pass rush.

dolphins week 8 wednesday injury report

Looks like Jacksonville helped do a number to the Texans. I’m trying to care.

texans week 8 wednesday injury report

Deshaun Watson is the kind of QB teams hate – he’s not a guy who you can plot out and say here’s where to attack him because he plays by the seat of his pants. He’s a slippery guy who makes or extends plays off his legs.

Miami is 28th in total defense and 30th against the run. What does Houston do well? Run the ball.

Watson is one beat up mess having been sacked a 1,000 times, but guess what? Miami is way down in 29th in sacks. Which means, he may get a chance to breathe (literally).

Watson isn’t tearing it up with his arm, far from it, but during games, he finds a way to make crucial strikes during over times (yeah, that’s a snarky remark). Seriously though, just when you count him out, he pops up like a gopher and delivers a strike.

deshaun watson week 8 passing charts

Not much on Osweiler passing charts, but what’s to know is this guy thinks he’s the greatest coming of all QB’s. He said he’d pick himself to win a game over John Elway and Peyton Manning. After being benched by the former for the latter.

Because of that, he always screws up – his arm can’t deliver what his ego thinks it can. This Houston team knows that. I could see them playing Man2 or starting off in zone playing loose, let him get a rapport with just one WR and then in the second half, play press. Then they can start jumping routes on desperate throws.

This about when the wheels start to come off for him. He begins to look like a competent QB and super man wants to burst through. That’s when he starts taking chances he shouldn’t. Houston is 16th against the pass, which is ok, but they have JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney who can seriously wreck your day.

While they may not be great at keeping catches down once they’re released, or really high in sack totals, Houston tries to make you hurry up. That’s when mistakes are made.

brock osweiler week 8 passing charts

Not sure I’ve seen a chart where one has flipped so radically like above. I believe the green area from 2017 was targeting Demariyus Thomas because he had 3 TDs during Osweiler’s three games. With his favorite target, Albert Wilson gone, Amendola may be his go to guy.

There’s the key to beating the fins: give him Danny in the first, take him away in the second. Adam Gase can make the most of what he has, but then it’s up to Osweiler to stay in his lane – the average lane. He will chafe at it, especially if he has to play from behind and he will make cringe worthy mistakes.

What the Dolphins have going for them is Texans’ injury report. Their defense is pretty banged up which could make it tougher to implement what they need to do. If any team knows how to stop the former Texan QB, it’s the Texans.

As you can tell, I’m not an Asweiler, er, Osweiler fan. But I also despise the Texans, so it’s tough to think the Texans, even with Bill O’Brian often making some really stupid game calls, can win.

If the Dolphins want to win, they must run the ball, make Osweiler get rid of the ball quickly for the boring yards and be content to dink and dunk. Don’t turn the ball over. While Watson and the Texans aren’t quite yet firing on all cylinders, other teams giving them the ball is why they’ve won.

Houston and Miami are tied at 11th for differentials, making this a big key. The Texans are 14th in total defense, so check mark there.

Houston is better at quarterback and running, so more checks. When it comes to points scored, Miami is 20th and Houston 18th. Hence, if Miami wants to win, it has to come down to taking the ball away from Houston.

Not rocket science, but there you go.

For Houston:

  • force Osweiler to be his own enemy
  • watch Kenyon Drake

For Miami:

  • Hit Watson to force turnovers
  • Try to slow DeAndre Hopkins

Maybe they’ll both lose. I won’t shed a tear.

AFSC Week 8 Wednesday Injury Report – game status for the Texans/Dolphins

Unusual week for the AFC South: Tennessee has a bye, the Texans are on Thursday, the Jags in London and in a battle of the worst match-ups, is the Colts vs the Raiders.Here is the AFSC Week 8 Wednesday Injury Report.

Dolphins (4-3) vs Texans (4-3) THURSDAY 8:20 FOX

Sorry, forgot about this being a Thursday game and didn’t keep track of the rest of their week.

At first glance, Miami looks to be in bad shape, but most of their players were FP.

dolphins week 8 wednesday injury report

Oh, what a shame, after playing the Jags the Texans are all beat up.

texans week 8 wednesday injury report

Eagles (3-4) vs Jaguars (3-4) 9:30 AM NFL Network LONDON

For Philly, their list looks a little beat up, but two are NIR. Although, seeing their OL has issues must trouble them like us.

eagles week 8 wednesday injury report

Here we go, the last week our guys have to play before getting a much needed bye and hopefully clear all these names off the list.

jaguars week 8 wednesday injury report

Colts (2-5) vs Raiders (1-5) 4:05 CBS

Except for the SF – Cardinals game, can’t think of a worse pairing to watch.

The Colts, who used to have a phone book length of ailments, are shrinking it to a small menu.

colts week 8 wednesday injury report

Who knows what’s going on with Oakland? I can’t find an injury report, I’ll add one in, when one pops up.




AFCS Week 7 Game Previews – stats, TV guide, Passing charts, injury reports

Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee Titans

Yes, this is late, but was very ill the last few days, my apologies. Because of that, this will be short, just the basics for the AFCS Week 7 Game Previews.

Here’s the run down for the AFCS Week 7 Game Previews

Below is the viewing map for the early games, Green is Jags/Texans, Purple is Colts. I believe the whole country (minus a couple black out areas) get the Titans game.

Titans (3-3) vs Chargers (4-2) CBS 9:30 AM LONDON

Referee Crew

The Chargers are 6th in total offense, 13th in passing and 6th in rushing. Tennessee is 30th in total, 31st in Passing and 20th in rushing. Where things get interesting is quietly the Chargers are 12th in total defense, while the Titans are oddly down in 27th. LA is 16th vs the pass and TN 8th vs pass, 12th vs rush, 27th vs rush

It’s clear the Titans will have their work cut out for them, even if Melvin Gordon is a question.

Who’s not on this list, which is amazing, is Marcus Mariots after he was sacked a record 11 times and that doesn’t even count QB hits. Wondering how he’s feeling on a “short” week? Even though the game is on Sunday, all that traveling takes away from physical therapy.

titans week 7 friday injury report


chargers week 7 friday injury report

Texans (3-3) vs Jaguars (3-3) CBS 1:00

Referee Crew

Jax is 16th in total offense. If the Line could be healthy like week 2, they’d be higher, but that’s not case. 14th in passing and 17th in rushing. Hopefully, next week with Carlos Hyde, both numbers move up.

Houston is 10th in total offense, strangely. 12th in passing and 13th in rushing. Texans don’t have a good offense despite their numbers, it’s because a lot of the numbers don’t really reflect what was going on in the games or the teams they played.

On the defensive side of the ball, Houston is 13th total, 14th against the pass and 11th vs the rush.

texans week 7 friday injury report

Jacksonville’s injury report is sad, and especially so if you could see the IR list. Jacksonville is one beat up team and that will decide this game because Jax is better, but without key places all over the place, it doesn’t matter.


Bills (2-4) vs Colts (1-5) CBS 1:00

Referee Crew

CBS should pay people to watch this game. Derek Anderson vs a Colts team of the walking wounded. For any team without their starting QB going down this would be a slam dunk. While Josh Allen wasn’t winning any rookie trophies, he knew the playbook and could run. Anderson has had a week.

Passing chart for Derek Anderson doesn’t exist, so there’s only Andrew Luck’s.

Buffalo is 8th in total defense, 10th vs the pass and 9th vs rush. Buff is 18th for rushing. Not including passing because its irrelevant.

Indy is 24th in total defense, 27th against the pass, 16th vs the run. In total offense, Indy is 16th, 10th in passing, 29th in rushing.

bills week7 friday injury report

The Colts aren’t good and they’re beat up, but they’re facing a team with Anderson. However, the Bills defense is pretty good and the Colts have zero game film on Anderson. Tough to see Buffalo doing anything intricate besides handing the ball off and taking some shots downfield.

colts week 7 friday injury report

As always, lose Titans, Texans, Colts and GO JAGS!


Jacksonville Jaguars, News, Notes for 10/17/2018 – “Stay steadfast, stay committed to us”

Jacksonville Jaguars, News, Notes for 10/17/2018

Jacksonville, FL. Doug Marone, Blake Bortles and Telvin Smith met with the press today. The Jaguars owner, Shad Khan also made some news.

We’ll address The Khan news first, then Marrone presser.

Below is his statement, but what he doesn’t say is the Football Association’s 10-member board and 127-member council are out of touch with reality. What they want, is leaving the FA behind. Which can be witnesses from them not winning a championship since the 1990’s.

Reports suggest that the dissenting voters believe that having American Football gain traction in Great Britain would hurt the FA. Their belief is they can do a better job at keeping Wembley a thriving entity under their direction.

Obviously, they have no clue how Mr. Kahn can meld the traditional with cutting edge technology and produce a better product. Their loss.

Knee jerk reactions in Jacksonville vary from – yay, no chance now the Jaguars are moved to England, to boo, this means the Jaguars won’t have an extra revenue stream and could end up leaving Jacksonville without a pro team.

There is also fear that some other NFL owner will put in a bid for Wembley or another city will build a stadium and snatch the Jags away.

Here are my thoughts on the above

  • I would say that the chance the Jaguars are moved overseas will always be a back burner option until the team is able to consistently have season tickets sold out and a full stadium. Wembley or no Wembley. Roger Goodell decides this, anyway at the behest of the owners association.
  • The potential revenue stream from having Wembley, is just that – potential. Until some team is housed there permanently, the continued extra 15% stream continues because the Jags are still the number team with the fans, and that continues to grow.
  • The potential stream from owning Wembley can be made up, if the downtown plans go through. “The Cordish Companies’ entertainment districts operate successfully in major cities throughout the U.S., and are the most visited destinations in their respective regions, attracting more than 50 million people each year.” Their place in Louisville, KY attracts more than 4.5 million a year. That’s a lot of moola.
  • Has anything been written or said that indicates that Khan had buying Wembley as part of his package when buying the Jags? As in, he factored in that revenue as part of the financial picture? If not, then this was an added bonus and not contingent on keeping the Jaguars in Jacksonville. Not to mention, where the Cordish companies build, are mostly around a professional sport. Whether it’s football, soccer, bull riding, baseball. The exceptions are on the ocean.
  • Another NFL owner isn’t going to buy Wembley as long as the same elitist mentality continues with the FA. Unless their older voters start dying out and are replaced with younger thinkers, no one else as a chance.

Would adding Wembley bring in more revenue? Yes. Would it impact whether or not the Jaguars stay in Jacksonville? Probably not unless the Shipyard hits some major snags. Either way, the only thing residents of NE Florida can do is buy tickets and show up.

Moving on to Doug Marrone. He thinks the team has played like shit, that the coaches (pointing to himself first) need to do a better job at focusing on the fundamentals. He believes being 3-3 sucks, but sees it as a good thing because it’s a challenge.

Having a couple of weeks of losing builds a team and tests their mettle – he sees how they can bounce back. What was missing from his words was how they’re going to address the weaknesses on offense. Neither Leonard Fournette or TJ Yeldon practiced today. The Jaguars are now down their starting tight ends and the Oline is beat up.

More questions and answers were about the defense; however, I don’t care if they’re playing lights out, the offense still needs to score points.

Blake Bortles thinks that when injuries happen, it’s up to the QB to make up for them. He also mentioned the bad luck that seems to run with this team and also why they may be last in the differentials. The ball seems to bounce the wrong way. Even so, they need to get back to being the team they know they are.

When he addresses the injuries to the team he said they’re limited on the plays they can run because of them. Even so, they need to find ways to be effective. He also said that scoring early happened in the games they won.

Linebacker Telvin Smith said when it came to the defense getting the ball back, they weren’t causing other teams to make mistakes, which is where turnovers come from. They did better against the teams without running quarterbacks, which they know needs to be fixed. Smith believes they’re fine and will overcome the injuries.

“Stay steadfast, stay committed to us”

Smith was steadfast himself in believing no one has given up. He said he’s seen it before from years past in Jacksonville and that’s not in the locker room. They’ve faced lot of adversity, but they’re over coming it. The bad communication over the last couple weeks will be fixed during practice.

One thing that came across from the three was a difference in attitude. They acted as calm firemen who already put a fire out, but they couldn’t avoid the soot.

AFCS Week 7 Wednesday Injury Report – READ for this week’s names.

AFCS Week 7 Wednesday Injury Report

How are the Jacksonville Jaguars, their divisional opponents and the teams they face doing? Take a look at our AFCS Week 7 Wednesday Injury Report

Titans (3-3) vs Chargers (4-2) CBS 9:30 AM

Both of the Titans OL were removed from the injured list which must be a big relief to Mariota who was pummeled by the Ravens. 11 sacks, pummeled.

titans week 7 injury report

Bosa remains DNP, but the concern should be how Pouncey progresses. Phillip Rivers has been a among the best QB’s this season and his Oline giving him time against a good defense will be needed.

chargers week 7 injury report


Texans (3-3) vs Jaguars (3-3) CBS 1:00

TJ Yeldon was added back to the injury report and Fournette was a DNP which means he most likely won’t play Sunday. Marrone said today would be a sign of where he’s at. Next man up is Jamal Charles. What a turn of events.

jaguars week 7 wednesday injury report

Since Aaron Colvin knows Blake Bortles very well, lets hope he stays DNP until Monday. This offense needs every sliver it can get.

Same goes for the linebackers.

texans week 7 wednesday injury report

Bills (2-4) vs Colts (1-5) CBS 1:00

Buffalo has one bright side to starting Derek Anderson – there is no game film on this ??? guy. They went from a barely injured team, to losing their QB.

bills week 7 injury report

Can Anderson hold down the fort against a really hurt team? That’s really the only question. The Colts injury list is shrinking, which is good news for them against a good defense.

colts week 7 wednesday injury report

That’s it for now, check back tomorrow for the Thursday report.


Overreaction Monday leads to finger pointing – mine is Lady Luck.

Overreaction Monday leads to finger pointing - mine is Lady Luck.

Lets face it, the last two weeks have given us flashbacks to the years spent in the cellar on the AFCS. It’s easy to blame Blake Bortles, Doug Marrone, Todd Wash, Nate Hackett, the equipment guy, my grandma and the teal pants.

We can blame everyone/thing above except my grandma, but you can blame the Dolphins lover, too if you want – she’s not on social media. The real blame lies though in a slew of injuries.

If lacking depth to overcome the injury bug is a concern, then look at Dave Caldwell and/or Tom Coughlin. Neither of whom is getting fired today or this season, so move on to the issue at hand.

Here’s the deal, the team the coaches put together for week one, doesn’t exist right now. In a few short weeks, the promising roster looks like Swiss cheese.

The coaches and players spent months practicing together, honing techniques, work ethics and building chemistry. Fans now expect, in a two-week time span, for them to just plug in any player without a missing a beat.

That’s unrealistic.

Here’s the injuries and the impact.

Offensive Line:

Actually, Blake Bortles needs to be addressed first even though he’s not injured because it all starts with him. We know he’s not elite. We accept it. However, we’ve seen he can be good enough to win games. Hence the frustration.

The truth is, unless he does more running and throwing on the move, the Oline has to give him a tick more time because he doesn’t release the ball quickly. It is what it is and that’s not going to change.

That’s the dilemma facing Hackett, how to draw up plays that keep the entire banged-up OL from going on Injured Reserve. That’s where this team is headed.

What do the really good lines have in common? Consistency. They, and their quarterback, take time to gel, build chemistry and get a feel for how each blocks, reads a defense, where their strengths and weaknesses come from. As one unit, they learn to help one another. This isn’t something built in a day or a month.

This especially true in zone blocking when it’s about having a partner. Which leads us to the left side.

LT Cam Robinson went down, then Josh Wells. Now they’re on Josh Walker and that impacts…

LG Andrew Norwellwas seen as a great signing and it was – until he became hobbled. Power comes from the feet and radiates up and out. All technique comes from the feet, whether it’s OL or DL or QB, etc. If your feet aint right, you aint right.

Norwell has been dealing with calf and foot issues since training camp. He missed practices, and pre-season games.

C Brandon Linderthe QB of the OL, has been dealing with a knee.

RT Jermey Parnell has been dealing with a knee/calf ailment since training camp, as well.

Against the Patriots*, RG A.J. Cann suffered a right arm injury.

Add that all up and what you have is a revolving door of different linemen practicing and playing at different levels – no consistency and none are healthy.

Want to help Bortles, help the offense? Wave a magic wand and make them all healed. Unfortunately, that isn’t an option and I fear that until week ten, the bye, not much can change.


Marqise Lee was the first to go down, then Leonard Fournette, then Corey Grant and then Austin Seferian-Jenkins. Oh, and TE Niles Paul took a hit this week.

Tell me, what kind of cohesion can be built when inside of a few weeks, all your starters go to IR or end up on the injury report week after week?

Then there’s T.J. Yeldon who’s playing with his own ankle injury. That’s our offense.

Defensive Line

If your offense is struggling, that usually means the defense has to play longer and harder to make up for a lack of points. What comes from a lot of playing time? Injuries.

DE Calais Campbell is the heart of the Line and he’s been hobbled for weeks.

DE Yannick Ngakoue has a shoulder, DT Malik Jackson has a back (those can take forever to heal)

While we haven’t seen Marcell Dareus on the injury report since training camp, he did miss the Vikings game. Meaning, he isn’t 100%, either. The question is, at what percentage is he? And with Campbell struggling, it’s up to him to work a little harder.

Defensive Backs

D.J. Hayden was the nickel and with him missing so much time, that puts more burden on the linebackers and defensive backs. Back-up Tre Herndon is nursing a hamstring.

Tashaun Gipson Sr. has been dealing with a couple different ailments since training camp. That puts more burden on, you guessed it – the LBs and DB’s. It can also affect the DL, too because they need to work harder.

Now Jalen Ramsey is dealing with a knee injury.

People keep screaming – play more man! Guess what, kiddies? Man is tough on the body. Todd Wash may not have a choice if he wants his players to survive to week ten. He’s a smart guy and a coach everyone loved until two weeks ago, That didn’t change, but the health of his team, did.

The End Result

So, here we are. An OL that must protect Bortles a hair longer, but can’t because they’re hurt. There’s no RB1 to help out, no WR1 he had built chemistry with over the years. He has a rookie WR who’s still learning.

The current WR1 is Keelan Cole, who’s streaky and new addition, Donte Moncrief. Bortles is on his third LT and down to RB3 as his starter and behind him is an old vet just added and an unsigned rookie from another practice squad.

The bottom line is, until, or if the OL can get and stay healthy, the offense is going to struggle and that struggle will affect the defense. The bad news is it sounds as if they’re going to rush Fournette back.

Read here about hamstring injuries.

All in all, there’s not much the coaches can do except channel the most creative game plans of their lives to combat such a hobbled team. It’s going to be rough on us fans, but finger-pointing and laying blame and asking for the heads of coaches isn’t going to help.

Make no mistake about it, this franchise wants to win, they’re not laying down on the job, they need our support. Injuries happen, they suck, but there’s not much they can do about it besides break the bank on trades. That isn’t much of an answer either because it doesn’t help the chemistry and consistency issue.

For right now, all we can do is cheer and give them the #DUUUVAL spirit because Lady Luck forgot to bless this team with health.





Game Predictions Week 6 – He Said/She Said

Last week, was not good for us, especially Jules. She only got 9 correct and Jay got 11 out of the 14 we picked. Here go with our Game Predictions Week 6 – He Said/She Said

1:00 Games

Buccaneers (2-2) vs Falcons (1-4) Fox

Jay: I don’t trust either defense. I have less distrust in Matt Ryan than in Jameis. Atlanta by a touchdown.

Jules: The Falcons are the most disappointing team this season. On paper, this should be an Atlanta win, it’s at home, Jameis Winston’s first game starting and Tampa’s defense is really bad; however, the Falcons’ defense is equally putrid. While both defenses are bad, I’m thinking (and this hurts to write), Ryan can put more points up than Winston.

Steelers (2-2-1) vs Bengals (4-1) CBS

Jay: this is a coin flip game that I’m really excited to see. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ll take Cincinnati.

Jules: Then we have the Bengals are the most surprising good team. It feels so odd to chose Cincy over the Steelers, but I’m doing that.

Chargers (3-2) vs Browns (2-2-1) CBS

Jay: I think the Browns are stingy enough on defense, but I’ll take LA and live to regret it.

Jules: Philip Rivers is among the best quarterbacks getting no love, doubt that will change this week against a good defense. Los Angeles’s defense is missing Bosa and it’s why, along with kicking issues (again), for the 2 losses – but see a squeaker win (I blame the back-up kicker if they lose).

Bills (2-3) vs Texans (2-3) CBS

Jay: Houston is the better team on paper. Paper covers rocks. Take Houston.

Jules: as much as it pains me to say, think Houston wins, again. Neither team is very good, but the Bills are worse and this will be on the road for them. Plus, Watson is feeling more comfortable and that makes a big difference.

Bears (3-1) vs Dolphins (3-2) FOX

Jay: Bears. Next

Jules: Dolphins being 3-0 seemed like an illusion and it was. Bears aren’t complete, but they’re better than Miami…and tons better with Asweiler under center.

Cardinals (1-4) vs Vikings (2-2-1) FOX

Jay: Vikings. Next question please.

Jules: If the Vikes can’t pull this off, then tough to see their season ending well.

Colts (1-4) vs Jets (2-3) CBS

Jay: I’ll take the Colts because I think it will take 25 points to win this game and I don’t think the Jets can score 25 points.

Jules: Picking the Jets because a) the Colts have half their team injured and b) it’s in NJ.

Seahawks (2-3) vs Raiders (1-4) FOX (weird this game is at 1)

Jay: Seattle. In another agonizing defeat for the Raiders.

Jules: Seattle. Oakland has two things going for them – desperation and KISS wannabes.

Panthers (3-1) vs Redskins ( 2-2) FOX

Jay: Carolina in a game that’s closer than it should be.

Jules: Washington has a coaching problem and that’s not going to fix itself against a decent and rested Carolina team.

4:05 Game

Rams (5-0) vs Broncos (2-3) FOX

Jay: Snow is flying around in Denver. Will it slow down the Greatest Show On Surf?? I doubt it.

Jules: LA. When a team president has to go out and say he has confidence in his HC, a franchise is in trouble and Denver is drowning.

4:25 Games

Jaguars (3-2) vs Cowboys (2-3) CBS

Jay: Dallas. Bortles is 8-26 in road games. Low scoring, defensive affair. Have no faith in either team.

Jules: This game comes down to one thing – does Bortles have time? Jamal Charles and Ereck Flowers were added to this decimated offense that desperately needs more bodies. I don’t see Dallas’s offense being an issue even with a gimpy Jalen Ramsey. Jags win if the Oline can do its job.

Ravens (3-2) vs Titans (3-2) CBS

Jay: who are you Tennessee? Give us an identity please. We know who the Ravens are. I’ll take them by 3.

Jules: I guess some suit decided this game was worth national attention. I’m going to pick whomever plays the Titans every week, even if I’m not sure. But, I do believe Baltimore is better than Tennessee.

8:20 ESPN

Chiefs (5-0) vs Patriots (3-2)

Jay: Look for a lot of 21 personnel from the Pats. Michel is going to get 20 touches tonight. The Chiefs defense isn’t as bad as people think it is, but I think Tom makes a few big plays. I think that there’s a little book on Patrick Mahomes now. It’s a small one, and even if there is one, he has so many weapons around him, that he can hide some deficiencies. Look for NE to make him do it the long way on defense. I’ll take NE 34-31.

Jules: Games played in Foxboro are: 50% NE*, 15% refs, so any team going in there has a 35% chance of winning even if they’re 5-0. Both Denver and Jax had their games won, but their QB’s gave the games away. Tough to see even a diminished Brady* be as bad as them. The lone question is if NE*’s slow DB’s can keep up. I should say NE*, but I’m picking KC because I like losing these predictions.

AFCS Week 6 Friday Injury Report – Game status, too.

On Fridays (with Sunday games), teams typically have walk-throughs, so it’s usual to see players have upgraded statuses on Fridays. Here’s the AFCS Week 6 Friday Injury report, Game Status

Bills (2-3) vs Texans (2-3) 1:00 CBS

Buffalo may be the healthiest team in the NFL. This alone could give them the edge, especially since their safeties were full go’s.

If the Texans lose and Bill O’Brian wants to save his job, he should say his team was too banged up. Truthfully though, if they can’t protect Deshaun Watson, that answer will be valid.