Cap Space and the Jaguars, don’t let the number scare you, it’s all an illusion.

We keep hearing that the Jacksonville Jaguars are in the hole concerning cap space going into 2019 and the franchise will lose all kinds of talent. Like most things, there is a grain of salt to it and a whole lot of BS.

It’s good to know that salary, dead money and cap space are three separate things. To keep this short, teams and players can work out varied ways in contracts to help a team stay within the suggested 2019 190M cap space. 

When a player is released, traded or retired, some of his salary and cap can go with him, sometimes not because of the way they are structured. As of right now, going into the 2019 season, the Jags have to remove $7,098,827 in cap space. Sounds awful, right? 

First off, Jacksonville will roll over their 11M surplus this year to cover next and that puts them with almost 4M to the good. In addition, the cap will go up, as it always does – right now it’s projected to be about 190M, up about 13. That’s almost 17M to work with.

I doubt they’re going to keep Donte Moncrief who cost 9.6M, or several others regardless of the money. 

When you look at the contracts, you realize there are several players who are worth more gone, than on the team. Like Barry Church. It’s clear he’s not being kept, hence Ronnie Harrison starting instead of him.

No matter how you slice it, Blake Bortles, whether cut or someone trades for him (don’t laugh), will cost the Jags 16.5 in dead money; however, they can write off 4.5M in CAP. That would give them about 16.8M in dead money for next season. Tanner Lee and Don Carey make the other 299,669. That’s not great, but it could be worse.

While the dead money goes against what they can spend, freeing up cap space allows them to sign players they want, they only need to be creative with contracts. Since Jacksonville is one of the cheapest NFL cities to live in, that helps in negotiations. 

Typically, QB’s and OL want and get big guaranteed money and they want it upfront. This front loaded money can be spread out over the life of the contract, as long as the second year is half or more of the first year. That’s the kicker. So, a two year contract has the money split in half because there’s no other way to make it add up. 

On three years for a 70M contract, you could have 33, 16.5 and 20.5. Teams usually like to push the cap hit out because as we see, each year the cap limit goes up and money is worth less. Pay the cash up front, spread the cap accounting out.

Most big name players do this, especially ones on their third contract. They don’t care about the accounting, only that the money makes it to the bank. New England is a master of paying Brady*, but finding creative ways to keep spreading the hit out. 

In addition, a player can restructure his contract, instead of taking a huge salary each week, take a big chunk up front in a signing bonus or whatever they want to call it. The player makes the same money, the only difference is how its paid out. 

If you love Bortles, he could do the same. Restructure his contract, so the 16.5 in dead gets spread out and they keep him as a back-up and mentor for a draft pick. What’s he going to do, say no? What team out there will pay him more and take him to be their starter?

Right now, injured Andrew Norwell is the big money miss. If they cut him before June 1 2019, the hit is 9M and dead is 25, if traded, the dead is 12M and cap savings is 4M. If he’s traded post 1 June, the dead is 3M, cap save is 13M; however, if he’s healthy and playing well, why trade? If he’s not, no one will take him. He, not Bortles, is the oh, crap. If the Jags are smart, they get him to redo his contract, to lessen the hit if he’s injured again next season.

AJ Bouye is another player who should rework a contract. He gives the Jags 9.5M cap savings by cut/trade, with 6M in dead money if cut before 1 June. 

Malik Jackson is among the top candidates of who’s most likely gone. Not only did he lose his starting gig this season and his production was low, the Jags will save 11M be removing him, dead money is 4M. 

These three players will allow the Jacksonville to save 25M in cap space, but racks up 25.5 in dead money. Which basically equates to a loss of 1.5M of cap space, better than 7, but not the best way to get there.

Tons of dead money is a bad thing because it means the front office is picking bad players, or making bad contracts or have bad coaches. None of which is a good, but it’s easier to fix the bad contract part than the other two.

It now becomes about releasing players who get more than counterparts at their position group and keeping the dead money far less than cap savings.

Calais Cambell, who spent a lot of 2018 on the injury list, would save them 9.5M compared to the 5M in dead money. We want the Mayor, but this article is about cold hard numbers, not love in our hearts. 

Marcel Darius is the must-cut player, though. His production was down and by removing him they save 10.585M with no dead. That’s a big un.

Tashaun Gibson would save them 7.45M, with 1.6M dead. Barry Church is a must cut. Besides his London behavior, he was benched and that’s because there’s no dead money and 6.250M cap savings.

If you add up Campbell, Darius and Church, that’s 20.835 in CAP with only 5M in dead. These three make sense. If they cut/trade the players from up above and add in these, that’s 15.335 in cap for 2019, which factors in the dead money.

Obviously, those six will need to be replaced (if gone), but 15, plus 13 (new cap #), plus 11 (carry over) minus the 7, gives them 20M cap space (this is with 12M deducted for rookies and accounts for the dead money) to play with on replacing 6 players. 

How do you feel about the below players who spent almost every week on the injury report?:

Brandon Linder – 6M savings, no dead.

Jeremey Parnell – same

AJ Cann will be a FA. 

Abry Jones would be 4M savings, no dead. That’s an additional 16M cap savings with no dead on players who they may or may not want back. The money is there to pay them.

There are several lesser players who could be released/traded for more savings, but they’re all in the hundred thousand ranges, not millions. 

This draft will be crucial to some of the names in this article. If they can pick up some top talent, why pay Church if there’s another safety out there for way less? Or, even an ex-CB like Richard Sherman who will swap to S?

The defense and OL is top heavy and it’s where cuts need to be made. The Jaguars aren’t in serious money trouble, they’ll have enough to sign a vet QB even someone like Joe Flacco if he works with them on a contract, pay most everyone they want back, minus ones they shouldn’t, sign some FA’s and pay the draft class. 

Flacco, if you want him, could take his “guaranteed” money as bonuses which can be spread out over the life of the contract, so they can give him a 44M bonus and spread that out over five years (even if it’s really only for two). It would require several players to restructure, but it can be done.

In case you didn’t know, teams have to spend their cap in a revolving four year window, it’s not as if you can escape spending it, it’s just a matter when.

Bottom line, the Jaguars are only screwed if they can’t bring in younger talent who costs less, which points to the front office. So far, they’ve done a fairly good job of being creative with the money, so don’t worry Jags fans. 


Jaguars vs Bills Inactive List – Week 12

Jaguars vs Bills Inactive List

Week 12 Jacksonville Jaguars vs Buffalo Bill Inactive List. For the Jaguars, the one surprising, and maybe potentially devastating blow, is to the run game. Also of concern, with the OL being so thin, is two being out.


WR DJ Chark

RB David Williams

CB Quenton Meeks

DE Lerentee McCray

OL Josh Walker

OL Corey Robinson

DT Marcell Dareus


QB Derek Anderson

G Vladimir Ducasse

T Conor McDermott

WR Ray-Ray Mc Cloud III

G Ike Boettger

TE Charles Clay

CB Ryan Lewis


Good, Bad, Ugly, Jaguars show signs of life vs Colts

If you read the piece from yesterday, you saw in living color the problems the team has and it points to leadership. Read more in Good, Bad, Ugly, Jaguars show signs of life vs Colts to see that there was a lot of good. Good enough to win out. Good will be saved for last as incentive to keep reading.

I’m going to lay some fault for the ugly in Perry Fewell and Mark Collins’ laps. Yes, the defense is missing Paul Posluszny as a hub to balance all the spokes of egos, but the team has had eleven months to fill that role.

Granted, coaches can’t make someone a leader, especially since no one on defense has been there long; however, coaches are responsible for a disconnect.

They’re responsible for the linebackers and secondary not being on the same page, having communication issues and not trusting each other with assignments. That was ugly.

Ugly was penalties and when they happened. 8 for 61. Not all flags are equal, but Jax had ones that helped Indy keep drives going. In particular, a nasty personal foul that gave the Colts what they needed to score. That flag very well was the difference between a loss and a win.

That ugly is on Doug Marrone. Get a grip on this, it’s losing games.

The ugly was only 34 total tackles, 0 sacks, no QB hits, only three tackles for a loss and only two passes were defended. Three. That is why no sacks, since the secondary wasn’t a threat, Luck didn’t have to hold the ball waiting for a better opening.

For comparison, Indy had 57 tackles, 8 tackles for a loss, and six passes defended. Granted, Luck is a better QB and had a better OL, but this defense has played several QB’s in the last 12 months every bit as good and didn’t choke.

Ugly was allowing Indy to get 83% of their third downs in the first half, going 5-6 and getting 306 yards. Allowing their three tight ends to walk all over the defense was the ugliest of all. Maybe they stunk at it because they have little to practice against.

Indy 3-3 in the red zone during the 1st Half was damn ugly

The bad was injured offensive linemen. When Blake Bortles has protection and time to throw, he can get the job done. After losing left tackle Josh Walker, already a 3rd team replacement, and center Jeremy Parnell, the run game was affected. Fournette’s production dropped 3/4 a yard in the second half.

We also saw Bortles play small, intent on getting the ball out fast (for him) to avoid sacks, but it also allowed Indy to play close which also made the run game tougher.

Then here’s the good and bad of Leonard Fournette. His bad was only averaging 2.2 yards per carry (2.9 1st half); however, he picked up key downs that has been missing. The bad was he missed easy lanes showing he lacks vision.

The good was many fold. First, and key, was we saw TIGHT ENDS. Not going to insert disco dancers and a choir singing Hallelujah, but it’s what I’m thinking. They helped block, gave Bortles a little more confidence and caught passes (wow). Plus, a beg thee, use them more.

We also saw more of Tommy Bohanon, who helped bust a run and also caught a pass. He’s been woefully underused this season. To me, the play calling was much better than it’s been in a month.

More good was we held the rush to 3.5 yards which is better than they had. Next was Jax getting 91 yards rushing, also an improvement. Bortles threw 320 yards, two TD’s and no interceptions.

Good was DJ Chark averaging 38 yards per kick-off return which can’t be overlooked. Often this season, the offense has started deep in their territory. If they can rely on 36 yard returns that’s a big relief (minus dumb flags). The average start was at the 31.

Good was 24 first downs, and 53% 9-17 on third downs, plus 2-3, 67% in the red zone (big improvement). Finally for the offense, they controlled the clock for 35:10 and put up 26 points.

You add all that up and it’s enough to win games. The second half of defense was also good. Not a point was allowed, although that partly was due to a missed field goal.

Good was getting an interception, having the Colts start at an average of 24 yards. For three quarters, the Jags controlled time of possession and during the third quarter, had the ball for 12:09. That’s massive.

Had that defense showed up from the start, the Jags would be in a manageable 4-5 situation and have a divisional win. Can they rattle off seven wins in a row? Yes, they can. Do they believe it? That’s the only thing stopping them.

Good is ten wins puts Jacksonville in the hunt for a play off birth. Ten wins, gives them belief in next season. Ten wins helps keep or get free agents. If they don’t do that, some players and coaches need pink slips because the talent is there, all that’s missing is belief and teamwork.

I still believe.

Jacksonville Jaguars notes, news for 10/22/2018

Jacksonville Jaguars notes, news for 10/22/2018

When the Jaguars are in the national spotlight, it’s rarely for not being great or horrible. There doesn’t seem to be much coverage without a high or low. Here’s some Jacksonville Jaguars notes, news for 10/22/2018

News/Notes: In a stunning move, if stunning means not shocking at all, the Jacksonville Jaguars decided to start Blake Bortles vs the Eagles in London. Here’s why they did that in no particular order of reasons:

  • After the game, head coach Doug Marrone said he benched Borltes because of turnovers, etc. Cody Kessler got a TD, but he also turned the ball over. And sacked four times with his rock feet. That was the death knell.
  • Even though it’s a Sunday game, it’s a short week. That’s wasted days of prepping a “new” QB. There’s more than just practice – starting QB’s have more obligations on their plates like press conferences, individual interviews, etc.
  • They’ve yet to play Carlos Hyde. If he can be what we hope, he can help Bortles go back to run-first and make the play-action work. Part of that, combined with an injured Oline, is needing a QB who can run.
  • Which brings up the RPO, tough to sell those when one prong is having a QB who is a threat with his feet.
  • Locker room issues. Teams with hall of fame quarterbacks have temporality benched their guys, but their teams still knew who was the boss.
  • It sends a message to the team they give up, and the season is most likely over. Sticking with your starter says you still believe.
  • If they had a first round draft pick, then swapping mid season makes sense, but even if that were the case, doing so before London, where Bortles has three wins, isn’t when to do it.

Add all that up and while fans may not like it, thinking one TD drive by Kessler would make things all better, wasn’t the way to go. For now. How things end in London or even in Indy, point at a better time to make such a big decision – still don’t see that being a change for Kessler.

Swapping quarterbacks isn’t something any team takes lightly, especially when doing so for a QB who had a year of starts, hasn’t shown he’s better.

Roster Move: The Jaguars released Jamal Charles when they promoted linebacker Nick DeLuca from the practice squad. The ink was barely dry on his contract. Kind of bummed he’s gone, he’s a great guy.

Doug Marrone Presser: The bottom line, until they get a better turnover ratio, nothing else matters. With hat said, he said it’s up to him to guide the team, push communicating, have all the players pull in the same way. They need everyone to understand they’r win the same boat, not little groups.

That comment to me, means there’s some cliques going on which happens on every team based on position groups. However, in this circumstance and based on multiple reports, it seems to be more factions inside the defensive line. Anyway, Marrone said it’s up to him to show the coaches and players the same vision. Make sure he has been clear.

Players want someone to show the the way. Speaking of which, they had a players meeting only that is was discussed. Vision, pulling together, etc.

When it came to assigning blame, he said most of the time it’s not one reason why for a mistake – they look at everything, can accept beating sometimes, but if it’s something covered in practice, not a new look, then blame is there.

7% chance of winning a game with -2 in turnovers which went into the decision of sitting Bortles. However, when starters are named, there’s no splitting reps because it’s too tough. He doesn’t believe in splitting reps.He never said anyone was on a short leash, not sure where social media got he said it, it was the opposite. He said that if you start, the coaches show they have confidence in the player.

Payne is week to week, Patmon waiting on complete tests, pushing most on the injury report to play vs the Eagles.

All in all, Marrone talked a long time, said the right things, but said nothing at all. He normally gives pressers that drops some football knowledge. This was just damage control.

More Notes: If I was in that press room, the first question I’d ask is: is there any plan to sign an experienced tight end from another team? It’s understandable in his first game, Grinnage would be overwhelmed (which he was), but that doesn’t protect your QB, help the run game or add a pair of reliable hands.

Here’s another note I’m adding…it’s disappointing seeing the freak out from the fans. Three weeks ago, they loved the defense, Todd Wash, Nate Hackett, Doug Marrone and Blake “BOAT” Bortles.

Now, they hate them all, want them fired. Talk about whiplash. That’s what happens when fans get a taste of sniffing a SB, everything becomes about winning and the fun of just going to football games turns into, win or we’ll roast you on a spit. The worst ones though were some thinking the front office is racist for not bringing in Colin Kaepernick.

He hasn’t played in two years, isn’t in football shape and is out there focusing on saving the world, and suing the NFL.

What makes anyone think he wants to play anymore? To put in all the time and dedication to get back in shape, go to a new team, city, learn a new scheme and playbook?

Has anyone asked him lately if he wants to put all that in? And be prepared to take a lot of heat when he comes out rusty? To shoulder the burden of not being the football god some have built him up to be? If he were to play, again, he’d be toting a heavy load of meeting so many expectations. That doesn’t even address the media scrutiny.

And if he stumbles, will he be judged on that, or will any team be blasted for not giving him better Oline, RB, WR, TE option? Because right now, in Jacksonville, he’d be walking into a team with nothing to offer him to succeed.

That’s the reality. And FYI, I wrote an article back when he was still with SF about him and LB Brandon Marshall’s kneeling (which received approval from the Marshalls), so I’m not anti-Kaep.

Right now, no QB is walking into a place that is set for them to succeed or turn the team around. Know what could? A BYE. Time to heal and regroup. If the Line could all practice on a Wednesday or Thursday as full participants, that would help.

Carlos Hyde, Fournette and Yeldon being healed would help. A TE would help (broken record). And, wide receivers who don’t spend games flipping coins on who can get the most drops. Yes, Bortles needs everything perfect to succeed, but he’s our QB for now, so swapping him out and not addressing the other issues won’t fix anything.

Add in a week of rest for Calais Campbell, and all the other walking wounded on defense and we could see a different team on the 11th. One they had planned week one and watched go up in IR smoke. That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it because freaking out isn’t going to help.

Let’s all just take a breath, let the coaches do their thing, the players do theirs and then see where they are after the Colts game. As far as changing coaches mid-stream, see the previous sentence.


Week 7 Jacksonville Jaguars Game Day Inactives

It may be time to make both Eli Ankou and Dawuane Smoot active in London based on the shape of the defense and Calais Campbell nursing a couple ailments.

Eli Ankou DT Inactive
Leonard Fournette RB Inactive Hamstring
D.J. Hayden DB Inactive Toe
Tre Herndon CB Inactive Hamstring
Carlos Hyde RB Inactive New to team
James O’Shaughnessy TE Inactive Hip
Dawuane Smoot DE Inactive

Jacksonville Jaguars, News, Notes for 10/17/2018 – “Stay steadfast, stay committed to us”

Jacksonville Jaguars, News, Notes for 10/17/2018

Jacksonville, FL. Doug Marone, Blake Bortles and Telvin Smith met with the press today. The Jaguars owner, Shad Khan also made some news.

We’ll address The Khan news first, then Marrone presser.

Below is his statement, but what he doesn’t say is the Football Association’s 10-member board and 127-member council are out of touch with reality. What they want, is leaving the FA behind. Which can be witnesses from them not winning a championship since the 1990’s.

Reports suggest that the dissenting voters believe that having American Football gain traction in Great Britain would hurt the FA. Their belief is they can do a better job at keeping Wembley a thriving entity under their direction.

Obviously, they have no clue how Mr. Kahn can meld the traditional with cutting edge technology and produce a better product. Their loss.

Knee jerk reactions in Jacksonville vary from – yay, no chance now the Jaguars are moved to England, to boo, this means the Jaguars won’t have an extra revenue stream and could end up leaving Jacksonville without a pro team.

There is also fear that some other NFL owner will put in a bid for Wembley or another city will build a stadium and snatch the Jags away.

Here are my thoughts on the above

  • I would say that the chance the Jaguars are moved overseas will always be a back burner option until the team is able to consistently have season tickets sold out and a full stadium. Wembley or no Wembley. Roger Goodell decides this, anyway at the behest of the owners association.
  • The potential revenue stream from having Wembley, is just that – potential. Until some team is housed there permanently, the continued extra 15% stream continues because the Jags are still the number team with the fans, and that continues to grow.
  • The potential stream from owning Wembley can be made up, if the downtown plans go through. “The Cordish Companies’ entertainment districts operate successfully in major cities throughout the U.S., and are the most visited destinations in their respective regions, attracting more than 50 million people each year.” Their place in Louisville, KY attracts more than 4.5 million a year. That’s a lot of moola.
  • Has anything been written or said that indicates that Khan had buying Wembley as part of his package when buying the Jags? As in, he factored in that revenue as part of the financial picture? If not, then this was an added bonus and not contingent on keeping the Jaguars in Jacksonville. Not to mention, where the Cordish companies build, are mostly around a professional sport. Whether it’s football, soccer, bull riding, baseball. The exceptions are on the ocean.
  • Another NFL owner isn’t going to buy Wembley as long as the same elitist mentality continues with the FA. Unless their older voters start dying out and are replaced with younger thinkers, no one else as a chance.

Would adding Wembley bring in more revenue? Yes. Would it impact whether or not the Jaguars stay in Jacksonville? Probably not unless the Shipyard hits some major snags. Either way, the only thing residents of NE Florida can do is buy tickets and show up.

Moving on to Doug Marrone. He thinks the team has played like shit, that the coaches (pointing to himself first) need to do a better job at focusing on the fundamentals. He believes being 3-3 sucks, but sees it as a good thing because it’s a challenge.

Having a couple of weeks of losing builds a team and tests their mettle – he sees how they can bounce back. What was missing from his words was how they’re going to address the weaknesses on offense. Neither Leonard Fournette or TJ Yeldon practiced today. The Jaguars are now down their starting tight ends and the Oline is beat up.

More questions and answers were about the defense; however, I don’t care if they’re playing lights out, the offense still needs to score points.

Blake Bortles thinks that when injuries happen, it’s up to the QB to make up for them. He also mentioned the bad luck that seems to run with this team and also why they may be last in the differentials. The ball seems to bounce the wrong way. Even so, they need to get back to being the team they know they are.

When he addresses the injuries to the team he said they’re limited on the plays they can run because of them. Even so, they need to find ways to be effective. He also said that scoring early happened in the games they won.

Linebacker Telvin Smith said when it came to the defense getting the ball back, they weren’t causing other teams to make mistakes, which is where turnovers come from. They did better against the teams without running quarterbacks, which they know needs to be fixed. Smith believes they’re fine and will overcome the injuries.

“Stay steadfast, stay committed to us”

Smith was steadfast himself in believing no one has given up. He said he’s seen it before from years past in Jacksonville and that’s not in the locker room. They’ve faced lot of adversity, but they’re over coming it. The bad communication over the last couple weeks will be fixed during practice.

One thing that came across from the three was a difference in attitude. They acted as calm firemen who already put a fire out, but they couldn’t avoid the soot.

Week 7 Buzz around the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Week 7 Buzz about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Before reading Week 7 Buzz about the Jacksonville Jaguars, grab a box of tissues, a beer or a teddy bear, whatever you need to brace yourself for some bad reviews. Am I the only one sick of hearing – the Patriots are back? They played the Colts who are missing half its team and a KC defense ranked at the bottom. Lets see Brady against a defense that’s healthy and at the top –oh wait, we did and they lost.

The only “good news” is most sites have the Titans, Texans and Colts ranked lower than us.

I decided to start with this insightful ranking from

Barstool Sports 

12What is going on with the Jaguars? They have gotten their teeth kicked in in back-to-back weeks, the offense is a mess and their strength, the defense, got worked by the Cowboys this past Sunday.

*such a deep take*


11. Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 3-3
Week 6 ranking: 5

Playoff chances: 35.3 percent. Blake Bortles has faltered since shredding the Patriots for 376 yards and four touchdowns in Week 2. Since then, Bortles ranks 30th in QBR and has thrown six interceptions, tied for the most in the league over that span. — Xie

*35.3% chance – is sucky in case math isn’t your strong suit*

CBS Sports 



This team has looked awful the past two weeks. Even so, they are tied for the division lead with a big division game this week against the Texans.


*how much time do they put into these thoughts? A nanosecond?*

Sporting News

18. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-3 (last week: 7)

What was that? Jalen Ramsey literally had no words after another rout on the road in which the defense sprung leaks. This team is off when it puts Blake Bortles needs to throw more often than it wants.

*someone was paid to write that last sentence – I am not including a link because it doesn’t deserve any clicks. With all the ads on your site, go hire a proofreader*

Washington Post

17. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) | Last Week’s Rank: 7

That 3-1 start and the notion of having an overpowering defense dissipated with consecutive road losses to the Chiefs and Cowboys in which the Jaguars surrendered 70 points. The offense continues to struggle without injured RB Leonard Fournette. If the Jaguars are going to be the excellent team they were expected to be, they need Fournette to be healthy and productive and the defense to return to its dominating form.

*this person at least looked up a stat, so kudos to the newspaper writer over the actual guys who “write” for a site dedicated to football and can’t come up with more than an eye blink of thought*

Rank 15, drops down 9 spots.

Previous rank: No. 6

How do you characterize the Jags’ showing in Big D? Dreadful? Demoralizing? Or typical?Is this what this squad is sans Leonard Fournette? Jacksonville is not built to come from behind — a notion repeated on the broadcast and in highlight shows over and over again — because the Jaguars have an issue at quarterback. When Blake Bortles plays well, it’s usually in concert with the running game and a solid defensive effort. Take Fournette out of the offensive equation, and suddenly the Jaguars can’t move the ball — which in turn means Calais Campbell and the boys on defense are playing too many plays, defending short fields and ultimately going down with the ship.

*Elliot Harrison writes an analysis worth reading and it can’t be argued with…except he does leave out the injuries – ‹‹read Jules take on that*

USA Today

21. Jaguars (8): Jalen, how could Dallas shred y’all? “I don’t know.” How do Jags not own AFC South? “I don’t know.” Y’all about to splinter? “I don’t know.”

*oh good, more deep thinking going on here – not including a link for same reason as above – you suck*

Pro Football Talk

17. Jaguars (3-3; No. 7): In their desire to get another crack at the Pats in the playoffs, the Jaguars apparently forgot that they first have to qualify.

*glad Mike Florio didn’t hurt himself coming up with that profound thought*

Ending this on the best ranking and a better thought out analysis.

Bleacher Report

11. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3)

22 OF 32

High: 9

Low: 14

Last Week: 5

Week 6 Result: Lost 40-7 at Dallas

That crashing sound you hear is the Jacksonville Jaguars plummeting down these rankings.

A couple of weeks ago, the Jaguars were considered by some the best team in the AFC—a team that thumped the New England Patriots a few weeks back.

However, over the last couple of weeks, the Jags have gone from thumper to thumpee. Last week, it was a 30-14 waxing on the road at Kansas City.

Sunday, it was much, much worse.

That the Jaguars were blasted 40-7 by any team is cause for concern. That it happened at the hands of a flawed Cowboys team that entered the week near the bottom of the NFL in many offensive categories?

We knew that the Jaguars offense could be prone to inconsistency. We did not know that Jacksonville’s defense was suddenly going to fall apart.

Not that long ago, it looked like the Jags were going to cruise to the AFC South title.

It doesn’t anymore. Cruise became crash in a hurry, as Gagnon will attest to:

“The Jags have problems. Big problems. That defense has struggled the last couple of weeks. And while that unit has too much talent to stay down, I’m not sure any defense can be consistently dominant enough to compensate for the fact Blake Bortles is one of the worst starting quarterbacks in professional football.”

*And yet, they have the teams of Mariota, Luck and Watson ranked lower*

There you have it, the Jags are somewhere between 11th and 21st.


Jacksonville Jaguar roster moves could help Blake Bortles. One man may override a list of “howevers”.

Jacksonville Jaguar roster move

Jacksonville, FL. On Tuesday, to combat injuries, the Jacksonville Jaguar roster moves raised some eyebrows, starting with the signing of Jamal Charles. Yes, the running back is 31 and yes, he hasn’t had playing time since last year; however

He brings tools Jacksonville needs. Rookie running backs and even first year ones offer speed and young bodies that can take more wear and tear, howeverThey lack experience in an area that the Jaguars lack.


I put that in block letters because if the Jags want any kind of consistent production from Blake Borltes, they need to provide him with protection. As I’ve written before, Bortles doesn’t release the ball quickly.

Not to mention, too often when hurried, he throws dead ducks. Not just slow, wobbly ones, but dead ones fluttering and rolling sideways to their death. I’ve yet to hear a receiver say he throws an easy ball to catch. If they have, maybe I missed it. Want the receivers to do better catching? Give Bortles more time to get his mechanics right.

He has a hook motion that can be the difference between, hits, rushed throws, bat-downs and interceptions. He’s gotten to the point in his career where he knows where to go with the ball and can get it about anywhere it needs to go; however

If a quarterback needs .25 seconds longer to get rid of a ball, he needs that much longer for his Oline to stand up. Right now, the Jaguars have good offensive line skill players, however

They’re not healthy. That may be due in part to having to block that extra fraction of a second. After a while, stopping linebackers and 300 pound defensive lineman takes a toll.

Now that Jacksonville’s leading tight end, Austin Sefarin-Jenkins, is on IR (designated to return), that’s one less experienced blocker to help them out. To fill an empty spot, the Jags moved up 6’5″ 265 David Grinnage from the Practice Squad; however

Grinnage hasn’t taken a snap in a regular season game. In addition, they signed former Cleveland Browns’ TE Pharoah McKever (FIU) to the practice squad by putting Sefarin-Jenkins on IR.

Continuing with their moves, they waived running back, Branden Wilds, and signed 6’1″ former Denver Bronco, David Williams. The only reason he wasn’t on their 53 roster was because they had Devontae Booker, Royce Freeman and Phillip Lindsey. Remove any one of those and he’d be unavailable.

He looked pretty good in the pre-season with the second and third teams. Many out in Denver liked his style, but the power of Lindsey is what jumped him ahead. The good news for Jags’ fans is Williams worked with Curtis Modkins, so he learned from one of the better backs coaches. However

He also lacks what Jacksonville desperately needs – experience to:

  • read a defense
  • pick up a blitz
  • know who to block

With no RB1 starting, no TE1 starting, a banged up Line, Bortles isn’t getting the time he needs to feel comfortable. That leads to rushed throws, not setting his feet, ducks and the “bad Blake”.

Jamal Charles can do all of the above, plus catch out of the backfield and give Borltes a calming presence, an extra pair of eyes. He may not be Le’Veon Bell, but he could give everything the Jaguars needs to bring out the “good Blake”. Not to mention, he can mentor the young guys.

Combine all of the above and while Charles may or may not add a lot in yards per carry, what he does bring is sorely needed in a long list of, howevers“.


Week 5 Game Day Inactives

Jaguars vs Bills Inactive List

There players for Week 5 will be inactive due to injuries:

Running Back Leonard Fournette (hamstring). This could and should be this way for a couple more weeks.

Nickle Cornerback D.J. Hayden (toe). Tylor Patmon did pretty well in his place last week, hopefully we see the same against another inexperienced quarterback.

Cornerback Tre Herndon (hamstring). Rashad Greene was released in order to bring up Quentin Meeks from the practice squad. Meeks looked on the edge all summer of making the roster.

Inactive (not football related)

Defensive End Dawuane Smoot

Nose Tackle Eli Ankou

Guard Chris Reed

Tackle Will Richardson, Jr