NFL Week 17 game predictions, He Said/She Said.

This week, She is changing it up because she doesn’t care about the results this week. She’s choosing who she wants to wins in this NFL Week 17 game predictions, He Said/She Said.

1:00 GAMES

Falcons (6-9) vs Buccaneers (5-10) FOX

Jay: Falcons. Next. As an aside, ownership should force Jameis Winston out of the lineup this week so they can actually make a decision regarding his future when he can still pass a physical.

Jules: Neither team is in the PO’s, so this is a game to evaluate players (and coaches) for next season. This applies to any team with an (*). If Jameis Winston wants a job in TB, he needs to ball out. If he wants loads of cash on another team, he needs to ball out. That’s all I’ll be watching. Oh, and Koetter no matter what happens needs to go. Bucs win at home.

Cowboys× (9-6) vs Giants (5-10) FOX

Jay: this game has hangover written all over it. Giants win because Dallas has quick hooks for Zeke, Dak and Amari.

Jules: NYG are fools if they don’t play their rookie QB the entire game. If they play Manning, then I say, beat the snot out of Dallas and spoil their season. Squash them like bugs. Giants.

Panthers (6-9) vs Saints∞ (13-2) FOX

Jay: Saints because they won’t sit as many starters as people think they will. Won’t wanna be rusty in 2 weeks.

Jules: TEDDY BRIDGEWATER TIME. Go Saints, second teamers and all, Panthers shouldn’t play Cam Newton and they also should shut down their starters.

Jets (4-11) vs Patriots*∞ (10-5) CBS

Jay: patriots need this. Patriots will get it

Jules: How convenient the Patriots* have week 17 at home (as usual). They win, but I hope they lose and have to play on the road, this will assure no NE* in the SB.

Jaguars (5-10) vs Texans× (10-5) CBS

Jay: Texans. They need this if they’d like to at least play 1 game at home in the playoffs, and also have a shot at a bye.

Jules: I know I should say Texans. Jax will be going with a PS guy as their starting RB (Dave Williams), and chances are Tanner Lee plays (he’s the guy they inexplicably drafted in the 5th round this season). If he plays they’re losing by a bunch; however, there are several defensive guys who must kill it and they could make Watson pay. Go Jags.

Lions (5-10) vs Packers (6-8-1) FOX

Jay: Bad game. Packers

Jules: I hope to hell they don’t play Rodgers. If they make that smart decision, Lions could win because Matt Patricia should want to win. I’m rooting for Detroit to pull off a miracle.

Dolphins (7-8) vs Bills (5-10) CBS

Jay: bad game. Bills

Jules: Bills if Asweiler plays. Bills even if Tannehill plays which would be dumb because they need him healthy to sell at auction for a bag of leftover halloween candy, a fruitcake and a pair of Elmo fuzzy slippers.

4:25 GAMES

Cardinals (3-12) vs Seahawks× (9-6) FOX

Jay: Seahawks but in a game closer than the experts think

Jules: These 4:25 games are a joke. Most are with one crap team who wants to lose. Seahawks, duh.

49ers (4-11) vs Rams∞ (12-3) FOX

Jay: Rams need it. They’ll get it

Jules: Tell you what, it wouldn’t shock if SF won even if it’s better they lost. Kyle Shanahan (heart emoji) has got that offense playing pretty well and he’s most likely gotten Nick Mullens a starting a gig on some team next season. But the Rams are desperate to win. LAR.

Chargers (11-4)∞ vs Broncos (6-9) CBS

Jay: I wanna say Broncos, but I don’t have the guts to pick them.

Jules: Denver’s game was their running back, Phillip Lindsay, who’s out. If LA can’t beat a team that is imploding from the top floor on down, they have no business going to the super bowl. Also, there is no heart left in the Broncos to have the will to play spoiler, those players have checked out. Chargers.

Eagles (8-7)× vs Redskins (7-8) FOX

Jay: I dislike both teams equally. Eagles win

Jules: Who doesn’t want to see Philly pull off a win?

Bengals (6-9) vs Steelers× (8-6-1) CBS

Jay: Steelers need this. They’ll get it

Jules: I think Steelers win at home because Cincy is that bad.

Bears (11-4)∞ vs Vikings× (8-6-1) FOX

Jay: Both teams need this win, badly. Minnesota for obvious reasons, but also because if the Bears were to lose, they’ll see Minnesota next week in the wild card round. You don’t wanna play a team 3 times.

Jules: Finally, a match-up worth looking forward to. If my man Dalvin Cook can roll like the thunder, MN has a small chance to win, but if it’s on Cousins’ shoulders, game over. I want Chicago to win because I have really liked watching the da Bears this season.

Raiders (4-11) vs Chiefs∞ (11-4) CBS

Jay: Chiefs crowd will push the team to home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Jules: I have seen Andy Reid choke week 17 so many times, I’m not so sure I have faith that he can beat Jon Gruden. Oakland has many first round picks, they may say, screw it and go balls to the walls. I’m probably alone in this, and most likely wishful thinking, but I think the Raiders could eke one out, sending LAC to the 1 spot.

Browns (7-71) vs Ravens× (9-6) CBS

Jay: Ravens obviously need this, but does anyone wanna play Cleveland now? Baltimore in a slugfest that ends up somewhere around 16-13

Jules: Who’s not excited to see this game? Lamar Jackson (the red headed step child of the media) and the darling of their eyes, Baker Mayfield? I’m pulling for Pompano Beach Lamar and his defense. P-O-M-P-A-N-O.


Colts× (9-6) vs Titans× (9-6)

Jay: Can’t wait to watch this. And I have no feel for this game, so I’ll go with the home team in a battle.

Jules: I love Mark Vrabel, but detest the Titans more than the Texans. Houston is pretty hurt, but Marcus Mariota spent four days this week with no feeling in half his body. I’m banking on the Texans to stop Tennessee’s run game just enough to get a W.

Week 16 NFL game predictions – He Said/She Said.

Week 16 NFL game predictions - He Said/She Said.

Even though it’s been a crazy season, He and She are actually doing pretty well compared to the men behind desks who get paid to make predictions. We’re hovering between 70 and 75%.

These last two games shouldn’t have any surprises, but who knows? This is typically when high flying offenses start getting grounded because the best defenses have adapted and the run game wins in bad weather.


Redskins (7-7) vs Titans (8-6) 4:30 NFL Network

Jay: Home team, short week, better defense, better quarterback…Titans by 7.

Jules: Titans, and I don’t care who wins, neither team is in any condition to get to Atlanta, but the game is in TN and they have a better defense and run game.

Ravens (8-6) vs Chargers (11-3) 8:20 NFL Network

Jay: This is going to be a very fun game and I have a sneaking suspicion that Baltimore walks into LA and wins by 3. I’m looking forward to being proven wrong though.

Jules: The word is Baltimore will give LA’s defense fits because of Lamar Jackson and their defense. The thing is, LA’s run game and defense is very close, but they have a better passing game. In warm LA, I’m going with Rivers.


Texans (10-4) vs Eagles (7-7) CBS

Jay: Wentz-Magic….I just trust Houston’s defense more here. Houston by 4

Jules: I’m reluctantly picking Houston, but with little film on Foles, I think Philly has a good chance to win. If Wentz plays, the Teams win.

Packers (5-8-1) vs Jets (4-10) FOX

Jay: Blah. Jets

Jules: Who cares? I’m going with home team.

Bills (5-9) vs Patriots (9-5) CBS

Jay: New England in a game that will be tougher than most people think it should be.

Jules: NE* because the game is there.

Vikings (7-6-1) vs Lions (5-9) FOX

Jay: Lean on Dalvin and Latavius…lean away from Stafford.

Jules: Dalvin Cook, not Cousins. Dude can’t carry a team.

Buccaneers (5-9) vs Cowboys (8-6) FOX

Jules: I trust Jameis over Dak, but the game is in Dallas, so I’m picking Zeke to be responsible for a win.

Jay: I have zero trust in Jameis Winston, and the game is in Dallas, so I will go with Dallas here.

Bengals (6-8) vs Browns (6-7-1) CBS

Jay: Browns in the battle for mediocrity (which is a huge upgrade for Cleveland).

Jules: Williams over Lewis. Cincy needs to make bold changes at HC and QB.

Falcons (5-9) vs Panthers (6-8) FOX

Jay: My guess is go with the better QB here. I’ll take Atlanta even with or without Julio.

Jules: Last season, this would’ve been a good game. Newton is playing poorly due to injury, even so, I’m going with them because their run game will give the Falcons fits.

Jaguars (4-10) vs Dolphins (7-7) CBS

Jay: Miami…they need this and Jacksonville stinks out loud.

Jules: Miami, two sons will be at the game, but I think they may leave heartbroken, Jax offense is pitiful.

Giants (5-9) vs Colts (8-6) CBS

Jay: Colts need this. Giants don’t. Home team.

Jules: While NY has looked better with Shumur, Eli is so hit or miss, tough to see him outscoring Luck.

4:05 GAMES

Bears (10-4) vs 49ers (4-10) FOX

Jules: the one fear is this could be a trap game. First year starter vs this defense and they made Denver look silly, but Chicago has seeding on the line, so going to say Nagy doesn’t let them take any W for granted.

Jay: Very much a trap game, but the 2 seed is still technically in play here, so Chicago gives it their all and wins by 3 in San Francisco.

Rams (11-3) vs Cardinals (3-11) FOX

Jay: LA. Blah

Jules: Just what LA needs, a team they should beat to get their confidence back. If they lose, and the Bears win, I say Chicago is SB bound.


Steelers (8-5-1) vs Saints (12-2)

Jay: Saints at home is very safe

Jules: Saints, that home crowd will be rocking and NO is 2/3’s better.


Chiefs (11-3) vs Seahawks (8-6)

Jay: I love this game. Just because my brother in law is a Chargers fan, I’m taking Seattle just out of family loyalty.

Jules: Oh, this could be a real slugfest. Three top games this week – Chargers, Bears and this one. If Russell Wilson is on his game, I think they could pull off the win in that loud stadium. Losing Kareem Hunt hurt KC and Gus Bradley is a Pete Carroll disciple.


Broncos (6-8) vs Raiders (3-11)

Jay: Home team because of sentimental, nonsense reasons. Oh, and Denver is checked out.

Jules: Why these two teams have a Monday night game is beyond me. Gruden’s job is safe, Vance is out the door, so could see an easy win go out the same door with him. The players have bad-mouthed him, so can see them playing without any heart.


Week 15 NFL Game predictions, He Said/She Said

Week 15 NFL Game predictions, He Said/She Said

Last week, had the predictions done, but things came up and didn’t get them posted. Even though we don’t do Thursday games because we feel they’re too far out, I did tweet the result would be Chargers 31-30. If I’m losing on Sunday, I’m going to count it. 🙂 Here’s our Week 15 NFL Game predictions, He Said/She Said


Texans (9-4) vs Jets (4-9) NFL Network 4:30

Jay: I’ll take the better team here on the short week, Houston was woken up last week against Indy.

Jules: If Jax could smack the Jets, seriously doubt the Texans can’t. Houston is clicking and Darnold is a rookie with lots up down and some ups.

Browns (5-7-1) vs Broncos (6-7) 8:20 CBS

Jay: Boy this is a tough one…I’ll take the home team, but I don’t have a lot of confidence in this pick. Cleveland is very tough.

Jules: It’ll be the Chubb show as viewers will get to see the cousins face off. Chubb’s’s legs or Lindsay’s legs? These two teams are almost identical when it comes to scoring and allowing points. Home field the advantage? No, Denver is struggling with stopping the run and Nick Chubb gives Mayfield a chance vs a secondary without Chris Harris.


Titans (7-6) vs Giants (5-8) CBS

Jay: Which Titan team do we see? Which NYG team do we see? I trust the Titan defense. I don’t trust the Giant defense, therefore I will take Tennessee.

Jules: Can’t believe I’m picking NYG even without OBJ. The reason is, the Titans are inconsistent, are poor at scoring points and after the Jax blow-out, they may drop back. Plus, Shumur has Eli looking pretty good.

Dolphins (7-6) vs Vikings (6-6-1) CBS

Jay: Pressure bursts pipes. The Vikings need this one (as do the Dolphins) and the Dolphins are coming off an emotional high that is extremely difficult to come down from. YOU LIKE THAT?!?!

Jules: I’ve said all season, I’m not a Cousins fan and don’t trust him. Tough to see Cousins stinking at home though; however, Miami does have a winning record. I could see Cousins trying too hard to show he’s better and make dumb decisions to get more.

Redskins (6-7) vs Jaguars (4-9) CBS

Jay: Redskins are like Fife and Drum at this point. I’ll go against my previous rule of picking against Jacksonville here and take them, but I’m not happy nor comfortable with it.

Jules: I know I always pick them, but this is the last home game, they’re coming off a bye, the Redskins have Johnson as QB, a guy Wash knows well and I’ll be there. Not to mention, there’s a few players that must show they’re worth being kept and/or getting paid elsewhere. Oh, and Washington is as beat up as us. As an aside, Kevin Harlan is doing this game (yay!).

Cowboys (8-5) vs Colts (7-6) CBS

Jay: Both teams gotta have it. Low scoring, field goal affair. 16-13 either way. I’ll take the home team.

Jules: Colts, better QB by far and Indy has gotten pretty good lately vs the pass. Don’t see Prescott, especially with questions over Zeke, doing well or the Cowboys secondary keeping up.

Raiders (3-10) vs Bengals (5-8) CBS

Jay: Crappy game…I’ll take the Raiders who have the better QB

Jules: Crap game (JINX!) and who cares? I’m saying Oakland because they seem to be clicking a little better and the Bengals are a mess.

Packers (5-7-1) vs Bears (9-4) FOX

Jay: This is a “gotta have it” game for Green Bay…must have. I also love the Bears here, but don’t love it.

Jules: Yes, GB looked better without McCarthy, but I love this Bears team. They’re fun, creative and surprising. If Tribisky can keep mistakes to a minimum, should be a win.

Lions (5-8) vs Bills (4-9) FOX

Jay: This is garbage. Bills

Jules: Yawn. Bills. Don’t see Detroit having the will to chase Allen around all day. Side note, what is Detroit going to do with Stafford? He’s like Cousins, you just can’t bet on him.

Buccaneers (5-8) vs Ravens (7-6) FOX

Jay: Jameis will throw 3 picks and we’ll all still be wondering whether they should pay him $20 Million next year (Answer: they shouldn’t).

Jules: Big game for Baltimore…and Jameis Winston. The Ravens defense is really good, can Winston outsmart their safeties which make mistakes? I think I trust them more than TB who may be losing a head coach.

Cardinals (3-10) vs Falcons (4-9) FOX

Jay: Falcons are better but Arizona is playing with some pride. Falcons at home.

Jules: Both bird teams are grounded and wingless. Going with home team.


Seahawks (8-5) vs 49ers (3-10)

Jay: Seattle runs the ball 43 times and this game is over in 2 and a half hours.

Jules: Seattle keeps their wild card status alive.


Patriots* (9-4) vs Steelers (7-5-1)

Jay: Patriots. What have the Steelers done this year to show they deserve to be picked in a tight spot?

Jules: NE* is tied for the worst road record of all winning teams. 3-4 and the Pats have lost back-to-back away games this season. In addition, the Bears are the only away team with a winning record they beat. Which is why I’m going with Pitt, but not with much faith.


Eagles (6-7) vs Rams (11-2)

Jay: I’ll take the Rams here but there will be a massive contingency of Eagles fans in that crowd.

Jules: Luckiy for the Rams, there is enough film on Foles for them to have an idea of what’s coming. If they don’t win, I don’t see a trophy in Goff’s hands.


Saints (11-2) vs Panthers (6-7)

Jay: Saints. Just too good right now.

Jules: Newton is hurt, give me Brees and the Saints.

Week 12 NFL Game Predictions – He Said, She Said

Week 12 NFL Game Predictions

This week, we only chose 12 games because the editor forgot about the three Thanksgiving match-ups. The following teams have byes: Chiefs and Rams. Last week, he got five, she got eight and they missed on two (only 10 were predicted as 6 teams were on bye). Read our Week 12 NFL Game Predictions:

1:00 GAMES

49ers (2-8) vs Buccaneers (3-7) FOX

Jay: Couldn’t care less. Bucs at home in a bad football game.

Jules: Tampa has a QB turnover issue, but SF hasn’t shown they can be a complete team. I’ll take TB only because I don’t think the niners have the defense to stop the Bucs.

Giants (3-7) vs Eagles (4-6) FOX

Jay: Just because Philadelphia is the reigning super bowl champion, they don’t look anything like that team from last year. But they look better than the Giants. Philly

Jules: Just because Eli finally had a game that he looked like an NFL QB doesn’t mean I think he can string back to back games like that (plus there was some questionable reffing). Philly is certainly missing their coaches; however, at home, think the crowd helps them win.

Patriots* (7-3) vs Jets (3-7) CBS

Jay: Patriots in a tough football game. There has been a lot of “is this the end of the Patriot run?” in the media over the last two weeks. My guess is that it’s not going to come to an end against the Jets.

Jules: NE* is two teams – one at home with the refs helping them and another on the road. Not to mention, Brady has looked poor this season; however, he’s coming off a rest and the Jets don’t have the firepower to rush him every play or the offense to match them.

Browns (3-6-1) vs Bengals (5-5) CBS

Jay: Browns will play hard, but Cincinnati in a nail biter.

Jules: Bengals are so sporadic, but Cleveland on the road isn’t good, so taking Cincy in a squeaker. If they lose, fire Marv Lewis, this is getting ridiculous.

Seahawks (5-5) vs Panthers (6-4) FOX

Jay: Carolina, but I have no confidence in this pick. These two teams are like looking each other in the mirror, so I’ll take the home team in an equal game that will have BIG playoff implications

Jules: Carolina. They’re a slightly better team, the loss last week has got to have them fired up and the game is at home.

Jaguars (3-7) vs Bills (3-7) CBS

Jay: We gotta stop with the fire the staff narrative all across the NFL. Teams that keep firing coaches are typically at the bottom of the heap and that’s not by accident or coincidence. I’ll take the Bills because I think Jacksonville has some player issues in that locker room and I think that some things need to be addressed at the player level, especially looking in a mirror (speaking to you, defense).

Jules: Bills fans want this win so badly; however, Jax defense (which looks a lot better with DJ Hayden at 100%) vs Josh Allen doesn’t seem like a good match-up for him or the Bills. If they lose, fire Marrone and his staff at the end of the season. 😉 Not really, who should go though is Blake Bortles, sad to say.

Raiders (2-8) vs Ravens (5-5) CBS

Jay: Ravens because the Raiders suck

Jules: Not sure which QB is starting at this writing, but it doesn’t matter. If Baltimore can’t win at home against Oakland, fire Harbough. I’m channeling a certain orange person pre-2016. That defense has way too much talent to lose.

4:05 GAME

Cardinals (2-8) vs Chargers (7-3) FOX

Jay: Chargers cause the Cardinals suck.

Jules: Seems like every time I pick a duh team to win, they lose. Even still, the Chargers can’t blow this can they? Just don’t kick.

4:25 GAMES

Steelers (7-2-1) vs Broncos (4-6) CBS

Jay: Steelers cause the Broncos are not very good and they won’t let the Broncos hang around like LA did last week.

Jules: Ben looked bad vs Jax and if not for about the worst reffing I’ve ever seen, he’d not have come back to win. Based on that, Denver would be the clear choice; however, Ben rarely has two crappy games back-to back.

Dolphins (5-5) vs Colts (5-5) CBS

Jay: This is a very important playoff game here. I’ll take the Colts in a nail biter.

Jules: Why this is a 4:25 game beats the hell out of me. The good news for Dolphin fans is no more Osweiler, the bad news is they’re getting a rusty Tannehill back. I don’t see Miami’s defense stopping Luck (dammit).

8:20 GAME

Packers (4-5-1) vs Vikings (5-4-1) NBC

Jay: This is a de-facto playoff game and I’ll take Minnesota as I see them as a better team right now, but an “Aaron Game” would not shock me either.

Jules: At the beginning of the season, this would’ve seemed like a must-watch game, but now it’s, whatever. In fact, none of the games this week get me excited. Rodgers, outside of a few jaw-drop throws, has looked, eh and Minnesota got ripped off (no surprise) with their bank robbery from Cousins. If GB loses, add McCarthy to the fire list or at least bring in a better OC to call plays.


Titans (5-5) vs Texans (7-3)

Jay: This is big for playoff positioning. You’ve got an owner who died on Friday, and you never know what that can do to a locker room. My guess is that BOB will be just fine here. His teams play tough no matter the circumstances and I have no reason to pick against them again today.

Jules: I don’t care. Jags season isn’t mathematically over, but I’m going to guess that by the time this game rolls around, it will be. Based on that only, I pick Bob McNair’s team. My grandmother died today, so I’m going with the weepy win.

NFL Week 11 Game Predictions: He Said/She Said

We've decided we should just throw pizza dough at the wall with a team's name and go with them.

We’ve decided we should just throw pizza dough at the wall with a team’s name and go with them. The results will make as much sense as what we witness each week. Not sure the last time we saw such a crazy and unpredictable season.

For what it’s worth, between each other, we chose the Seahawks, but we don’t do Thursday games because there’s enough lead time for the Sunday games.

1:00 GAMES

Steelers (6-2-1) vs Jaguars (3-6) CBS

Jay: This is getting easy honestly…I have no faith in anything Jacksonville and I’m beginning to think last year was the aberration and this is what this team is. Pittsburgh by 5.

Jules: There’s 0 reason to pick Jax – they’re on their sixth LT, the C went down and the defense looks as if it forgot how to play. Even so, this is all the marbles and this team has owned the steelers. I’m going to be there, so my good Ju-Ju will over rule their Smith-Schuster.

Texans (6-3) vs Redskins (6-3) CBS

Jay: Home team in a battle. 23-20 Skins (picked with no confidence)

Jules: Two 6-0 teams and yet, I can’t say this will be a good game. As a Jag fan, I hope Washington wins, but their team is so beat up, it’s tough to see a W. But, Texans will be missing a couple key pieces and that may save Smith, except it won’t.

Buccaneers (3-6) vs Giants (2-7) FOX

Jay: Tampa Bay has certainly seen enough to know that Jameis isn’t the answer (please spare me the “he needs time”…he’s a poor decision maker on and off the field and at that position, your ability has to be peak to be a successful quarterback that makes poor decisions, and he is not). Jameis belongs in bubble wrap for the rest of the season as his $20 million dollar 2019 option is only guaranteed for injury, meaning that Tampa can cut him at any point between now and March without any further financial obligation to him (provided he can pass a physical). Now to the game…Tampa has more talent. Tampa by 3 in a boring ugly game that I’m sorry most of New York and Florida will have to endure.

Jules: Everyone loves a Cindefella story, but it’s a fairy tale for a reason. I like Fitz, but the book is out on him, so picking the Giants by a point.

Titans (5-4) vs Colts (4-5) CBS

Jay: This is a de-facto playoff game right now…I’ll take Indy at home by 3.

Jules: Obviously, I want Indy to win. Tennessee defense is pretty good, Luck is better than Mariota, so what a coin flip. Luck hasn’t lost to the Titans, so going with them in a squeaker.

Panthers (6-3) vs Lions (3-6) FOX

Jay: The Panthers need to win games that they’re supposed to win as their division is too tough to give away games you should win. Newton does his part.

Jules: Newton is having a pretty good season in this system and Detroit is still finding its way.

Bengals (5-4) vs Ravens (4-5) CBS

Jay: I don’t know who the QB is going to be for Baltimore, but I do know that the Cincinnati defense is garbage, so I’ll take Baltimore here with zero confidence

Jules: We could see RGIII this game and that may not be be a bad thing, but it’s Baltimore’s defense that is the real story. I think they’ll pull out some old school smash mouth and win.

Cowboys (4-5) vs Falcons (4-5)

Jay: This is for your playoff hopes both of you…Falcons get it at home

Jules: yuck, who cares who wins? Dak is spastic and Atlanta doesn’t know how to play defense. I flipped to see a winner and the coin went under the sofa. Flip #2 had Cowboys (heads because Jerrah Jones is one). Hope the coin is wrong.


Broncos (3-6) vs Chargers (7-2)

Jay: Chargers. Next

Jules: Phillip Rivers struggles against Denver and more Bronco fans show up than Chargers it seems like; however, LAC is a better team because they have a better coach and QB.

Raiders (1-8) vs Cardinals (2-7)

Jay: Don’t care (just like 30 of the Raiders players). Arizona

Jules: This game is a: who drafts first, battle. Don’t care who wins and glad this crap won’t be on my TV. I love Larry, so picking them.


Vikings (5-3-1) vs Bears (6-3)

Jay; This is the game you give up a first round pick for. I’m a biased Bears fan, but I do see some X’s and O’s issues coming for the Bears offense. I trust Diggs and Thielen just a little more. Vikings by 3.

Jules: Cousins is more consistent than Tribinsky, but Chicago seems to have better chemistry for lack of a better description. Vikings lack heart. They could win, anyway, but there’s something about Chicago this season that I like.


Chiefs (9-1) vs Rams (9-1)

Jay: I’m stoked for this game. Give me as much Pat Mahomes and Jared Goff as I can get please. Rams by 3 in a game that ends 37-34 or something like that.

Jules: Being billed as the battle of the SB. Both teams are missing pieces on defense, so could be a passing back and forth affair. Picking Rams because KC’s defense is ranked 31st, although with Kupp, agree it could be a 3 point game.

Week 10 NFL Game Predictions – He Said/She Said

Week 10 NFL Game Predictions

Last week, we got 70% correct, as a grade, it’s poor, as a QB completion rate, that’s great. We’ll split the difference and say it was good. There are four teams this week on bye and we don’t predict Thursday games because it’s too out in front for the Sunday ones, that leaves 11 to choose. Here are our Week 10 NFL Game Predictions.

1:00 GAMES

Lions (3-5) vs Bears (5-3) FOX

Jay: Home team because Detroit can’t run the football and the Bears pass defense is too good.

Jules: Tough to pick which one, they each look good and then suck. Going Bears because their DL should make Detroit’s OL continue to suck at protecting Stafford.

Saints (7-1) vs Bengals (5-3) FOX

Jay: New Orleans for many reasons, first being that Cincy is like the walking wounded. Cinco will put up points, but NO gets the job done in the 4th quarter.

Jules: Cincy isn’t a better team, but sometimes I wonder about let down games. Logic says NO in a beat down.

Falcons (4-4) vs Browns (2-6-1)

Jay: Falcons. Next

Jules: Falcons, no way Cleveland can put up the numbers Atlanta has.

Jaguars (3-5) vs Colts (3-5) CBS

Jay: One team on the rise, one team falling down. Let’s see if there is a correction. If the Jaguars need a chip on their shoulder by being flexed, there are massive issues in the locker room. Home team in the division and quite frankly, the team that is playing better football. Colts by 3

Jules: I think the Jags may finally pull out a win 1) Fournette is back and along with Carlos Hyde a 1-2 punch at RB could help score and 2) being flexed has given the guys a chip and Fowler is gone (word was he was a disruption in the locker room)…with that said, this team feels like it gave up (to draft a QB) because it didn’t bring in a desperately needed TE.

Cardinals (2-6) vs Chiefs (8-1) CBS

Jay: Kansas City. Next

Jules: KC

Bills (2-7) vs Jets (3-6)

Jay: J-E-T-S because Washington is an injured mess.

Jules: Good grief, the NFL should just cancel this game and give them each a tie. Buffalo is starting some guy off the street and Darnold is getting pummeled, so he can’t even learn. Going Jets only because a week to learn a system isn’t a recipe for success.

Redskins (5-3) vs Buccaneers (3-5)

Jay: Bucs due to another QB, if you used four, you have none.

Jules: Washington no longer has an OL, a run game that won’t be helpful, Jay Gruden is a big step down from Andy Reid, so it’s tough to pick them even though the Bucs defense is bad and Fitz always makes a big mistake at the worst time. But no OL is the big loser.

Patriots* (7-2) vs Titans (4-4) CBS

Jay: Students meets teacher, and still has lessons to learn. Patriots, but Tennessee is going to give them a fight to get there.

Jules: NE*, one time I actually hope they win.

4:05 GAME

Chargers (6-2) vs Raiders (1-7) FOX

Jay: LA…next

Jules: LA, if the Jags flame out, I want Phil Rivers to get a ring.

4:25 GAMES

Dolphins (5-4) vs Packers (3-4-1)

Jay: Green Bay at home in a gotta have it game.

Jules: Even though GB has looked like crap, as I’ve said before, have zero faith in Asweiler being why Miami wins.

Seahawks (4-4) vs Rams (8-1) CBS

Jay: Questions abound about the wildfires in LA and with the shooting this week in Thousand Oaks, count me as a Ram fan this week. LA, we stand with you

Jules: this seems like a slam dunk like several of the games above, but the NFL has been crazy with bizarre losses. Despite that, going with LA who will be playing with extra heart this week.

Cowboys (3-5) vs Eagles (4-4)

Jay: I have more faith in Philly getting geared up to make a run at a decimated Washington team in the East. Philly

Jules: gee, another late game for the Cowboys. Hope they get the snot beat out of them again, so maybe, just maybe, the NFL will stop giving them so many prime spots. Besides that though, Wentz is a far better QB and that’s who I’m going with.

Monday 8:15 ESPN

Giants (1-7) vs 49ers (2-7)

Jay: I REALLY couldn’t care less about this game. I’m very certain there is a college basketball game that will find it’s way on to my main tv while this one chills on the side. I’ll take New York to find a way. I can’t believe I just wrote that.

Jules: This is a night game? Yuck. Going with SF because Mullens looks better than Eli.

Teams on Bye week

Ravens, Vikings, Texans, Broncos

AFCS Week 8 Game Previews – stats, referee crews, passing charts, injury reports

AFCS Week 8 Game Previews

Both the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Indianapolis Colts have bye weeks, so this preview is only the Texans and Titans. Unfortunately for the Jags, based on stats and watching the two teams, it looks like the Texans will win in this AFCS Week 8 Game Preview.

Texans (5-3) vs Broncos (3-5) CBS

Referee Crew

Texans week 9 ref crew

The Texans are still beat-up, but somehow still find ways to win. Clowney has been on a tear lately, so his injury hurts. Pun intended.

The Broncos have a couple of key injuries that Watson should be able to use and tear the Broncos up.

The Broncos operate efficiently off their run game and while Lindsey has been their bell cow, Freeman hasn’t been a schlub, but add him with a banged up Janovich and more just got dumped on Case Keenum.

That’s a bad thing if you know stats and his is ranked 29th for TD-INT ratio. The last thing Denver needs is more throwing from their $25M man. In addition, they’re down a starting and back-up CB and their starting SS.

For the Texans, their secondary is also banged up, but Keenum shouldn’t strike fear, he’s thrown an INT in every game he’s played, ranking him dead last in that dubious category.

Denver is third in rushing, Houston 5th; however, the Broncos have 9 rushing TD’s compared to the Texans’ 4. That’s the ball game right there. Keep them out of the red zone where they score and game over.

Houston is 15-7 in TD-INT, so Denver’s secondary is going to have a long day. Strangely, the Texans’ defense is the exact same. They’ve allowed 15 passing TD’s and intercepted 7.

Bottom line, this is a bad match-up for the Broncos because Houston has only allowed two rushing TD’s, the very motor Denver must have to win. In fact, their OC this week said he wants to run the ball even more.

In addition, Demaryius Thomas was recently dumped and one can imagine he’s not too happy and won’t mind pumping the Texans with everything he knows which is everything.

Sure, the Broncos know all about DT, but who are they going to put on him? He may be a little slower in his step, but he’s good route runner, he’s big and if they cover him, that’s an open guy elsewhere.

Denver is ranked 28th against the run and 16th against the pass. With their secondary gasping for breath, doubtful that number increases. This is bad news for Jaguar fans who need a Texans loss.

No comment on these passing charts because they tell the story of who’s safer with the ball and maybe a harbinger of the day to come.

Titans (3-4) vs Cowboys (3-4) Monday 8:15 ESPN

Referee Crew

The Titans look pretty healthy sad to say.

Cowboys are a little banged up, also sad to say.

This is another game the Jags need some help with a loss by the Titans. Fortunately, this one seems more doable than the Texans game. While Dallas will be short-handed, their secondary, which is second against the pass is healthy.

They’ve only allowed 8 passing TD’s. Not to be left behind, TN has only allowed 9, so the passing defenses on these two teams are evenly matched.

When it comes to stopping the run, both teams are also close – TN has allowed 3, Dallas, 4. Both teams are also behind the curve when it comes to giveaways. Each are in the negative.

Which means this game will truly come down to who turns the ball over, least.

When it comes to total offense, both teams are way down in the dregs of the awful. Both teams are 30 and 31st in passing – they like to pass to the other team. Prescott is 50-50.

Tennessee is worse, but they had Gabbert for a couple of games and a hurt Mariota.

The only difference that separates these teams is Zeke Elliot and even he isn’t burning up the charts. I like to use TD stats over yards because who cares if you can throw and run between the 30’s if when you get in the red zone, you get a FG or zip?

Some teams have a lot of empty yards, so it’s the points that’s worth looking at. The cowboys have five rushing TD’s and Tennessee has three. Kind of pitiful.

In case you were wondering, both teams have missed two field goals and made all their XP’s, so the kicking game may not be a factor.

Neither QB is tearing it up, but with the game in Dallas and Dak doing better with the ball than Mariota, the edge goes to the Cowboys.



Week 8 NFL Game Predictions – He Said/She Said

He said, she said week 8 NFL game predictions

He is beating she, so Jules has decided to put the risky picks aside and just go for the flat out obvious in the Week 8 NFL Game Predictions – He Said/She Said Jay didn’t get a chance to weigh in, but in her game preview for the Texans, she predicted they would win. Yes, grasping at straws.

This season we’ve seen that home field advantage hasn’t meant a whole lot for most teams, so that’s something to keep in mind. First up to see if she’ll stick to facts and not wants, is


Eagles (3-4) vs Jaguars (3-4)

Jay: Fun game. Until I see the Jaguars actually respond to some adversity, I will continue to pick against them. Philly by a FG

Jules: Until AJ Bouye went down, I was picking the Jags because Phillie’s defense is the type Bortles does well against, but Jax is down to Jalen Ramsey and some guys off the street at CB. Tough to see Wentz with his plethora of weapons not take advantage of DB’s and linebackers so beat-up.

1:00 GAMES

Ravens (4-3) vs Panthers (4-2) CBS

Jay: Another fun game. Home team typically takes these kind of games. Lets go right there Carolina 24-21

Jules: Good game. Neither team feels like one you can bet on. Both defenses are top 7 – Ravens defense better vs the pass, Carolina vs the run and the reverse. When it comes to their offenses, yards-wise in passing, Baltimore is killing it, but both have the same passing TD’s. Carolina is tearing up the rushing yards far more than the Ravens, but they’ve scored four less. I’m leaning Ravens by a FG.

Jets (3-4) vs Bears (3-3) CBS

Jay: This should be the Bears and I’ll take them, but the Jets under Todd are stingy as all get out and that defense is darn tough. Bears win by 4

Jules: New York is like the worst 3-4 team out there, but their defense seems to make the right plays at the right time to squat out wins. Trubisky and Darnold are like watching a dual of Two-Faces. The thing about these two defenses are they give up a lot of passing TD’s. In fact, they’ve given up more than they’ve thrown. Picking Bears because Mitch throws less interceptions.

Buccaneers (3-3) vs Bengals (4-3) FOX

Jay: I trust Jameis less than I trust Andy. Bengals by a touchdown

Jules: Neither of these teams has a run game worth a spit, so this could be a high scoring passing game. When it comes to passing defenses, both suck like their run game. Even though McCoy is out, going TB in a squeaker just because Cincy hasn’t down much in rushing. Not real confident.

Seahawks (3-3) vs Lions (3-3) FOX

Jay: This is a tough one to pick. The Lions are on the way, but I’ll take the Seattle run game to win a low scoring game.

Jules: Detroit. I’m riding on Kerryon Johnson, again. Seattle is among the worst in the league against the run in yards per carry. Matt Stafford is a good quarterback who finally has a run game to help him out. Stats-wise these teams are close, but it feels like the Lions are starting to gel.

Broncos (3-4) vs Chiefs (6-1) CBS

Jay: Chiefs. That’s all

Jules: Denver hasn’t beaten KC since Manning was there, and even then it was a last minute save way back in September of 2015. Strong Safety Darian Stewart was on the injury report, his back-up isn’t good, so Mahones should have a good day and Keenum will turn the ball over, twice.

Redskins (4-2) vs Giants (1-6) FOX

Jay: Redskins. Giants are an unmitigated disaster. Enough said.

Jules: Washington looks so bad every week and yet, they’re won four. I think the skins will terrorize Eli. Right now, there are two quarterbacks over 36 that still has the arm to make every throw – Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers. I’d bench Manning except they were dumb and chose a RB over a QB and have no good choice behind him.

Browns (2-4-1) vs Steelers (3-2-1) CBS

Jay: Pittsburgh in a close one that gets away at the end. Baker is good, but Ben is better. Pittsburgh will be awake this time.

Jules: Pittsburgh in a tight one. They have all they game film they need to shut down a rookie quarterback who’s now showing it isn’t easy once teams figure you out. The one thing though is the Steelers suck vs the pass, but can stop the run. This game will lay on Mayfield’s tiny shoulders.

4:05 GAME

Colts (2-5) vs Raiders (1-5) CBS

Jay: Wow…lets all not watch this game. I’ll take the Colts

Jules: Gee, what an exciting game this will be -says no one. The Colts win because Luck will throw all over that defense and Carr won’t get as much. Indy’s defense has slowly improved as their team’s health has. Oh, and reports say TE Jack Doyle will play. That’s a game changer.

4:25 GAMES

49ers (1-6) vs Cardinals (1-6) FOX

Jay: Yuck. Thank God for Sunday Ticket if you live in the bay area or Arizona. 49ers by 5.

Jules: Not to be outdone by the ho-hum 4:05 game, a few poor slobs get this one in their area. Picking the Cards because I like their uniforms better and they’re not bad against the pass. Beathard and a hurt Rosen, such joy to see.

Packers (3-2-1) vs Rams (7-0) FOX

Jay: Yuck. Fun game to watch here. Green Bay’s defense isn’t ready for this battle, but Aaron keeps it closer than the spread indicates.

Jules: as a kick in the pants to the fans of SF and Arizona, the rest of the country gets to see Rodgers and Goff. Oh, boy! However, tough to see much from the Packers who are good against the pass, but not great vs the rush and they haven’t faced Todd Hercules Gurley. GB loses another.

8:20 GAME

Saints (5-1) vs Vikings (4-2-1) NBC

Jay: I’m very, very excited for this game. And I don’t have a clue as to how it goes. I’ll take the Vikings by a FG in a game that will go a long way towards playoff seeding.

Jules: oh, boy another good game! I may be OD’d on football by the end of the day. The Vikings won because of Diggs, his magic legs and one dumb mistake from a young CB. However, Cousins is a far better QB than Keenum, otherwise it would be a slam dunk picking NO if Casey was still there. These teams balance each other so well. Going out waaaay on a limb (can’t help myself), NO wins because Kirk chokes in the closing minutes.

Monday ESPN 8:15

Patriots (5-2) vs Bills (2-5)

Jay: TB12

Jules: think I’ll clean my house during the game like NE* will to the Bills. What a crapfest this will be, a real cold shower to Sunday’s games

Jacksonville Jaguars notes, news for 10/22/2018

Jacksonville Jaguars notes, news for 10/22/2018

When the Jaguars are in the national spotlight, it’s rarely for not being great or horrible. There doesn’t seem to be much coverage without a high or low. Here’s some Jacksonville Jaguars notes, news for 10/22/2018

News/Notes: In a stunning move, if stunning means not shocking at all, the Jacksonville Jaguars decided to start Blake Bortles vs the Eagles in London. Here’s why they did that in no particular order of reasons:

  • After the game, head coach Doug Marrone said he benched Borltes because of turnovers, etc. Cody Kessler got a TD, but he also turned the ball over. And sacked four times with his rock feet. That was the death knell.
  • Even though it’s a Sunday game, it’s a short week. That’s wasted days of prepping a “new” QB. There’s more than just practice – starting QB’s have more obligations on their plates like press conferences, individual interviews, etc.
  • They’ve yet to play Carlos Hyde. If he can be what we hope, he can help Bortles go back to run-first and make the play-action work. Part of that, combined with an injured Oline, is needing a QB who can run.
  • Which brings up the RPO, tough to sell those when one prong is having a QB who is a threat with his feet.
  • Locker room issues. Teams with hall of fame quarterbacks have temporality benched their guys, but their teams still knew who was the boss.
  • It sends a message to the team they give up, and the season is most likely over. Sticking with your starter says you still believe.
  • If they had a first round draft pick, then swapping mid season makes sense, but even if that were the case, doing so before London, where Bortles has three wins, isn’t when to do it.

Add all that up and while fans may not like it, thinking one TD drive by Kessler would make things all better, wasn’t the way to go. For now. How things end in London or even in Indy, point at a better time to make such a big decision – still don’t see that being a change for Kessler.

Swapping quarterbacks isn’t something any team takes lightly, especially when doing so for a QB who had a year of starts, hasn’t shown he’s better.

Roster Move: The Jaguars released Jamal Charles when they promoted linebacker Nick DeLuca from the practice squad. The ink was barely dry on his contract. Kind of bummed he’s gone, he’s a great guy.

Doug Marrone Presser: The bottom line, until they get a better turnover ratio, nothing else matters. With hat said, he said it’s up to him to guide the team, push communicating, have all the players pull in the same way. They need everyone to understand they’r win the same boat, not little groups.

That comment to me, means there’s some cliques going on which happens on every team based on position groups. However, in this circumstance and based on multiple reports, it seems to be more factions inside the defensive line. Anyway, Marrone said it’s up to him to show the coaches and players the same vision. Make sure he has been clear.

Players want someone to show the the way. Speaking of which, they had a players meeting only that is was discussed. Vision, pulling together, etc.

When it came to assigning blame, he said most of the time it’s not one reason why for a mistake – they look at everything, can accept beating sometimes, but if it’s something covered in practice, not a new look, then blame is there.

7% chance of winning a game with -2 in turnovers which went into the decision of sitting Bortles. However, when starters are named, there’s no splitting reps because it’s too tough. He doesn’t believe in splitting reps.He never said anyone was on a short leash, not sure where social media got he said it, it was the opposite. He said that if you start, the coaches show they have confidence in the player.

Payne is week to week, Patmon waiting on complete tests, pushing most on the injury report to play vs the Eagles.

All in all, Marrone talked a long time, said the right things, but said nothing at all. He normally gives pressers that drops some football knowledge. This was just damage control.

More Notes: If I was in that press room, the first question I’d ask is: is there any plan to sign an experienced tight end from another team? It’s understandable in his first game, Grinnage would be overwhelmed (which he was), but that doesn’t protect your QB, help the run game or add a pair of reliable hands.

Here’s another note I’m adding…it’s disappointing seeing the freak out from the fans. Three weeks ago, they loved the defense, Todd Wash, Nate Hackett, Doug Marrone and Blake “BOAT” Bortles.

Now, they hate them all, want them fired. Talk about whiplash. That’s what happens when fans get a taste of sniffing a SB, everything becomes about winning and the fun of just going to football games turns into, win or we’ll roast you on a spit. The worst ones though were some thinking the front office is racist for not bringing in Colin Kaepernick.

He hasn’t played in two years, isn’t in football shape and is out there focusing on saving the world, and suing the NFL.

What makes anyone think he wants to play anymore? To put in all the time and dedication to get back in shape, go to a new team, city, learn a new scheme and playbook?

Has anyone asked him lately if he wants to put all that in? And be prepared to take a lot of heat when he comes out rusty? To shoulder the burden of not being the football god some have built him up to be? If he were to play, again, he’d be toting a heavy load of meeting so many expectations. That doesn’t even address the media scrutiny.

And if he stumbles, will he be judged on that, or will any team be blasted for not giving him better Oline, RB, WR, TE option? Because right now, in Jacksonville, he’d be walking into a team with nothing to offer him to succeed.

That’s the reality. And FYI, I wrote an article back when he was still with SF about him and LB Brandon Marshall’s kneeling (which received approval from the Marshalls), so I’m not anti-Kaep.

Right now, no QB is walking into a place that is set for them to succeed or turn the team around. Know what could? A BYE. Time to heal and regroup. If the Line could all practice on a Wednesday or Thursday as full participants, that would help.

Carlos Hyde, Fournette and Yeldon being healed would help. A TE would help (broken record). And, wide receivers who don’t spend games flipping coins on who can get the most drops. Yes, Bortles needs everything perfect to succeed, but he’s our QB for now, so swapping him out and not addressing the other issues won’t fix anything.

Add in a week of rest for Calais Campbell, and all the other walking wounded on defense and we could see a different team on the 11th. One they had planned week one and watched go up in IR smoke. That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it because freaking out isn’t going to help.

Let’s all just take a breath, let the coaches do their thing, the players do theirs and then see where they are after the Colts game. As far as changing coaches mid-stream, see the previous sentence.


Week 7 Jacksonville Jaguars Game Day Inactives

It may be time to make both Eli Ankou and Dawuane Smoot active in London based on the shape of the defense and Calais Campbell nursing a couple ailments.

Eli Ankou DT Inactive
Leonard Fournette RB Inactive Hamstring
D.J. Hayden DB Inactive Toe
Tre Herndon CB Inactive Hamstring
Carlos Hyde RB Inactive New to team
James O’Shaughnessy TE Inactive Hip
Dawuane Smoot DE Inactive

Week 7 NFL Game Predictions – He Said/She Said

Titans (3-3) vs Chargers (4-2) CBS 9:30 AM LONDON

Jay: The Chargers are the better team, but I don’t know by how much. Tennessee is a weird team. I’ll take the Chargers and probably live to regret it.

Jules: LA. I know it’s been a rough week for them, but they’re a better team.

1:00 GAMES

Patriots (4-2) vs Bears (3-2) CBS

Jay: No Gronk here, but I think the Pats do the job because they’ll prove to just be a little too much on offense.

Jules: I’m rolling with the Bears defense.

Bills (2-4) vs Colts (1-5) CBS

Jay: Not worth spending a lot of time on this one. Which qb do you trust? I trust Luck. That’s the pick

Jules: Hold my nose. An extremely healthy Bills team with a decent defense, but have Derek Anderson or a banged up Colts who only has Andrew Luck? Indy because of Luck.

Texans (3-3) vs Jaguars (3-3) CBS

Jay: Tough game to pick. I’ve been fading the Jaguars lately and it’s been working well for me. I wonder if Jaylen Ramsey will have much to say in his post game press conference this week. I’ll take Houston in a 3 point game.

Jules: The Jags are one beat-up mess, how can I pick my team to win? I’m a fan girl and will root that the defense (even one with a few injured guys) makes Watson lose the game.

Lions (2-3) vs Dolphins (4-2) FOX

Jay: Lions, but I’m going to regret it in the morning

Jules: Lions. I just can’t pick any team Asweiler is playing on. Plus, Matt Patricia has played against BO a couple of times, he knows his many weaknesses and Matt Stafford is a better QB than he’s given credit for..oh, and Kerryon Johnson.

Vikings (3-2-1) vs Jets (3-3) FOX

Jules: I don’t know what it is about Kirk Cousins, but he always leaves me cold. I shouldn’t pick the Jets, I know I shouldn’t, I don’t think they’re the better team, but the Vikings just feel, off.

Jay: Another disagreement. The Vikings aren’t playing great football yet, but they’re a lot more talented than the Jets. Just too many weapons on offense and they go get a hard road win.

Panthers (3-2) vs Eagles (3-3) FOX

Jay: Can’t wait to watch this game. Both teams have a little Jekyll and Hyde to them. I’ll take the Eagles at home

Jules: Going with Philly because it’s a home game. That’s my lone reason. All these teams that have 4 or 3 wins are so tough to guess.

Browns (2-3-1) vs Buccaneers (2-3) FOX

Jay: Coin flip game…I don’t trust Jameis ever and I trust that defense less. But I’m sure Cleveland will somehow not accept the gifts that Tampa gives them.

Jules: Eesh. The Bucs defense is bad, commode hugging bad and now Gerald McCoy is hurt, and they have a “new” DC. Flip a coin – Good QB vs Browns good defense or shaky QB vs Bucs bad defense? I’m going to say the home team off a bye.

4:05 GAME

Saints (4-1) vs Ravens (4-2) FOX

Jay: This game really should be the game everybody sees at 4:25. Drew Brees in his whole career has not beaten the Ravens. Look for that streak to continue.

Jules: Now this is a good game. Top offense vs top defense. Joe Flacco is the big Will the good Joe come out to play, or the, what were you thinking, Joe? Brees is playing like the best QB in the league, but their defense has been stinky. I want NO to win, but going with home team in a squeaker.

4:25 GAMES

Cowboys (3-3) vs Redskins (3-2) CBS

Jay: I’ll take Dallas in a low scoring game here

Jules: I don’t like either of these teams or their coaches and think both are posers who’ve won based on weird days. If Washington doesn’t play sloppy as they have been, they can win. I’m not on the Dak train.

Rams (6-0) vs 49ers (1-5) CBS

Jules: When you think trap game, this is it. Despite the outstanding coaching of Shanahan, the Rams are clearly the better team. Too often when one team is so much better, they play down. That’s my lone concern. Not SF’s quarterback, defense or offense – just the Rams beating themselves. Still picking them, though.

Jay: Very well could be a trap game, and I’ll fall freely into that trap. I’m not picking against the Rams here. Just can’t pull that trigger.


Bengals (4-2) vs Chiefs (5-1) NBC

Jay: I’m stoked to watch this game. Can’t wait. I’ll take the team that resides in Arrowhead.

Jules: Who would’ve thought going into this season, a Cincy/KC game would be good?! These two defenses are so bad, this could be a game with 80 points scored. Going with Chiefs, but only because of the crowd, 44-43 or something crazy like that.

Monday ESPN 8:15

Giants (1-5) vs Falcons (2-4)

Jay: This is not exactly a visual gift the NFL has given us. I’ll take Atlanta and I think it won’t be all that close.

Jules: Bleh. Falcons at home, this time their offense gets rewarded with a win.

AFCS Week 7 Game Previews – stats, TV guide, Passing charts, injury reports

Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee Titans

Yes, this is late, but was very ill the last few days, my apologies. Because of that, this will be short, just the basics for the AFCS Week 7 Game Previews.

Here’s the run down for the AFCS Week 7 Game Previews

Below is the viewing map for the early games, Green is Jags/Texans, Purple is Colts. I believe the whole country (minus a couple black out areas) get the Titans game.

Titans (3-3) vs Chargers (4-2) CBS 9:30 AM LONDON

Referee Crew

The Chargers are 6th in total offense, 13th in passing and 6th in rushing. Tennessee is 30th in total, 31st in Passing and 20th in rushing. Where things get interesting is quietly the Chargers are 12th in total defense, while the Titans are oddly down in 27th. LA is 16th vs the pass and TN 8th vs pass, 12th vs rush, 27th vs rush

It’s clear the Titans will have their work cut out for them, even if Melvin Gordon is a question.

Who’s not on this list, which is amazing, is Marcus Mariots after he was sacked a record 11 times and that doesn’t even count QB hits. Wondering how he’s feeling on a “short” week? Even though the game is on Sunday, all that traveling takes away from physical therapy.

titans week 7 friday injury report


chargers week 7 friday injury report

Texans (3-3) vs Jaguars (3-3) CBS 1:00

Referee Crew

Jax is 16th in total offense. If the Line could be healthy like week 2, they’d be higher, but that’s not case. 14th in passing and 17th in rushing. Hopefully, next week with Carlos Hyde, both numbers move up.

Houston is 10th in total offense, strangely. 12th in passing and 13th in rushing. Texans don’t have a good offense despite their numbers, it’s because a lot of the numbers don’t really reflect what was going on in the games or the teams they played.

On the defensive side of the ball, Houston is 13th total, 14th against the pass and 11th vs the rush.

texans week 7 friday injury report

Jacksonville’s injury report is sad, and especially so if you could see the IR list. Jacksonville is one beat up team and that will decide this game because Jax is better, but without key places all over the place, it doesn’t matter.


Bills (2-4) vs Colts (1-5) CBS 1:00

Referee Crew

CBS should pay people to watch this game. Derek Anderson vs a Colts team of the walking wounded. For any team without their starting QB going down this would be a slam dunk. While Josh Allen wasn’t winning any rookie trophies, he knew the playbook and could run. Anderson has had a week.

Passing chart for Derek Anderson doesn’t exist, so there’s only Andrew Luck’s.

Buffalo is 8th in total defense, 10th vs the pass and 9th vs rush. Buff is 18th for rushing. Not including passing because its irrelevant.

Indy is 24th in total defense, 27th against the pass, 16th vs the run. In total offense, Indy is 16th, 10th in passing, 29th in rushing.

bills week7 friday injury report

The Colts aren’t good and they’re beat up, but they’re facing a team with Anderson. However, the Bills defense is pretty good and the Colts have zero game film on Anderson. Tough to see Buffalo doing anything intricate besides handing the ball off and taking some shots downfield.

colts week 7 friday injury report

As always, lose Titans, Texans, Colts and GO JAGS!