AFCS Week 7 Wednesday Injury Report – READ for this week’s names.

How are the Jacksonville Jaguars, their divisional opponents and the teams they face doing? Take a look at our AFCS Week 7 Wednesday Injury Report

Titans (3-3) vs Chargers (4-2) CBS 9:30 AM

Both of the Titans OL were removed from the injured list which must be a big relief to Mariota who was pummeled by the Ravens. 11 sacks, pummeled.

titans week 7 injury report

Bosa remains DNP, but the concern should be how Pouncey progresses. Phillip Rivers has been a among the best QB’s this season and his Oline giving him time against a good defense will be needed.

chargers week 7 injury report


Texans (3-3) vs Jaguars (3-3) CBS 1:00

TJ Yeldon was added back to the injury report and Fournette was a DNP which means he most likely won’t play Sunday. Marrone said today would be a sign of where he’s at. Next man up is Jamal Charles. What a turn of events.

jaguars week 7 wednesday injury report

Since Aaron Colvin knows Blake Bortles very well, lets hope he stays DNP until Monday. This offense needs every sliver it can get.

Same goes for the linebackers.

texans week 7 wednesday injury report

Bills (2-4) vs Colts (1-5) CBS 1:00

Buffalo has one bright side to starting Derek Anderson – there is no game film on this ??? guy. They went from a barely injured team, to losing their QB.

bills week 7 injury report

Can Anderson hold down the fort against a really hurt team? That’s really the only question. The Colts injury list is shrinking, which is good news for them against a good defense.

colts week 7 wednesday injury report

That’s it for now, check back tomorrow for the Thursday report.


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