AFCS Week 5 Thursday Injury Report

While the Titans lead the division based on a loss to them by the Jags, both teams are 3-1 and if Jacksonville can pull of a win vs KC, that will give the rest of the AFC pause. The AFCS Week 5 Injury Report – Wednesday doesn’t look good for a few teams.

Thursday Colts (1-3) vs Patriots* (2-2) 8:20 FOX

Not sure how the Colts can play competitively with this injury report. Who knows, they may just figure this is a loss and save their guys for more games down the road. Sit them now and be healthy for the games vs the AFCS.

While the Patriots* are somewhat beat up, too one is listed out and the game is in Foxboro. David vs Goliath for sure.

Sunday Titans (3-1) vs Bills (1-3) 1:00 CBS

Titans look good, since they’re playing the Bills and a rookie QB, Woodyard and Vaccaro a little banged up most likely won’t make a difference.

Buffalo has an issue on defense and while Mariota isn’t 100%, he has enough to tear up a weakened secondary.