AFCS Week 4 Scouting Report

By the end of this week, there should be a clearer picture of where teams are offensively. Anyone who is still struggling after week 4 will need some serious retooling because every defense will now have enough game tape on (most) quarterbacks and their systems.

Obviously, injuries change things, but if Jacksonville, Tennessee and Houston can’t do better offensively this week, some trades should happen.

AFCS Week 4 Scouting Report

Texans (0-3) vs Colts (1-2) 1:00 CBS

Houston is looking healthier than they did a week ago which is good because they need these players. 0-4 removes any chance of backing into the play-offs. From a Jag’s perspective, the Texans winning helps them down the road. How they’ll fair against Indy in Indy is a big question since their O-LIne is terrible. Here’s the thing though, Houston’s offense is ranked eight in yards, 13th in points per game.

Indy is 23rd in points and 28th in yards. Houston is 12th at stopping the pass, Indy 13th. Texans are 18th vs the run, Indy 13th.  Basically, both these teams are mediocre and not very good at anything. It’s tough to point at one thing to say, this is what either team can exploit.

Watson needs some time in the pocket and to make better throws. Personally, I think the simple – go deep – combined with running for his life has teamed up to stymy him. This is when good coaching can help and O’Brian better muster up some to help his young QB.

The charts below only show where they’re doing well/poor, but not how often they threw in those areas, so take them with a grain of salt. After this week, I’ll start putting numbers in the areas, so we can get a better read of number of throws/drops.

week passing chart Deshaun Watson

As far as the Colts, they’re the walking dead. The Texans could win just because they can dress more healthy bodies.