AFCS Week 3 Injury Report – Wednesday

AFCS Week 3 Injury Report – Wednesday

Check TTZ each day W-S as we update injury reports on the Jaguars, teams they face and the same for their divisional rivals.

Giants (0-2) vs Texans (0-2) 1:00 FOX

Giants looking pretty healthy, defense is shaky, but compared to the Texans…

They should have a, who’s not on the injury report, report.


Colts (1-1) vs Eagles (1-1) 1:00 FOX

This injury list isn’t what one wants entering a match-up with the Eagles. Sure, they’re not looking as great as last season, maybe suffering from some Super Bowl hangover, but they’re not the Cardinals, either.

For most fans, the only name they care about is the one on the bottom.

Titans (1-1) vs Jaguars (2-0) 1:00 CBS

It’s never a good thing to circle a win, but this injury report, added to how they played last week, and the pencil is poised. While Derrick Henry will most likely be a full go, he was their offense last week. This group facing Jacksonville will test Mark Vrabel.

This looks not great, but often teams keep players on rest an extra day. ASJ and Linder are the two that are concerning.

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