I am a pissed off Jaguar fan, aren’t you? Will they survive?

Jaguar fan

I have no idea what possessed so many from the Jacksonville Jaguars to go out drinking, so much that they racked up a £50,000 bill. This Jaguars fan doesn’t care why.

This is what I know – if members of the team who weren’t playing wanted to go have fun like DJ Hayden, fine. Having Barry Church and Jeremy Parnell there, too is flatly inexcusable. Not to mention, they thought it was ok to skip out on the bill and then get in a fight when confronted about it.

Fighting, along with the tab amount indicates drunk and belligerent. I have to ask, where were the coaches?

Did they know? Was there a curfew set? Reports say they were “detained” at 4AM and spent the next nine hours at the jail. NINE HOURS. Nine hours cuts into sleep and practice time, meetings, physical therapy, whatever was planned.

This is early reporting, so I’m sure some of these things are wrong, but this is a bad look no matter how you slice it.

If indeed they were out to 4 or even 1 AM so close to a game, the question is, why? Most teams have curfews and bed checks when traveling. Was one done? If it was, did the coaches just not know where to go looking?

I find that tough to imagine since no one goes anywhere without a phone. Where were the team captains? Center Brandon Linder is a “C”. Was he there with Parnell? Not like this Line is setting the world on fire with their blocking and can afford to be guzzling champagne like they won a super bowl.

As fans, we’re invested in this team and seeing such reckless behavior is maddening. It’s a distraction because coaches and team personnel had to spend time on this matter instead of focusing on the game. It’s not as if the Jaguars can afford to waste precious time dealing with idiocy like this.

Before SB 48, John Fox let his players go out in New York City and they posted themselves having a good ole time. Remember what happened next? An absolute beat-down. Not to mention, several of the players were sick, which partying I’m sure didn’t help. Know who didn’t go out? The Seahawks.

Know who wasn’t arrested in London? The Eagles.

I’m sure some think this is no big deal, but it is a big deal, a Big Freakin Deal.

Shad Khan has many business dealings in London, this looks bad on him. Worse than if the players got in trouble in Jacksonville. That game is on an international stage, so you can bet the NFL is none too happy, either. This reflects poorly on the entire franchise from Tom Coughlin on down.

For the players who didn’t go out, who were studying their playbooks and give a damn, this is just another division in the locker room. Jalen Ramsey indicated there’s a few who were an issue. Wonder if it’s the group who went out?

Not thinking ahead is laziness and a lack of caring. It’s one thing to go for an early dinner, it’s quite another to still be there at 4AM.

While the four that were arrested were all in the secondary (need I remind that 90 points have been given up in the last three games), reports indicate others were there, too. They just weren’t arrested/detained.

I hope none of this matters, that they go out and ball. I hope I’m pissed for nothing, that this is just a tiny blip on the way to Atlanta. I hope this wakes the coaches and locker room up and they rally together to fight back against the perception out there. A perception that looks like some players don’t give a damn about being prepared.

I hope this ends up being a scene from the Replacements and they all start singing, I Will Survive, then go out and kick some ass. (PLEASE)

Jaguars/Eagles and Colts/Raider game preview – stats, reffing crew, passing charts and more

Because the Texans played Thursday night and the Titans have a bye week, this AFCS south Jaguars/Eagles and Colts/Raider game preview is short. In case you’re just dying to read the Texans one, click HERE for the analysis.

Eagles (3-4) vs Jaguars (3-4) 9:30 AM NFL Network LONDON

Referee Crew

jaguars:eagles ref crew

The London games are a big deal to the NFL because they’re a cash cow, so this crew should be fairly good, a change of pace for the mostly bad ones who’ve officiated at all the Jaguars home games.

The Eagles are in pretty dang good shape because they still have actual starters (healthy ones) in their line-up. Below is a good list half way through the season.

The Jaguars, on the other hand is literally missing 1/2 their starters on IR. To make matter worse, AJ Bouye is out. And they put LB Donald Payne on IR. They added CB Dee Delaney from the practice squad to the 53.

The pundits outside of Jacksonville keep freaking out about the team as is they’re losing with a healthy team. As if Bortles has had his WR1, RB1, TE1 and LT1 to work with. I’m sick of other teams getting a whoa is me for their beat-up teams and Jax, gets a, WHAT HAPPENED IN JACKSONVILLE?!

Injuries are what happened and the players are really bummed because they know neither side of the ball is playing with anywhere near a championship roster. To make matters worse, there’s nothing that can be done, so it’s a helpless feeling.

Their IR list would make any team in the NFL a contender and they know it.

The Jaguars have an excuse for their cliff dive, but the Eagles do not. I’m not sure what’s going on there other than a Super Bowl hangover is real. They’re a team that seems as if it isn’t focused.

The good and bad news is that can be fixed – the bad news is it could happen in London. Philly can afford to miss the playoffs this season because their ring buys them time, for the Jags, their fans got a taste of winning after so long without and they’re not happy.

A win would be huge, keeping them in contention for the AFCS and maybe they go make one big trade by the deadline for A *#ING TIGHT END. If they lose, we could see a fire sale to set up for the draft next season.

3-5 and two games back from the Texans (and in a tie for last if the Colts win) is bleak. 4-4 and getting a bye keeps hope alive with maybe a 10-6 record.

Moving on from the what ifs, to what the is. When it comes to passing TD’s, Philly has 11 and Jax, 10. The difference is, Bortles has 9 interceptions and the Eagles only have two. That’s the game right there.

The rush per yards for Jax is better, believe it or not considering that TJ Yeldon has had to be the leading back, but Philly has 6 TD’s to Jags’ 2. Jacksonville is first at allowing passing TD’s (only 6); however, that was with AJ Bouye and a healthier secondary that’s going to be fielded on Sunday. Not to mention a sober and rested Barry Church.

Meanwhile, Philly has allowed 10, so if the offense can get anything going with new addition, Carlos Hyde, the play-action pass could be where it’s seen. Philly typically plays a safety high and Bortles is able to find the holes left because of it. If the WR’s can catch the ball, they have a chance to put up points.

Philly has kept a low 4 rushing TDs and Jax is at 6. While I’d say the Eagles should take advantage of the Jags poor rushing defense, missing so many in the secondary may make them go to the air and rack up points.

With linebackers now an issue, Jax defense is vulnerable across the board. Actually, with Barry Church and Ronnie Harrison being complete douches and putting fun over the team, I think we lose. Breathing fire as I just read what they did while writing this.

Here’s the bottom line: we could see a role reversal IF the offense cuts out the turnovers, and Jeremy Parnell pulls his drunk head out of his ass because the Eagles defense isn’t tops at anything. They’re a good team for the Jags to face and if Bouye wasn’t hurt, Church and Harrison idiots, I’d feel comfortable in them winning this “home” game.

This week 7 passing chart is sad, but will say, the incompletions were due to many drops over bad throws.

borltes passing charts week 8

Wentz is clearly a better passer, one who would’ve been slowed with the defense from the first four weeks, but this one? Tough to see.

wentz passing charts week 8

Carlos Hyde has the weight of all Jaguars hopes and dreams on his shoulders because without him, this run-first team is DOA. And clearly, the defense doesn’t care based on a night of drinking and arrests in London.

Colts (2-5) vs Raiders (1-5) 4:05 CBS

Referee Crew

colts:raiders ref crew

This isn’t up to date as Cody has been felled with illness (I swear I didn’t give it him), but I believe all the DNP’s are out and Jack Doyle is a go.

For a bunch of senior citizens, the Raiders are looking in pretty good shape. Maybe that’s the key. However, if they had a pass rusher they could win this game, but Andrew Luck without pressure is like ringing the TD dinner bell.

Oakland lost Beast mode and that’s a huge blow since they were already at the bottom for rushing TDs. They have company down there with Indy, but Carr has only thrown 7 TD’s to Luck’s 20.

Yes, 20 and that’s the game. Tough to write more than that. Oakland is 19th in allowing passing TDs and second to last for best QB rating. For those who own Andrew Luck in FF, they must be dancing, it’s tough to see the men in black and silver slowing hi down.

For defense, Indy is tied for eighth in passing TD’s allowed which isn’t good news for Derek Carr.

When it comes to stopping the rush, neither team is burning down the house; however, neither is burning down the house with their backs.

carr passing stats week 8

In between getting sacked last week, Carr threw as far as my grandma can. Luck has receivers who drop a lot of his passes, so these charts don’t show that.

luck passing stats week 8

There’s just not a lot to say about these two teams. Both aren’t very good, but one has a top notch quarterback. The other is dependent on scheme and it’s clear that Carr is struggling with yet another coaching change.

On paper and for the eye test, the Colts have the edge which I wish wasn’t the case because if they win and the Jags lose, which based on recent behavior they should, a Colts win puts Jags in a tie for last.

Everything I wrote about injury excuses goes out the window when at least three starters go out drinking and staying up late before a game. That attitude says they don’t give a damn. That’s a losing mentality and a cancer in a locker room. If Doug Marrone doesn’t cut it out, this season is OVER.

Week 8 NFL Game Predictions – He Said/She Said

He said, she said week 8 NFL game predictions

He is beating she, so Jules has decided to put the risky picks aside and just go for the flat out obvious in the Week 8 NFL Game Predictions – He Said/She Said Jay didn’t get a chance to weigh in, but in her game preview for the Texans, she predicted they would win. Yes, grasping at straws.

This season we’ve seen that home field advantage hasn’t meant a whole lot for most teams, so that’s something to keep in mind. First up to see if she’ll stick to facts and not wants, is


Eagles (3-4) vs Jaguars (3-4)

Jay: Fun game. Until I see the Jaguars actually respond to some adversity, I will continue to pick against them. Philly by a FG

Jules: Until AJ Bouye went down, I was picking the Jags because Phillie’s defense is the type Bortles does well against, but Jax is down to Jalen Ramsey and some guys off the street at CB. Tough to see Wentz with his plethora of weapons not take advantage of DB’s and linebackers so beat-up.

1:00 GAMES

Ravens (4-3) vs Panthers (4-2) CBS

Jay: Another fun game. Home team typically takes these kind of games. Lets go right there Carolina 24-21

Jules: Good game. Neither team feels like one you can bet on. Both defenses are top 7 – Ravens defense better vs the pass, Carolina vs the run and the reverse. When it comes to their offenses, yards-wise in passing, Baltimore is killing it, but both have the same passing TD’s. Carolina is tearing up the rushing yards far more than the Ravens, but they’ve scored four less. I’m leaning Ravens by a FG.

Jets (3-4) vs Bears (3-3) CBS

Jay: This should be the Bears and I’ll take them, but the Jets under Todd are stingy as all get out and that defense is darn tough. Bears win by 4

Jules: New York is like the worst 3-4 team out there, but their defense seems to make the right plays at the right time to squat out wins. Trubisky and Darnold are like watching a dual of Two-Faces. The thing about these two defenses are they give up a lot of passing TD’s. In fact, they’ve given up more than they’ve thrown. Picking Bears because Mitch throws less interceptions.

Buccaneers (3-3) vs Bengals (4-3) FOX

Jay: I trust Jameis less than I trust Andy. Bengals by a touchdown

Jules: Neither of these teams has a run game worth a spit, so this could be a high scoring passing game. When it comes to passing defenses, both suck like their run game. Even though McCoy is out, going TB in a squeaker just because Cincy hasn’t down much in rushing. Not real confident.

Seahawks (3-3) vs Lions (3-3) FOX

Jay: This is a tough one to pick. The Lions are on the way, but I’ll take the Seattle run game to win a low scoring game.

Jules: Detroit. I’m riding on Kerryon Johnson, again. Seattle is among the worst in the league against the run in yards per carry. Matt Stafford is a good quarterback who finally has a run game to help him out. Stats-wise these teams are close, but it feels like the Lions are starting to gel.

Broncos (3-4) vs Chiefs (6-1) CBS

Jay: Chiefs. That’s all

Jules: Denver hasn’t beaten KC since Manning was there, and even then it was a last minute save way back in September of 2015. Strong Safety Darian Stewart was on the injury report, his back-up isn’t good, so Mahones should have a good day and Keenum will turn the ball over, twice.

Redskins (4-2) vs Giants (1-6) FOX

Jay: Redskins. Giants are an unmitigated disaster. Enough said.

Jules: Washington looks so bad every week and yet, they’re won four. I think the skins will terrorize Eli. Right now, there are two quarterbacks over 36 that still has the arm to make every throw – Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers. I’d bench Manning except they were dumb and chose a RB over a QB and have no good choice behind him.

Browns (2-4-1) vs Steelers (3-2-1) CBS

Jay: Pittsburgh in a close one that gets away at the end. Baker is good, but Ben is better. Pittsburgh will be awake this time.

Jules: Pittsburgh in a tight one. They have all they game film they need to shut down a rookie quarterback who’s now showing it isn’t easy once teams figure you out. The one thing though is the Steelers suck vs the pass, but can stop the run. This game will lay on Mayfield’s tiny shoulders.

4:05 GAME

Colts (2-5) vs Raiders (1-5) CBS

Jay: Wow…lets all not watch this game. I’ll take the Colts

Jules: Gee, what an exciting game this will be -says no one. The Colts win because Luck will throw all over that defense and Carr won’t get as much. Indy’s defense has slowly improved as their team’s health has. Oh, and reports say TE Jack Doyle will play. That’s a game changer.

4:25 GAMES

49ers (1-6) vs Cardinals (1-6) FOX

Jay: Yuck. Thank God for Sunday Ticket if you live in the bay area or Arizona. 49ers by 5.

Jules: Not to be outdone by the ho-hum 4:05 game, a few poor slobs get this one in their area. Picking the Cards because I like their uniforms better and they’re not bad against the pass. Beathard and a hurt Rosen, such joy to see.

Packers (3-2-1) vs Rams (7-0) FOX

Jay: Yuck. Fun game to watch here. Green Bay’s defense isn’t ready for this battle, but Aaron keeps it closer than the spread indicates.

Jules: as a kick in the pants to the fans of SF and Arizona, the rest of the country gets to see Rodgers and Goff. Oh, boy! However, tough to see much from the Packers who are good against the pass, but not great vs the rush and they haven’t faced Todd Hercules Gurley. GB loses another.

8:20 GAME

Saints (5-1) vs Vikings (4-2-1) NBC

Jay: I’m very, very excited for this game. And I don’t have a clue as to how it goes. I’ll take the Vikings by a FG in a game that will go a long way towards playoff seeding.

Jules: oh, boy another good game! I may be OD’d on football by the end of the day. The Vikings won because of Diggs, his magic legs and one dumb mistake from a young CB. However, Cousins is a far better QB than Keenum, otherwise it would be a slam dunk picking NO if Casey was still there. These teams balance each other so well. Going out waaaay on a limb (can’t help myself), NO wins because Kirk chokes in the closing minutes.

Monday ESPN 8:15

Patriots (5-2) vs Bills (2-5)

Jay: TB12

Jules: think I’ll clean my house during the game like NE* will to the Bills. What a crapfest this will be, a real cold shower to Sunday’s games

AFCS Week 8 Thursday Injury Report

AFCS Week 8 Thursday Injury Report

This may not get out until after the game, but I think Jules posted the game review with the Texans and Dolphins charts I gave her, so it’s all good. Plus, their injury reports were set yesterday, no changes to report. AFCS Week 8 Thursday Injury Report

Dolphins (4-3) vs Texans (4-3) THURSDAY 8:20 FOX

Eagles (3-4) vs Jaguars (3-4) 9:30 AM NFL Network LONDON

Eagles fans are whining about their injury report – bite me. Take a look at Jacksonville’s.

Not only did the Jaguars add Bouye to the Out list, but put ANOTHER player on IR –  LB Donald Payne and that kills. They added CB Dee Delaney from the practice squad to the 53. At this point, they should hire a college team to fill in. The illness bothers me because Jules landed in the hospital with the stomach bug and that crap is all over Jax. It mows down everyone in its path.

Donte Fowler back on the list, the bye week can’t get here soon enough!

Colts (2-5) vs Raiders (1-5) 4:05 CBS

While the Colts have been slowly getting better, it looks like they may have had a set back to a couple players and they added one.

Finally got an injury report on the Raiders after growing as old as their team waiting for one. Maybe the Jags need to grow old and their team would be in better shape because Oakland isn’t looking too shabby injury-wise.

There you have it for this Thursday, October 25th, 2018. Check back tomorrow for the Friday report which also includes the statuses for the games.

AFCS Week 8 Preview – Houston Texans vs Miami Dolphins

AFCS Week 8 Preview - Houston Texans vs Miami Dolphins

We do scouting reports on our enemies to keep track of injuries, games, stats so we have an idea of what we may face when playing our divisional foes and common opponents. Lets dive in to the AFCS Week 8 Preview – Houston Texans vs Miami Dolphins, as this is late.

Below are passing charts, stats, referee crew and injury reports.

Dolphins (4-3) vs Texans (4-3) THURSDAY 8:20 FOX

Here’s the Referee crew

dolphins vs texans referee crew

At first glance, Miami looks to be in bad shape, but most of their players were FP. Missing tight ends could hurt though because they’re the perfect safety net and an additional wall against a pass rush.

dolphins week 8 wednesday injury report

Looks like Jacksonville helped do a number to the Texans. I’m trying to care.

texans week 8 wednesday injury report

Deshaun Watson is the kind of QB teams hate – he’s not a guy who you can plot out and say here’s where to attack him because he plays by the seat of his pants. He’s a slippery guy who makes or extends plays off his legs.

Miami is 28th in total defense and 30th against the run. What does Houston do well? Run the ball.

Watson is one beat up mess having been sacked a 1,000 times, but guess what? Miami is way down in 29th in sacks. Which means, he may get a chance to breathe (literally).

Watson isn’t tearing it up with his arm, far from it, but during games, he finds a way to make crucial strikes during over times (yeah, that’s a snarky remark). Seriously though, just when you count him out, he pops up like a gopher and delivers a strike.

deshaun watson week 8 passing charts

Not much on Osweiler passing charts, but what’s to know is this guy thinks he’s the greatest coming of all QB’s. He said he’d pick himself to win a game over John Elway and Peyton Manning. After being benched by the former for the latter.

Because of that, he always screws up – his arm can’t deliver what his ego thinks it can. This Houston team knows that. I could see them playing Man2 or starting off in zone playing loose, let him get a rapport with just one WR and then in the second half, play press. Then they can start jumping routes on desperate throws.

This about when the wheels start to come off for him. He begins to look like a competent QB and super man wants to burst through. That’s when he starts taking chances he shouldn’t. Houston is 16th against the pass, which is ok, but they have JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney who can seriously wreck your day.

While they may not be great at keeping catches down once they’re released, or really high in sack totals, Houston tries to make you hurry up. That’s when mistakes are made.

brock osweiler week 8 passing charts

Not sure I’ve seen a chart where one has flipped so radically like above. I believe the green area from 2017 was targeting Demariyus Thomas because he had 3 TDs during Osweiler’s three games. With his favorite target, Albert Wilson gone, Amendola may be his go to guy.

There’s the key to beating the fins: give him Danny in the first, take him away in the second. Adam Gase can make the most of what he has, but then it’s up to Osweiler to stay in his lane – the average lane. He will chafe at it, especially if he has to play from behind and he will make cringe worthy mistakes.

What the Dolphins have going for them is Texans’ injury report. Their defense is pretty banged up which could make it tougher to implement what they need to do. If any team knows how to stop the former Texan QB, it’s the Texans.

As you can tell, I’m not an Asweiler, er, Osweiler fan. But I also despise the Texans, so it’s tough to think the Texans, even with Bill O’Brian often making some really stupid game calls, can win.

If the Dolphins want to win, they must run the ball, make Osweiler get rid of the ball quickly for the boring yards and be content to dink and dunk. Don’t turn the ball over. While Watson and the Texans aren’t quite yet firing on all cylinders, other teams giving them the ball is why they’ve won.

Houston and Miami are tied at 11th for differentials, making this a big key. The Texans are 14th in total defense, so check mark there.

Houston is better at quarterback and running, so more checks. When it comes to points scored, Miami is 20th and Houston 18th. Hence, if Miami wants to win, it has to come down to taking the ball away from Houston.

Not rocket science, but there you go.

For Houston:

  • force Osweiler to be his own enemy
  • watch Kenyon Drake

For Miami:

  • Hit Watson to force turnovers
  • Try to slow DeAndre Hopkins

Maybe they’ll both lose. I won’t shed a tear.

AFSC Week 8 Wednesday Injury Report – game status for the Texans/Dolphins

Unusual week for the AFC South: Tennessee has a bye, the Texans are on Thursday, the Jags in London and in a battle of the worst match-ups, is the Colts vs the Raiders.Here is the AFSC Week 8 Wednesday Injury Report.

Dolphins (4-3) vs Texans (4-3) THURSDAY 8:20 FOX

Sorry, forgot about this being a Thursday game and didn’t keep track of the rest of their week.

At first glance, Miami looks to be in bad shape, but most of their players were FP.

dolphins week 8 wednesday injury report

Oh, what a shame, after playing the Jags the Texans are all beat up.

texans week 8 wednesday injury report

Eagles (3-4) vs Jaguars (3-4) 9:30 AM NFL Network LONDON

For Philly, their list looks a little beat up, but two are NIR. Although, seeing their OL has issues must trouble them like us.

eagles week 8 wednesday injury report

Here we go, the last week our guys have to play before getting a much needed bye and hopefully clear all these names off the list.

jaguars week 8 wednesday injury report

Colts (2-5) vs Raiders (1-5) 4:05 CBS

Except for the SF – Cardinals game, can’t think of a worse pairing to watch.

The Colts, who used to have a phone book length of ailments, are shrinking it to a small menu.

colts week 8 wednesday injury report

Who knows what’s going on with Oakland? I can’t find an injury report, I’ll add one in, when one pops up.




Week 8 Jacksonville Jaguars Power Rankings – the Buzz isn’t great

Week 8 Jacksonville Jaguars Power Rankings

As expected, the Buzz around the Jaguars is more like a tree of cicadas. If you’re from the South, you know it’s not a good sound. They’re loud and drown out other noises, in a bad way. Week 8 Jacksonville Jaguars Power Rankings aren’t great.

Bleacher Report

This week: 16

High: 15

Low: 18

Last Week: 11

Week 7 Result: Lost vs. Houston 20-7

Remember when the Jacksonville Jaguars were good?

Neither do we.

The same Jaguars that were inside the top five in these rankings not too long ago are now in full-on implosion mode after losing at home to the Texans on Sunday.

This marks three straight weeks that the Jaguars have been blown out. Three straight weeks that the Jacksonville offense has been atrocious. And three straight weeks that the supposedly stout Jaguars defense has looked anything but.

Over the last three games, Jacksonville has been outscored 90-28—including a staggering 57-0 in the first half. Blake Bortles was benched Sunday after fumbling twice. And per ESPN.com’s Michael DiRocco, several jaguars players were yelling at one another in the locker room after the game.

Davenport thinks critical mass has been reached.

“This team’s gone from Super Bowl contender to looking like they won’t even make the playoffs. The quarterback play is hot garbage, players are losing their cool with one another and the run game barely cracked three yards a carry Sunday. Next week’s game in London is a must-win for the Jags and Eagles—the loser’s Super Bowl aspirations are all but toast.”

*not sure why very few ever mention the laundry list of injuries the offense has been dealt, while lamenting other teams ailments as excuses.*

Sporting News

21. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-4 (last week: 18)

They have one impressive win against the Patriots, but then it’s just the Giants and Jets and four bad losses. The Jaguars are being sucked of their energy, and they need to regain it fast.

Pro Football Talk

22. Jaguars (3-4; No. 17): This is the closest the Jaguars may come to playing a playoff game in London.

*week after week, Florio writes such garbage*


Need more from:QB Blake Bortles. Doug Marrone announced that Bortles will be the starter for Sunday’s game against the Eagles, and in order to hold on to his job, Bortles will need to hold on to the football. The Jaguars have committed the second-most turnovers in the league, with 17. Bortles has accounted for 11 of those, which is tied for the most in the NFL. — Shah



Previous rank:No. 15

This isn’t funny anymore. If I ran the Jags, I would call up Terrell Owens and ask him how much he wants for that hyperbaric chamber he employed to get ready for Super BowlXXXIX. Then I would grab a Ford F-150 or Toyota Tundra from one of the offensive linemen (that’s usually what those dudes drive, save for the oddball Jetta-owning center) and haul that sucker over to Leonard Fournette‘s house. This offense is D.O.A without its stud tailback. Blake Bortlesfrittered away all the chill vibes from his strong showing in the playoffs, fumbling twice Sunday before getting benched. Keelan Colelent his quarterback a helping hand(s) — by not using his.


*Elliot Harrison is fast becoming the best analyst worth reading out there*

CBS Sports



They are a mess right now. Can they turn it around? It won’t be easy against the Eagles in London as Blake Bortles stays on as the quarterback. 6 3-4-0

Business Insider

16. Jacksonville Jaguars


Last week:13th

Week 7 result:Lost to the Texans, 20-7

Week 8 opponent:vs. Philadelphia Eagles (in London)

One thing to know:The Jaguars’ offense is in free fall, putting up just 10 points over the past two weeks combined. The team is so desperate for a spark that quarterback Blake Bortles was benched late in the game on Sunday in favor of Cody Kessler.

The Jaguars are between 16th and 23rd. Some have us behind the Titans, some don’t. Bottom line is, about everyone is blaming Bortles which is the nature of the beast – get all the glory, get all the finger pointing. The blame is somewhere in between.

Bortles can’t carry a team. It’s as simple as that. For his price, he was good enough with the right pieces around him. The power rankings will continue to stay mid to lower pack unless the offense gets rolling – defense allowing 90 points in three weeks, be damned.

There were more rankings, but why keep harping on the same thing?


Jacksonville Jaguars notes, news for 10/22/2018

Jacksonville Jaguars notes, news for 10/22/2018

When the Jaguars are in the national spotlight, it’s rarely for not being great or horrible. There doesn’t seem to be much coverage without a high or low. Here’s some Jacksonville Jaguars notes, news for 10/22/2018

News/Notes: In a stunning move, if stunning means not shocking at all, the Jacksonville Jaguars decided to start Blake Bortles vs the Eagles in London. Here’s why they did that in no particular order of reasons:

  • After the game, head coach Doug Marrone said he benched Borltes because of turnovers, etc. Cody Kessler got a TD, but he also turned the ball over. And sacked four times with his rock feet. That was the death knell.
  • Even though it’s a Sunday game, it’s a short week. That’s wasted days of prepping a “new” QB. There’s more than just practice – starting QB’s have more obligations on their plates like press conferences, individual interviews, etc.
  • They’ve yet to play Carlos Hyde. If he can be what we hope, he can help Bortles go back to run-first and make the play-action work. Part of that, combined with an injured Oline, is needing a QB who can run.
  • Which brings up the RPO, tough to sell those when one prong is having a QB who is a threat with his feet.
  • Locker room issues. Teams with hall of fame quarterbacks have temporality benched their guys, but their teams still knew who was the boss.
  • It sends a message to the team they give up, and the season is most likely over. Sticking with your starter says you still believe.
  • If they had a first round draft pick, then swapping mid season makes sense, but even if that were the case, doing so before London, where Bortles has three wins, isn’t when to do it.

Add all that up and while fans may not like it, thinking one TD drive by Kessler would make things all better, wasn’t the way to go. For now. How things end in London or even in Indy, point at a better time to make such a big decision – still don’t see that being a change for Kessler.

Swapping quarterbacks isn’t something any team takes lightly, especially when doing so for a QB who had a year of starts, hasn’t shown he’s better.

Roster Move: The Jaguars released Jamal Charles when they promoted linebacker Nick DeLuca from the practice squad. The ink was barely dry on his contract. Kind of bummed he’s gone, he’s a great guy.

Doug Marrone Presser: The bottom line, until they get a better turnover ratio, nothing else matters. With hat said, he said it’s up to him to guide the team, push communicating, have all the players pull in the same way. They need everyone to understand they’r win the same boat, not little groups.

That comment to me, means there’s some cliques going on which happens on every team based on position groups. However, in this circumstance and based on multiple reports, it seems to be more factions inside the defensive line. Anyway, Marrone said it’s up to him to show the coaches and players the same vision. Make sure he has been clear.

Players want someone to show the the way. Speaking of which, they had a players meeting only that is was discussed. Vision, pulling together, etc.

When it came to assigning blame, he said most of the time it’s not one reason why for a mistake – they look at everything, can accept beating sometimes, but if it’s something covered in practice, not a new look, then blame is there.

7% chance of winning a game with -2 in turnovers which went into the decision of sitting Bortles. However, when starters are named, there’s no splitting reps because it’s too tough. He doesn’t believe in splitting reps.He never said anyone was on a short leash, not sure where social media got he said it, it was the opposite. He said that if you start, the coaches show they have confidence in the player.

Payne is week to week, Patmon waiting on complete tests, pushing most on the injury report to play vs the Eagles.

All in all, Marrone talked a long time, said the right things, but said nothing at all. He normally gives pressers that drops some football knowledge. This was just damage control.

More Notes: If I was in that press room, the first question I’d ask is: is there any plan to sign an experienced tight end from another team? It’s understandable in his first game, Grinnage would be overwhelmed (which he was), but that doesn’t protect your QB, help the run game or add a pair of reliable hands.

Here’s another note I’m adding…it’s disappointing seeing the freak out from the fans. Three weeks ago, they loved the defense, Todd Wash, Nate Hackett, Doug Marrone and Blake “BOAT” Bortles.

Now, they hate them all, want them fired. Talk about whiplash. That’s what happens when fans get a taste of sniffing a SB, everything becomes about winning and the fun of just going to football games turns into, win or we’ll roast you on a spit. The worst ones though were some thinking the front office is racist for not bringing in Colin Kaepernick.

He hasn’t played in two years, isn’t in football shape and is out there focusing on saving the world, and suing the NFL.

What makes anyone think he wants to play anymore? To put in all the time and dedication to get back in shape, go to a new team, city, learn a new scheme and playbook?

Has anyone asked him lately if he wants to put all that in? And be prepared to take a lot of heat when he comes out rusty? To shoulder the burden of not being the football god some have built him up to be? If he were to play, again, he’d be toting a heavy load of meeting so many expectations. That doesn’t even address the media scrutiny.

And if he stumbles, will he be judged on that, or will any team be blasted for not giving him better Oline, RB, WR, TE option? Because right now, in Jacksonville, he’d be walking into a team with nothing to offer him to succeed.

That’s the reality. And FYI, I wrote an article back when he was still with SF about him and LB Brandon Marshall’s kneeling (which received approval from the Marshalls), so I’m not anti-Kaep.

Right now, no QB is walking into a place that is set for them to succeed or turn the team around. Know what could? A BYE. Time to heal and regroup. If the Line could all practice on a Wednesday or Thursday as full participants, that would help.

Carlos Hyde, Fournette and Yeldon being healed would help. A TE would help (broken record). And, wide receivers who don’t spend games flipping coins on who can get the most drops. Yes, Bortles needs everything perfect to succeed, but he’s our QB for now, so swapping him out and not addressing the other issues won’t fix anything.

Add in a week of rest for Calais Campbell, and all the other walking wounded on defense and we could see a different team on the 11th. One they had planned week one and watched go up in IR smoke. That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it because freaking out isn’t going to help.

Let’s all just take a breath, let the coaches do their thing, the players do theirs and then see where they are after the Colts game. As far as changing coaches mid-stream, see the previous sentence.


Tom Brady and Peyton Manning should give Jaguars fans hope. Read why.

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning should give Jaguars fans hope

Sometimes lost in the heat of the moment, is the ability to take a step back and look at other thoughts. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are names most fans don’t put in the same sentence as Blake Borltes, but maybe they can.

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have been benched

One September 24th back in 2014, Tom Brady threw two interceptions (including a pick six), gave a fumble and was so bad, they lost 41-14. During that game, he was benched in the 4th quarter.

At that point, they were 2-2 had lost to the Miami Dolphins, and Brady was only completing 59% of his passes. The headlines ran the gamut from asking if this was the end of Brady, to wondering about Belichick and the New England dynasty.

“Tom Brady stunk so bad his job security is up for discussion” – New York Post

After the benching, they went on to Cincinnati, blew them out 43-17 and finished the season 12-4 with home field advantage.

A little over a year later, during the third quarter of a game, Peyton Manning was benched after throwing four interceptions. He was so bad, his passer rating was 0. He completed 5-20 for a total of 35 yards. They too lost to the Chiefs, 29-13.

The Broncos were 7-1 going into that game, but then lost three more, ending their season 12-4. That last win against the San Diego Chargers was the difference between home field advantage and the #1 spot, or being the 6th seed and playing three straight on the road.

Manning threw 17 interceptions in ten games to 9 TDs, 5.1% int rate. He had a total 67.9 rating and only completed 59.8 of his passes. B-A-D.

Both New England and Denver were counted out after those benchings. The media had their quarterbacks dead and buried and fully expected their back-ups to remain the starters.

A funny thing happened tough, both teams, who suffered through a litany of injuries throughout the seasons, emerged with rings.

Down, but NOT out

I’m NOT saying Blake Bortles is Brady or Manning. Nor am I saying Doug Marrone is Belichick (he is better than Kubiak, though), only that overreactions are easy and it happens to every team, fan base and the media.

Are the injuries to Jacksonville far more severe than those to NE* and Denver? Yes, but Jacksonville is playing in a division that is lacking a dominating team to overcome.

As a reminder, the 2012 Ravens won a Super Bowl with an 11-6 season. Denver lost to their division opponents, the Chiefs and Raiders. NE* lost to Miami and the Bills.

All is not lost.

Carlos Hyde can put the run back into the run-first game plan. After the bye, Leonard Fournette and he could be a powerful 21 personnel grouping that helps the banged up offensive line and most importantly, Bortles.

With the run game back, the offense can burn more clock. This helps the defense. Not to mention, if they can be the team they were set up to be before the injury bug struck with a vengeance, they can score. When they do, that makes defenses have to pass more. Guess what?

Jacksonville is #1 against passing scores

The defense is set to defend against the pass and they do that remarkably well. When teams have to go to the air, it means less wear and tear on the defensive line to defend against the run.

If offenses can run all day and avoid the ferocious secondary, why wouldn’t they? That’s what’s happening. To make matters worse, Calais Campbell, the anchor, is dealing with a hip injury which zaps his power and now everything is a snowball.

The defense just needs some rest from the bye and a little help from the offense. His name is Hyde, Carlos Hyde and I wish he could wear the 007 number. If he can be what they hope, he’s our secret agent man.

Right now, it’s easy to panic, to want to throw Cody Kessler into London. That’s the wrong mindset.

  1. it’s a loser mindset. It says, you’ve conceded defeat, and don’t trust that Hyde can replace Fournette for one week. Blake has won the last three times in London. It’s a big deal playing there. Not just the time change. Tossing in an inexperienced QB into that isn’t going to change anything except disrupt the locker room even more.
  2. if fans (or coaches) want to enter the loser mindset, then play Tanner Lee, not Kessler.  Toss him to the wolves, ride him the rest of the season and then see if drafting is the answer, or he is.

What I know is this defense, who is also banged up, can win. It just needs a little help and that can come from a run game. If fans want to enter panic mode, fine, but let’s wait until  after London. Mr Hyde may actually be our Dr Jekyll on the field of play and slay those in his path.

Week 7 Jacksonville Jaguars Game Day Inactives

It may be time to make both Eli Ankou and Dawuane Smoot active in London based on the shape of the defense and Calais Campbell nursing a couple ailments.

Eli Ankou DT Inactive
Leonard Fournette RB Inactive Hamstring
D.J. Hayden DB Inactive Toe
Tre Herndon CB Inactive Hamstring
Carlos Hyde RB Inactive New to team
James O’Shaughnessy TE Inactive Hip
Dawuane Smoot DE Inactive

Week 7 NFL Game Predictions – He Said/She Said

Titans (3-3) vs Chargers (4-2) CBS 9:30 AM LONDON

Jay: The Chargers are the better team, but I don’t know by how much. Tennessee is a weird team. I’ll take the Chargers and probably live to regret it.

Jules: LA. I know it’s been a rough week for them, but they’re a better team.

1:00 GAMES

Patriots (4-2) vs Bears (3-2) CBS

Jay: No Gronk here, but I think the Pats do the job because they’ll prove to just be a little too much on offense.

Jules: I’m rolling with the Bears defense.

Bills (2-4) vs Colts (1-5) CBS

Jay: Not worth spending a lot of time on this one. Which qb do you trust? I trust Luck. That’s the pick

Jules: Hold my nose. An extremely healthy Bills team with a decent defense, but have Derek Anderson or a banged up Colts who only has Andrew Luck? Indy because of Luck.

Texans (3-3) vs Jaguars (3-3) CBS

Jay: Tough game to pick. I’ve been fading the Jaguars lately and it’s been working well for me. I wonder if Jaylen Ramsey will have much to say in his post game press conference this week. I’ll take Houston in a 3 point game.

Jules: The Jags are one beat-up mess, how can I pick my team to win? I’m a fan girl and will root that the defense (even one with a few injured guys) makes Watson lose the game.

Lions (2-3) vs Dolphins (4-2) FOX

Jay: Lions, but I’m going to regret it in the morning

Jules: Lions. I just can’t pick any team Asweiler is playing on. Plus, Matt Patricia has played against BO a couple of times, he knows his many weaknesses and Matt Stafford is a better QB than he’s given credit for..oh, and Kerryon Johnson.

Vikings (3-2-1) vs Jets (3-3) FOX

Jules: I don’t know what it is about Kirk Cousins, but he always leaves me cold. I shouldn’t pick the Jets, I know I shouldn’t, I don’t think they’re the better team, but the Vikings just feel, off.

Jay: Another disagreement. The Vikings aren’t playing great football yet, but they’re a lot more talented than the Jets. Just too many weapons on offense and they go get a hard road win.

Panthers (3-2) vs Eagles (3-3) FOX

Jay: Can’t wait to watch this game. Both teams have a little Jekyll and Hyde to them. I’ll take the Eagles at home

Jules: Going with Philly because it’s a home game. That’s my lone reason. All these teams that have 4 or 3 wins are so tough to guess.

Browns (2-3-1) vs Buccaneers (2-3) FOX

Jay: Coin flip game…I don’t trust Jameis ever and I trust that defense less. But I’m sure Cleveland will somehow not accept the gifts that Tampa gives them.

Jules: Eesh. The Bucs defense is bad, commode hugging bad and now Gerald McCoy is hurt, and they have a “new” DC. Flip a coin – Good QB vs Browns good defense or shaky QB vs Bucs bad defense? I’m going to say the home team off a bye.

4:05 GAME

Saints (4-1) vs Ravens (4-2) FOX

Jay: This game really should be the game everybody sees at 4:25. Drew Brees in his whole career has not beaten the Ravens. Look for that streak to continue.

Jules: Now this is a good game. Top offense vs top defense. Joe Flacco is the big Will the good Joe come out to play, or the, what were you thinking, Joe? Brees is playing like the best QB in the league, but their defense has been stinky. I want NO to win, but going with home team in a squeaker.

4:25 GAMES

Cowboys (3-3) vs Redskins (3-2) CBS

Jay: I’ll take Dallas in a low scoring game here

Jules: I don’t like either of these teams or their coaches and think both are posers who’ve won based on weird days. If Washington doesn’t play sloppy as they have been, they can win. I’m not on the Dak train.

Rams (6-0) vs 49ers (1-5) CBS

Jules: When you think trap game, this is it. Despite the outstanding coaching of Shanahan, the Rams are clearly the better team. Too often when one team is so much better, they play down. That’s my lone concern. Not SF’s quarterback, defense or offense – just the Rams beating themselves. Still picking them, though.

Jay: Very well could be a trap game, and I’ll fall freely into that trap. I’m not picking against the Rams here. Just can’t pull that trigger.


Bengals (4-2) vs Chiefs (5-1) NBC

Jay: I’m stoked to watch this game. Can’t wait. I’ll take the team that resides in Arrowhead.

Jules: Who would’ve thought going into this season, a Cincy/KC game would be good?! These two defenses are so bad, this could be a game with 80 points scored. Going with Chiefs, but only because of the crowd, 44-43 or something crazy like that.

Monday ESPN 8:15

Giants (1-5) vs Falcons (2-4)

Jay: This is not exactly a visual gift the NFL has given us. I’ll take Atlanta and I think it won’t be all that close.

Jules: Bleh. Falcons at home, this time their offense gets rewarded with a win.

AFCS Week 7 Game Previews – stats, TV guide, Passing charts, injury reports

Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee Titans

Yes, this is late, but was very ill the last few days, my apologies. Because of that, this will be short, just the basics for the AFCS Week 7 Game Previews.

Here’s the run down for the AFCS Week 7 Game Previews

Below is the viewing map for the early games, Green is Jags/Texans, Purple is Colts. I believe the whole country (minus a couple black out areas) get the Titans game.

Titans (3-3) vs Chargers (4-2) CBS 9:30 AM LONDON

Referee Crew

The Chargers are 6th in total offense, 13th in passing and 6th in rushing. Tennessee is 30th in total, 31st in Passing and 20th in rushing. Where things get interesting is quietly the Chargers are 12th in total defense, while the Titans are oddly down in 27th. LA is 16th vs the pass and TN 8th vs pass, 12th vs rush, 27th vs rush

It’s clear the Titans will have their work cut out for them, even if Melvin Gordon is a question.

Who’s not on this list, which is amazing, is Marcus Mariots after he was sacked a record 11 times and that doesn’t even count QB hits. Wondering how he’s feeling on a “short” week? Even though the game is on Sunday, all that traveling takes away from physical therapy.

titans week 7 friday injury report


chargers week 7 friday injury report

Texans (3-3) vs Jaguars (3-3) CBS 1:00

Referee Crew

Jax is 16th in total offense. If the Line could be healthy like week 2, they’d be higher, but that’s not case. 14th in passing and 17th in rushing. Hopefully, next week with Carlos Hyde, both numbers move up.

Houston is 10th in total offense, strangely. 12th in passing and 13th in rushing. Texans don’t have a good offense despite their numbers, it’s because a lot of the numbers don’t really reflect what was going on in the games or the teams they played.

On the defensive side of the ball, Houston is 13th total, 14th against the pass and 11th vs the rush.

texans week 7 friday injury report

Jacksonville’s injury report is sad, and especially so if you could see the IR list. Jacksonville is one beat up team and that will decide this game because Jax is better, but without key places all over the place, it doesn’t matter.


Bills (2-4) vs Colts (1-5) CBS 1:00

Referee Crew

CBS should pay people to watch this game. Derek Anderson vs a Colts team of the walking wounded. For any team without their starting QB going down this would be a slam dunk. While Josh Allen wasn’t winning any rookie trophies, he knew the playbook and could run. Anderson has had a week.

Passing chart for Derek Anderson doesn’t exist, so there’s only Andrew Luck’s.

Buffalo is 8th in total defense, 10th vs the pass and 9th vs rush. Buff is 18th for rushing. Not including passing because its irrelevant.

Indy is 24th in total defense, 27th against the pass, 16th vs the run. In total offense, Indy is 16th, 10th in passing, 29th in rushing.

bills week7 friday injury report

The Colts aren’t good and they’re beat up, but they’re facing a team with Anderson. However, the Bills defense is pretty good and the Colts have zero game film on Anderson. Tough to see Buffalo doing anything intricate besides handing the ball off and taking some shots downfield.

colts week 7 friday injury report

As always, lose Titans, Texans, Colts and GO JAGS!