2-Digit Personnel Chart & Abbreviations – Football 101

NFL 2-digit Formation Personnel Chart

At times, you will hear commentators or analysts during games or on shows on ESPN/NFLN, refer to a 12 set, a 13 set. It is a form of short-hand in the football world that communicates the Personnel Package for the offense.

Some posts/articles that are written here, have spelled out 12 set as ACE 2TE/2WR, others have referred to it as a 12 set.
2-digit offensive formation chart
As you can see, some terms (Heavy/Jumbo/Double Tight), etc show up in multiple groupings and that is because the concept is used in multiple groupings.

General Football Abbreviations that are used in posts and graphics:


  • 4 4th wide receiver
  • 5 5th wide receiver
  • C Center
  • FB Full Back
  • FL Flanker
  • G Guard
  • H H-Back
  • HB Half Back
  • LG Left Guard
  • LT Left Tackle
  • OL Offensive Line
  • QB Quarterback
  • QB1 Starting Quarterback
  • QB2 Backup Quarterback
  • RB Running Back
  • RG Right Guard
  • RT Right Tackle
  • SE Split End
  • T Tackle
  • TB Tail Back
  • TE Tight End
  • WR Wide Receiver
  • X outside Receiver
  • Y Slot Receiver/known as TE in some circles
  • Z Outside receiver


  • CB Cornerbacks
  • D Dime Back
  • DB Defensive Backs
  • DE Defensive End
  • DL Defensive Lineman
  • DT Defensive Tackle
  • E Edge Rusher/OLB
  • ILB Inside Linebackers
  • LB Linebackers
  • LCB Left Cornerback
  • LDE Left Defensive End
  • M Mike Linebacker
  • N Nickel Back
  • NT Nose Tackle
  • OLB Outside Linebacker
  • RCB Right Cornerback
  • RDE Right Defensive End
  • S Sam Linebacker
  • W Will Linebacker

General Terms

  • EMOLOS End Man on Line of Scrimmage
  • IG Intentional Grounding
  • IR Injured Reserve
  • IR-RD Injured Reserve Designated to Return
  • LOS Line of Scrimmage
  • NFIL Non-Football Injury List
  • OPI Offensive Pass Interference
  • PAP Play-Action Pass
  • PAT Point After Touchdown
  • PI Pass Interference
  • PUP Physically Unable To Perform
  • WCO West Coast Offense

Special Teams

  • G Gunner
  • H Holder
  • K Place Kicker
  • KR Kick Returner
  • LS Long Snapper
  • P Punter
  • PR Punter Returner
  • UB Upbacks


  • GM General Manager
  • HC Head Coach
  • OC Offensive Coordinator
  • DC Defensive Coordinator
  • STC Special Teams Coordinator
  • QBC Quarterbacks Coach
  • RBC Running Backs Coach
  • TEC Tight Ends Coach
  • OLC Offensive Line Coach
  • DLC Defensive Line Coach
  • LBC Linebackers Coach
  • DBC Defensive Backs Coach


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